Sydney Castillo Wins Funniest Wins

sydney-castillo-wins funniest wins

Sydney Castillo out-funnied 9 other comedians to win TBS’ “Funniest Wins” reality show. The comedy competition is hosted by Marlon Wayans who told the winner – “You’re a beast, your consistency. Getting knocked down last week was probably one of the greatest things that happened to you.”

The last competition for the 3 finalists, Billy Sorrells, Jenny Zigrino, and Castillo was to put together a mini-comedy show and they had to perform stand-up, a live sketch, and show a digital short in front of a live audience. This last challenge brought home the win for Castillo.

The competition started out with 10 comics, besides Sydney Castillo, Billy Sorrells and Jenny Zigrino – there was the hysterical Christina Pazsitzky, Manon Matthews, Tiffany Haddish, Key Lewis, Jason Nash, Matt McManus and Ryan “Rydoon” Muldoon. Each week, another comedian was sent home after challenges that included creating the funniest vine video, making comedic music videos, a roast, creating cartoon shorts and performing for the members of a motorcycle club.

Sydney Castillo took home the Funniest Wins grand prize of $100,000. TBS hasn’t announced yet if the series will return next Summer for a second season.  Keep an eye out for our interview with Sydney Castillo later this week.

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