Comedy Bits: This Week in Other Comedy News, Jerry Seinfeld, Pete Davidson, Artie Lange, Bill Cosby and Jim Jefferies.

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This week we wrote about Comedy Central announcing dates for Clusterfest, Nicky Sunshine’s new show, Michael Che’s big shocking announcement, the new power pairing of Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson, Colin Quinn’s Tonight Show Appearance, accusations leveled against Gad Elmaleh,a Mindy Kaling film breaking a Sundance record, Amy Schumer’s mysterious sneakers, NBC and JFL are teaming up for a new comedy competition show, Jim Jefferies has a new Comedy Central deal, and Artie Lange’s claim that he was kidnapped.

In other comedy news, Jerry Seinfeld, Pete Davidson, Artie Lange, Bill Cosby and Jim Jefferies all made the media this week with some short stories.

Seinfeld is accused of selling a fake Porsche. Apparently he auctioned off a 958 Porsche 356 A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster with fake authentication for $1.5 million and then promised to make good on the car when it was found out to be a inauthentic. When Jerry didn’t come through, the buyer sued. (source: TMZ).

Pete Davidson stayed all over the gossip columns this week, particularly after Kate Beckinsale showed up at Davidson’s LA gig at the Largo and then the rumored couple was seen leaving together, holding hands. Beckinsale is 45, Davidson is 25, and their clearly budding romance is making the rounds in all the gossip pages. (Source: Daily Mail)

There’s also a release date for that movie Pete is doing with Judd Apatow. Only 3 days after the project was announced, the studio has set June 19, 2020 for the films premiere.

Michael Rapaport dragged Davidson back into the news for a third story. He feels Pete owes us all an apology for that suicide note posted on Instagram, and not apologizing is some sucker ass shit. “The Pete Davidson thing, I was annoyed with this f–king guy and his f–king suicide attempt note, and then not apologizing for it. That really offended me,” Rapaport told Nikki Glaser on her SiriusXM Show “You Up with Nikki Glaser”. “The fact that he’s come back and didn’t acknowledge—yo to all my fans, to the New York City police department, to the people I work with and all my fans that were worried—I apologize for saying that.”

SNL announced that Don Cheadle will host the show for the first time on February 16th. Gary Clark Jr. will serve as musical guest. The 30 Rock stage is dark this week, and SNL will run a repeat episode. In other SNL quick bits about people named Don, everyone’s laughing at Donald Trump Jr. because he tweeted this week that he thought SNL was actually S&L. Guess he’s never seen it in writing before?

Artie Lange is back in rehab, and depending on who you believe he either got arrested and spent some time in custody first, or was just drying out in a safe place before heading to inpatient care. A mugshot has been making its way around gossip columns that shows Lange with dried blood coming out of his nose. Variety reports that the comedian was held in Newark’s Essex County Correctional Facility to sober him up before transporting him to a long-term treatment program. News reports say he was arrested after testing positive. A tweet from Artie’s handlers disclaimed arrest, and said the facility was merely holding him for a few days to sober up before transfer to a long term treatment facility and asked fans to be on his side. Insiders say he’ll be gone at least a month but hopefully “long term” means “long term” and he’ll get some real help. (Source: Variety)

Jim Jefferies tweeted that the Jim Jefferies show returns in March with a brand new third season of his late night show. The show returns on March 19th.

TMZ reported that Bill Cosby is being treated like the celebrity he is by fellow inmates in prison. When he enters the visitation area in jail, inmates and family members cheer. The guards are also respectful of the disgraced comedian and tv and movie star, and think he got a raw deal. (Source: TMZ)

The father of a Parkland shooting victim fired back at Louis C.K.‘s Parkland kids joke. In a video that is being called powerful and brutal, Manny Oliver takes the stage in a comedy club environment to do “jokes” about Parkland. Instead he talks about the unbearable loss. “You guys ever heard dead baby jokes? I’ve got a dead baby, his name was Joaquin Oliver. He was going to be 19 but now he’s dead. And that’s not a joke.” (YouTube)

Fuck Jerry is back in the news. This week Comedy Central removed all of their add’s from the FuckJerry Instagram page after a Vulture report called them out for advertising on a site that is known for stealing from comedians. “Comedy Central requested to have any existing ads pulled from the FuckJerry account,” a spokesperson told Vulture. “We have no plans to advertise with Jerry Media in the future.” (Source: Vulture)

Colin Quinn‘s show released video of the “Matteo Lane” incident at opening night of Red State Blue State. Did Colin really accept that cheese pizza?

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