8 Great Canadian Comedies to Add to Your Comedy Watchlist

This list is composed of comedies set in Canada about Canadian culture that everyone should see. Some are new, but they are all instant classics. Canadian culture consists of drinking, hockey and hating on Quebec.

Canadian comedy is often overlooked, but when you think about it, some of the funniest people on the planet are Canadian. Pound for pound, we’ve got some of the funniest people and the best sense of humor. We have to, how else are we supposed to deal with the cold? Laughing your way through it can help you forget about it.

Tour through Canada through the eyes of these eight classic comedy films that feature the great nation to the north.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop
Montreal, Quebec

Americans don’t know it, but Canadians love it. It’s Canada explained in a way Americans will get, so more Americans should see it. It will give you an inside look at the French/English tension inside Canada, but it will keep you laughing because at the end of the day, it’s a buddy cop movie.

Canadian Bacon
Cross-country journey to Toronto

The cold war winds down and America needs a new enemy; why not Canada? A hilarious concept about war with Canada. Directed by Michael Moore, this is a classic and does a good job of pointing out American idiosyncrasies. John Candy is hilarious as he pokes fun at both Canadians and Americans, but mostly Canadians.

Strange Brew
Toronto, Ontario

This drunk Canadian Hamlet is possibly Shakespeare at its best. This movie probably set the world record for the most “Ehs” said in it. The over-the-top, drunk Canadian performances are endearing as all hell. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas must clearly draw from their own experiences as Canadians to get this kind of over-the-top gold that is throughout the movie.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is the story of a tough guy who is taught how to skate, so he can become an enforcer. He is sent to minor league hockey, where he excels at kicking ass. What you should know is that a lot of the crazy violence isn’t exaggerated, these things actually happen in the NHL! The Canadian accents are spot on and hilarious.

The Whole Nine Yards
Montreal, Quebec

Montrealers help a mobster evade his former life. The hilarious Kevin Pollak is in it and plays a witty gangster and seeing Amanda Peet naked with a gun isn’t so bad either. This movie will also teach you to be wary of dentists and their ability to commit a perfect crime.

Yoga Hosers
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Kevin Smith’s love for Canada has led him to make this over-the-top movie about teenage angst and phallic sausage monsters chasing his daughter…literally. The soundtrack kicks ass and their rendition of O’Canada should replace the current version. You can tell everyone involved in the movie really loved being in Canada and playing Canadians. It’s a weird energy, but it’s subtle and makes the movie super enjoyable to watch, especially for Canadians who get it.

Calgary, Alberta

A headbanger “documentary” filled with great one-liners and a barely understandable accent. Headbangers are greasy party animals that never grow up. This beer-fueled epic is hilarious. The deep dive you take into these headbangers’ lives really gets you to care about them. On paper, these guys are losers, but you end up loving them just because they are so stupid.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The boys are up to their usual selves, which is being greasy as f*ck. Lahey goes f*cking nuts as the Boys try their latest schemes. Off the rails doesn’t even begin to cover it. The crazy shit that happens in this movie gives the show a run for its money. The stakes are a lot higher, but still, really low when you think about it. But that’s just it, these guys don’t think.

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