Jerry Seinfeld Took Down The Wolverine

In the movies, Wolverine has faced villains like Magneto, Sabretooth and Richard Nixon and defeated them all. Hugh Jackman has been playing the X-Men’s Wolverine for 17 years now. He started in the role in the last millennium and now he’s playing the character for the final time in the upcoming 20th Century Fox – Marvel movie, “Logan“.

After all these years of retractable claws and indestructibility, the question has to be asked who was it that took down Hugh Jackman and finally kicked the Wolverine’s Adamantium ass? The answer: Jerry . According to Hugh Jackman, it was the super villain best known for crimes like stealing a marble rye from an old lady and making out with his girlfriend during a showing of “Schindler’s List”, who was responsible for making the comic book movie star hang up his claws for good.

Hugh Jackman explained all of this on the Tonight Show starring on Friday night saying, that he asked his good friend Jerry Seinfeld, how did he know to wrap up his series “Seinfeld” after 9 seasons of a successful show? Instead of waiting for the answer, Fallon immediately jumped into his own Seinfeld impression, screaming and acting out how he thought the conversation went.

Jackman said Jerry Seinfeld was “very clear” in his answer. Seinfeld told him, “Look, when you’re creating something, it’s very important not to run yourself dry. It’s not about finishing on top necessarily, but making sure that you, creatively, still have got something left which propels you into whatever’s next.” Those words stuck with Jackman and he went home and told his wife that this film would be his last as the Wolverine. The conversation affected him so strongly that he woke up the next morning at 4am and recorded his idea for the last of the Wolverine movies, which will be the 9th when counted with all the other X-Men movies and cameos in other Marvel films. Jackman told Fallon, “So yeah. It was Jerry”.

What was next for Hugh Jackman? As far as the Tonight Show was concerned it was finishing his conversation with a constantly astonished Jimmy Fallon, then putting on headphones to play the Whisper Challenge, and finally breaking his Wolverine diet by feasting on a giant bowl of pasta provided by Chef Mario Batali, which you can see in the clips below.

Thanks Jerry.


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  1. Jorge

    February 25, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Incredible story of Jerry Seinfeld there. What happened after? Take care!