Martin Urbano Performs Stand Up on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fresh off of performing as part of the New Faces at Just For Laughs in Montreal this summer, Martin Urbano continued to maintain a high comedy profile by performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. Not only did Martin kill on JKL, he did it in 3-D! Yeah, you’re going to have to watch his set in the video below to see how he pulled that off.

Martin Urbano began his JKL set by leading the audience in a chant and immediately went into a problem he was having with his girlfriend. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending. At least for Martin Urbano. He talked about his traditional ethnic upbringing and his parents. Unfortunately, by the time he was done, words like “trustworthy” and “believable” aren’t going to be adjectives that you would use to describe Martin Urbano.

Speaking of adjectives, Martin did wrap up his set on Jimmy Kimmel Live with some good old fashioned fun that you’ll remember from road trips with your family. He used the audience’s help in a round of Mad Libs. He especially wanted to keep this bit clean for the ladies. You can see in his performance, the enormous respect he has for women. Once he started the word game, a plural noun, an adjective and a place later, you realize maybe this round of Mad Libs wasn’t the clean fun you were expecting.

As you can see from his Instagram, Martin Urbano was thrilled to share his JKL experience with his “friends and lover(s).” You’ll have to guess which is which.

Watch his set via YouTube to see why this very original comedic voice was selected as one of this year’s JFL New Faces, and trust us, you’ll never forget the name, Martin Avenue.

Later this month, you can see Martin Urbano at WanderFest, “the ONLY monthly traveling comedy festival in New York City” where he will co-host with Kelsey Caine and Jack Comstock at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, September 29th at 8pm. For tickets, go to

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