Jim Tews Recalls The First Time He Touched a Boob in Exclusive Track From New Album ‘I Was In Band’

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With his new album, due out April 14th, comedian proves that even a high school band nerd can aspire to reach the lofty heights of being a successful comic/cat blogger. We’ve been following Tews’ trajectory for a couple years now, from his great Cleveland comedy documentary Making Fun: Building a Comedy Scene, to his New York Times Bestselling parody book Felines of New York, and he’s only gotten better over time.

Called I Was in Band, the album was recorded in the city where Tews first started honing his craft: Cleveland, Ohio. Tews is a cat lover and light-hearted guy that comes from a family of hard-ass Marines, and with his debut album, he fully embraces that contradiction. He’s open and honest about his formative years as a saxophone-playing, Salt-N-Pepa loving band nerd, and it’s his genuineness that makes him so charming. The kind of comic that focuses on relatable anecdotes and commentary on life as opposed to political musings and lecture-comedy, Tews is undeniably relatable and hilarious.

In this exclusive track from the new album, you can hear Tews’ origin story as a high school kid who touched his first boob as a member not of a band, but just band, which is quite an achievement indeed. If you’d like to pre-order the album, click here. If you’d just like to know more about Tews (as you should), you can head over to his website or check him out on Twitter at @jimtews.

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