The Best Stand Up Halloween Costumes: 20 People Who Dressed as Comedians: Atell, Friedlander, Kinison and More


You thought Halloween had become lost forever to the sexy cop, the sexy boxer and the sexy mailperson.  No, there’s still creativity out there, you just have to look for it.  These 20 people decided that the scariest thing they could be this year– was a stand up comedian.  Either that, or their innermost fantasy is to be their favorite stand up comedian. Here’s some folks that went for laugh instead of the sexy, by trick or treating as people who get laughs. Wait who are we kidding…this is the sexy!



1. and 2.  Nick Kroll and Aziz Ansari

These girls would have won any school’s costume contest, dressed as Nick Kroll and Aziz Ansari. Today’s school lunch: Too Much Tuna.

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