2019 Comedy Awards! Here Are Your Winners (As Voted For By You!) For the Sixth Annual Comedy Awards

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Best of Everything in Comedy 2019 as Chosen by You

It’s time to close out this year’s Best of Everything in Comedy Awards by announcing your picks! Yes we picked the nominees, but you the readers got to choose which ones of them take home the awards from our 2019 Readers Poll, the only place on the internet or IRL where you get to decide who is the best of the best: The Best of Everything in Comedy 2019.

More people voted than ever before- over 20,000  people voted this year in 7 comedy categories including Stand Up Comedian of the Year, Best Album, Best Hour Special, Best Book Written by a Comedian, Best Comedy Movie, Best Comedy TV Show or Series, and Best Late Night Host. You also voted on Best Viral Video, Biggest News Stories Comedians Wrote Jokes About and Biggest Scandal in 2019. Also don’t miss our picks for 10 Innovators Who Changed Comedy in 2019 and our Award for Remarkable Achievement of Exceptional Noteworthiness in Unrelated Categories, and our Unofficial Official Timeline of Comedy in 2018, even though we didn’t put those to a vote. You can see all our year-end lists– all 17 of them- right here.Now onto the winners!

Scroll down below the graphic to see this year’s winners and past winners in a straight list. Or read the results from 2018 as well as from 2017, from 2016,  our 2015 and 2014 awards posts here.

First the videos. Your pick for the BEST VIRAL VIDEO of 2019 goes to BAGEL BOSS destroying the competition.  You overwhelmingly chose  MIKE WARD BEING TOLD BY THE COURTS TO PAY UP as the #1 Scandal of the year.    THE HIRING AND FIRING OF SHANE GILLIS BY SNL, which was our pick for #1,  was voted by you as the second biggest scandal. Your KING OF LATE NIGHT stays in JIMMY FALLON’s hands once again this year, but watch out Jimmy, David Spade is putting up a strong challenge this year for his comedy focused nightly talker.

In the category of BEST COMEDY SERIES, it was a close race, with HBO once again taking the title for THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES.  The Amazon Prime released series FLEABAG put up a good fight but just couldn’t beat Danny McBride’s take on organized evangalism.

Best Series Winner 2018: TIE: Crashing, Barry
Best Series Winner 2017: Better Things
Best Series Winner 2016: Baskets
Best Series Winner 2015: The Jim Gaffigan Show
Best Series Winner 2014: Last Week Tonight

BEST COMEDY MOVIE went back to the Netflix’s DOLEMITE IS MY NAME starring this year’s comeback kid, Eddie Murphy.Best Movie.  Dolemite is fun all the way through, and satisfied that itch to see Eddie Murphy back in action.

Best Movie Winner 2018: Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Best Movie Winner 2017: Gilbert
Best Movie Winner 2016: Deadpool
Best Movie Winner 2015: Trainwreck
Best Movie Winner 2014: Grand Budapest Hotel

For the BEST COMEDY BOOK category was a dogfight this year, but ultimately landed with Judd Apatow’s beautiful tribute in print to Garry Shandling, ITS GARRY SHANDLING’S BOOK. Every comedy fan needs to have a copy of this book in their collection.  Contributions by comedians and other leading lights of the industry, as well as people who grew up with Shandling, along with never-before-seen pieces of scripts and brilliant jokes that he never performed, shed new light on every facet of his life and work.

Best Book Winner 2018: Jim Florentine: Everybody is Awful (Except You)
Best Book Winner 2017: Doug Stanhope: This is Not Fame
Best Book Winner 2016: Doug Stanhope: Digging Up Mother
Best Book Winner 2015: : The Coloring Book
Best Book Winner 2014: : Diary of a Mad Diva

In the stand-up categories, BEST COMEDY ALBUM had so many phenomenal albums and we stand behind all ten nominees.   And at the end, this was a fight to the death between two of our favorite comedians. It was close but the award for album of the year, as voted by the readers, goes to RICH VOS for WHEN I SAW HAMILTON. The thruline for the album is a running comparison between what’s happening in the moment at the show Vos is recording, and how that compares to a visit to the Broadway smash hit show Hamilton. The album has plenty of crowd work and material, and everything is fair game for slaughter. But we gotta give love to SHULI EGAR whose double album, SHULOGY put up a tough fight.

Best Album Winner 2018: Adam Ferrara ‘Unconditional’
Best Album Winner 2017: Joe DeRosa ‘You Let Me Down’
Best Album Winner 2016:  ‘V’
Best Album Winner 2015:  ‘Happy and a Lot’
Best Album Winner 2014: Big : The Crowdwork Series

We thought last year was loaded up with specials, but this year with plenty of new platforms putting out original comedy there was a new record for releases.  We loved all ten of our nominated specials, and but one took an early lead and stayed out front throughout the voting.  The BEST COMEDY SPECIAL  award goes to DAN SODER for his hilarious and beloved breakout HBO special SON OF A GARY.  Dan’s been a phenomenal comedian for years, but this special was perfectly timed, and perfectly performed to take Dan next level.

Best Special Winner 2018: Gad Elmaleh: American Dream
Best Special Winner 2017: Judah Friedlander: America is the Best Country in the United States
Best Special Winner 2016: : Whatever Frightens You
Best Special Winner 2015: : Contextually Inadequate
Best Special Winner 2014: : Bare

Finally, the coveted STAND UP COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR goes overwhelmingly to SHANE GILLIS, who conquered Philly, and has become a force in New York City, and made international headlines this year after Saturday Night Live called him up to the big leagues, but then fired him before he could even show up for work after a scandal broke out racial jokes made on  podcast appearances. Gillis became the  most infamous comedian in America overnight, he is the youngest member of cancel culture and lost the biggest gig a young comic can get. Throughout, he has kept his head high, and stayed grounded. If he’s bitter, he isn’t showing it and he continues to kill on stages around the country while some of the biggest names in comedy have shown support. With more press than most of our lists combined, and a big career ahead of him, Shane Gillis is our comedian of the year in 2019.

Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2018: Bert Kreischer
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2017: Judah Friedlander
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2016: Jim Jefferies
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2015: 
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2014: 


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