TBS’s Funniest Wins: The Vine Competition

Have you been watching TBS’s Funniest Wins? Funniest Wins is the newest comedy competition show hosted by Marlon Wayans. That’s right, Last Comic Standing isn’t the only comedy competition to watch this summer. Funniest Wins is a completely different vibe from LCS. It’s a lot lighter, and feels more like a bunch of funny people playing in some friendly competitions. If you haven’t seen it yet, they are two episodes in so far. In week one, the contestants were challenged to perform stand up on a roller coaster.

Last week, for episode two, Funniest Wins put its comedian contestants through a social media challenge. Their mission was to create their own 6 second Vine video. The winner would a special advantage for the next elimination challenge which was a sketch competition. The judges were host Marlon Wayans and Brittany Furlan one of Vine’s biggest online personalities.  Here’s what your Funniest Wins competitors were able to do in just 6 seconds.

Christina Patzsitzky’s Vine. Marlon was impressed and that was just because Christina lifted her shirt up during her Vine.



Jason Nash’s Vine. Jason was able to get some laughs out of guest judge and Vine star, Brittany Fulan. Marlon told Jason his Vine was funny and he did a good job.


Key Lewis’ Vine. Key’s Vine succeeded if confusing the judges is considered success. As they put it, his Vine completely missed the set up and only told the punchline.



Manon Mathews’ Vine. The judges found Manon’s Vine lacking. They felt even though it was kind of funny, it still needed a twist and missed the payoff.


Matt McManus’ Vine. Marlon Wayans called this the longest Vine he had ever seen. He loved Matt’s use of characters, but warned him that the characters need to be funny. Marlon added – there’s a difference between a clown and a comedian.


Sydney Castillo’s Vine. Sydney got big laughs from the judges and was told – that was a helluva first Vine.



Tiffany Haddish’s Vine. The judges looked more frightened than amused with Tiffany’s Vine. Marlon critiqued it by saying “Aight, that was like a half porn”.

  Jenny Zigrino’s Vine. Guest judge Brittany Furlan liked Jenny’s Vine a lot and gave it a  “That’s funny”. Jenny’s Vine was funny enough that it got her into the final two along with Billy Sorrell’s Vine.   


Billy Sorrells’ Vine. This was the Vine that was judged the winner of the competition. Billy took the win over Jenny because the judges felt it had a stronger ending. 

Billy Sorrell’s win in the Vine competition set him up with an advantage in the Funniest Wins Elimination Challenge.


The comedians were later broken up into teams of 3 for the elimination round which was a sketch comedy challenge. The winning team was Sydney Castillo, Manon Mathews and Billy Sorrell. The losing team consisted of Jason Nash, Christina Pazsitzky and Matt McManus. Jason was ruled safe, so it came down to Christina and Matt to face the judges. Matt was sent home due to the fact that he didn’t get any laughs during the sketch comedy elimination challenge. The others will continue to face off and try their best to be funny. Because Funniest Wins.

Watch Funniest Wins on Friday nights at 10pm et on TBS.

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