August 26, 2014

Robert Kelly Talks Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll On The Anthony Cumia Show

Comedian Robert Kelly recently talked about his new TV series, new special and new love, learning to drum.
August 5, 2014

Anthony Cumia Show Debuts, Announces Andrew Dice Clay as First Guest

Nearly one month to the day after being fired by SiriusXM, Anthony Cumia premiered the subscription-based Anthony Cumia Show yesterday with the tagline, "NOW we're talking uncensored."   Anyone familiar with Anthony's old "Live from the Compound" broadcast will be familiar with the set of his new show-- a green screen studio that allows him to show video clips and appear to be pretty much anywhere he wants to be.  During the two-hour broadcast Cumia talked about the Times Square incident as well as his Twitter response that led to his firing, but mostly covered familiar ground to anyone who has been following his story closely.
July 26, 2014

Kindler Targets Gervais, CK, and Cumia at State of the Industry Comedy Address

Every year at Montreal's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Andy Kindler  does his state of industry  address.  
July 18, 2014

The Anthony Cumia Show is Taking Subscribers

It's only been 15 days since SiriusXM fired Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM but Cumia wasted no time dwelling on the past. He is ready to move on and seems to be genuinely excited about starting his new completely uncensored show-- The Anthony Cumia Show.
July 10, 2014

Opie and Anthony Channel Renamed on SiriusXM

Since the announcement first came down on Friday July 4th, that SiriusXM was cutting ties with Cumia, there's been a lot of speculation about what would happen next. A few questions have slowly been answered. And it looks like SiriusXM has already renamed the Opie and Anthony Channel to SiriusXM Talk.
July 4, 2014

Earl Douglas’ Thoughts About Anthony Cumia Debacle

Earl Douglas uses the occasion of July 4 to express some thoughts about race, expression and corporate policy, surrounding SiriusXM's decision to fire Anthony Cumia for his race-related remarks on his Twitter account.
July 4, 2014

Anthony Cumia Says He’s Been Fired by SiriusXM

Yesterday a series of media outlets attacked Anthony Cumia, co-host of the Opie and Anthony Show, for a series of statements he made on his twitter account.
July 3, 2014

Radio Host Anthony Cumia Assaulted, Now Under Media Attack

The twitter feed of radio host Anthony Cumia, of SiriusXM’s popular and sometimes controversial Opie and Anthony Show has the internet’s full attention today.
April 17, 2014

Opie and Anthony Celebrate Twenty Years in Radio With a LIVE Unmasked From Carolines in NYC

Radio team Opie Hughes and Anthony Cumia are celebrating twenty years in radio and SiriusXM held a special LIVE event at Caroline's Comedy Club on Broadway to mark their career. Ron Bennington, who hosts SiriusXM's "Unmasked" sat down with Opie and Anthony in front of a packed house and talked with them about the ups and downs of their incredible career.