Radio’s Super Agent Bob Eatman Passes Away

In news that’s reverberating around the radio world, Super Agent Bob Eatman has passed away.

Robert Eatman, or “Bob” as he was known to his many broadcasting clients was the founder of Robert Eatman Enterprises, which specialized in handling some the top radio talent in the country. The list of Bob Eatman’s clients included at one time or another a who’s who of radio with names like Opie and Anthony, Ron & Fez, Don Geronimo, Jim Norton, Dr. Drew, Nick Cannon, Rover, The Sports Junkies, The Regular Guys, Luis Jiménez, Kidd Chris, Ross Brittain, Kidd Kraddick, Bert Weiss, Ralph Garman, Clark Howard, Bean of Kevin & Bean and many more.

Most of these radio personalities from time to time would treat their listeners to behind-the-scenes stories about Bob, whether it was about his laid back cadence and style (which was a facade) or his intense persistence during negotiations. The Super Agent was rarely heard on the air, if ever, but he still became a part of these broadcasters’ on air worlds.

Bob Eatman, as noted in the tweet below by Jim Norton, graduated from college with a mastery of the French horn, plus music and business degrees. In his professional life, he sat the instrument down (although he never quit playing) and followed the business direction of his education and ended up on the other side of the mic by working out deals for broadcasters through their different unions. From there, Bob successfully went to work with Fox Broadcasting before creating his own talent empire with the help and dedication of his brother Ross, which became Robert Eatman Enterprises or R.E.E. as they were known.

Several of Bob Eatman’s clients put their feelings and condolences online through tweets which not only praised his skills as an expert agent and negotiator specializing in broadcasting, but also lauded his other qualities which they appreciated even more, including being a great friend and family man. Here’s what just a few of his clients had to say about the Super Agent Bob Eatman.

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