Luis J. Gomez Seen Sporting the Brand New IBang T Shirt


Spotted around town, it’s none other than Luis J. Gomez, the Real Ass Dude. Puerto Rican Rattlesnake. Howard Stern of MMA Radio, the Joan Jett of Comedy.

Today Luis J. Gomez shared so much love for us sporting a brand spanking new The tshirt when he was a guest on SiriusXM’s flagship comedy show, Bennington.  But Gomez is more than just a guy with great fashion sense.  He also joined hot young radio producer Vito Calise while Vito was guest periscoping on our @TheIBang Periscope account.  Wisely sensing that Vito’s guest stint didn’t have a ton of action, Gomez took over the periscope and took over a nearby street cart and made Vito lunch with some serious chef skills.

Go see Luis J. Gomez this weekend in Rhode Island at the Rhode Island Comedy Connection. Friday October 9 and Saturday October 10.  For tickets go to

You can also see Luis all over New York most nights, and on the Legion of Skanks podcast on The Anthony Cumia network, and The Hammerfisting podcast on Riotcast and of course The Realass Podcast.  When he’s not on stage or podcasting or sitting in with Bennington on SiriusXM he’s on Periscope and Twitter @LuisJGomez. Give him a ride and you too can be a famous Periscopecaster.

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