2018 Comedy Awards! Here Are Your Winners (As Voted For By You!) For the Fifth Annual Comedy Awards

Best of Everything in Comedy 2018 as Chosen by You

Before we start talking about 2019, it’s time to close out this year’s Best of Everything in Comedy Awards by announcing your picks! Yes we picked the nominees, but you the readers got to choose which ones of them take home the awards from our 2019 Readers Poll, the only place on the internet or IRL where you get to decide who is the best of the best: The Best of Everything in Comedy 2018.

More people voted than ever before- over 30,000 people over the course of two weeks, in 7 comedy categories including Stand Up Comedian of the Year, Best Album, Best Hour Special, Best Book Written by a Comedian, Best Comedy Movie, Best Comedy TV Show or Series, and Best Late Night Host. You also voted on Best Viral Video, and Biggest Scandal in 2018. Also don’t miss our picks for 10 Innovators Who Changed Comedy in 2018 and our Award for Remarkable Achievement of Exceptional Noteworthiness in Unrelated Categories, and our Unofficial Official Timeline of Comedy in 2018, even though we didn’t put those to a vote. You can see all our year-end lists- all 17 of them- right here. Now onto the winners!

Scroll down below the graphic to see this year’s winners and past winners in a straight list. Or read the results from 2017 as well as from 2016,  our 2015 and 2014 awards posts here.

First the videos. Your pick for the BEST VIRAL VIDEO of 2018 goes to DEER NAILS IN THE AIR TONIGHT, destroying the competition.  You agreed with us that the #1 Scandal of the year is THE RETURN OF LOUIS C.K. although seeing Cosby in Cuffs was a close second.

In the category of BEST COMEDY SERIES, we had our first ever TIE to two HBO Shows proving that HBO continues to be a heavyweight in the comedy genre. BARRY starring Bill Hader and Henry Winkler, and Judd Apatow’s CRASHING were your two favorite shows in comedy this year. Crashing returns for another season this month!

Best Series Winner 2017: Better Things
Best Series Winner 2016: Baskets
Best Series Winner 2015: The Jim Gaffigan Show
Best Series Winner 2014: Last Week Tonight

BEST COMEDY MOVIE went back to the Coen Brothers (who also took the title in 2014) and an ensemble cast for THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS.  Thought provoking, fun, and packed with outstanding performances with plenty of familiar Coen trademarks including dark humor, irony and unwillingness to provide an easy out for their characters, SCRUGGS is everyone’s favorite.

Best Movie Winner 2017: Gilbert
Best Movie Winner 2016: Deadpool
Best Movie Winner 2015: Trainwreck
Best Movie Winner 2014: Grand Budapest Hotel

For the BEST COMEDY BOOK category, Jim Florentine ran away with this one for his book EVERYBODY IS AWFUL (EXCEPT YOU) with a hilarious roast of the digital era as funny as his Telemarketers and Crank Yankers series. It’s a book everyone can relate to and a really fun read.

Best Book Winner 2017: Doug Stanhope: This is Not Fame
Best Book Winner 2016: Doug Stanhope: Digging Up Mother
Best Book Winner 2015: : The Coloring Book
Best Book Winner 2014: : Diary of a Mad Diva

In the stand-up categories, BEST COMEDY ALBUM had some of the best albums we’ve seen in years, and it was the hilariously funny ADAM FERRARA who took the prize for UNCONDITIONAL, his hilarious commentary on love, family, and the relationships we form everywhere we go in the universe.

Best Album Winner 2017: Joe DeRosa ‘You Let Me Down’
Best Album Winner 2016:  ‘V’
Best Album Winner 2015:  ‘Happy and a Lot’
Best Album Winner 2014: Big : The Crowdwork Series

This year there were more specials released than ever before and competition was fierce this year. There were 10 great specials, all great in different ways.  And this race changed hands several times with fans battling to support their favorites.  But in the end, the BEST COMEDY SPECIAL  award was undisputed, with GAD ELMALEH finishing on top for his first English language NETFLIX special, AMERICAN DREAM, making this our first international award winner- perfect for 2018.

Best Special Winner 2017: Judah Friedlander: America is the Best Country in the United States
Best Special Winner 2016: : Whatever Frightens You
Best Special Winner 2015: : Contextually Inadequate
Best Special Winner 2014: : Bare

Finally, the coveted STAND UP COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR goes to BERT KREISCHER, who is pound for pound, laugh for laugh, one of the funniest comedians touring today.   Congratulations to BERT KREISCHER and all our other winners and nominees. 2018 was a tremendous year for comedy and we can’t wait to see who kills it in 2019.

Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2017: Judah Friedlander
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2016: Jim Jefferies
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2015: 
Stand Up Comedian of the Year 2014: 

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