Don Rickles to Star in a New Comedy Series


Exciting news for all of our blue-haired readers out there: The AARP has just announced the creation of AARP Studios, a production company that will create “rich and compelling content for an ever-growing 50-plus population.” While that’s sure to include lots of antique conventions, Bingo tournaments and retirement destination shows, there’s at least one program in the works that looks to have some broad appeal.

AARP Studios’ first project will be Dinner with Don, a show in which legendary funny man Don Rickles sits down for dinner and a conversation, not only with old friends, but with entertainers who list him as one of their inspirations. That list includes folks like Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Marisa Tomei, Billy Crystal, , , Vince Vaughn, Paul Rudd, and more. During each of the series’ first ten episodes, Rickles and his guest will hit up some of his favorite Los Angeles dining spots, such as The Palm, Craig’s, and Dan Tana’s. The conversation between the two will be supplemented by archived footage and photographs of both Rickles and his guests in action.

“AARP Studios is all about telling real and relatable stories driven by great characters,” said studio head Jeffrey Eagle. “In creating a show with Don Rickles, we give viewers a seat at the table and the chance to hear decades of great show business stories from one of the most celebrated comedians of all time.”

The show will be released across multiple platforms, although it’s not yet clear when it’s supposed to debut. AARP Studios is expected to announce that date in the near future.

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Bill Tressler

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