Coming Soon: Nic Cage Is On a Mission From God in the Comedy, Army of One


In a new comedy based on a true story, Nicolas Cage stars as Gary Faulkner, the man dubbed “The Rocky Mountain Rambo”, in “Army of One”. Back in 2010, a year before President Obama sent Seal Team Six in to kill the bastard, Gary Faulkner decided it was up to him to travel to Pakistan to hunt down and capture Osama bin Laden. The out of work Colorado handyman traveled to the country where the 9-11 mastermind was hiding in hopes of finding bin Laden because he felt like the U.S. military wasn’t doing enough to find him. Faulkner was arrested by Pakistani authorities carrying a pistol, night-vision goggles and a samurai sword among other items that he intended on using in his one man crusade. After returning to the U.S., he enjoyed some minor celebrity status for awhile. Faulkner had hoped to use the reward money to retire to Central America.

“Army of One” co-stars Wendi McLendon-Covey (The Goldbergs, Bridesmaids) and Russell Brand as God, who shows up throughout the film to give Gary Faulkner instruction and reassurance in his mission to get Osama bin Laden. The comedy movie also features Ken Marino, Denis O’Hare, Paul Scheer, Will Sasso and Rainn Wilson. The film will be available on digital HD and On Demand on November 4, 2016 and then on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 15th.

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