Craig Ferguson Talks SiriusXM Radio on Late Night TV

Back in December, 2014, Craig Ferguson hosted his last episode of the Late Late Show on CBS. Now fast forward to March, 2017 and he’s back doing a daily show. However, this time The Craig Ferguson Show, is on the radio, on SiriusXM. Ferguson talked to on Late Night about his transition to doing daily radio.

With a half-grown beard, Craig Ferguson looked very much at home doing a show where no one can see what he looks like. He also confessed to Seth Meyers about wearing a wardrobe consisting of sweat pants or even less, saying that his commute to his at-home studio that SiriusXM built him was 15 seconds and that was while naked. Ferguson put this way, “It relaxes the guests when they can see my nipples.”

An interesting point that Craig Ferguson made about his audience and his callers is that there is a very specific cross-section of people calling into his radio program. He said that he hears from a lot of truckers, which is no surprise to anyone familiar with satellite radio, but he said that his callers consist of a considerable number of transgender truckers. Both Ferguson and Seth Meyers seemed surprised that those two worlds intersect each other.

Other things that the two 12:30am network television talk show hosts (one former, one current) talked about included President Trump, of course. Ferguson said he first knew that Trump was going to win the election after he made Jeb Bush back down during the first GOP debate. He also complimented Seth on his rapidly developing Donald Trump impression. And they discussed Trump’s golf club in Ferguson’s native Scotland. You can watch all this in the clips below via YouTube.

You can hear The Craig Ferguson Show weekday evenings from 6 – 8pm et on SiriusXM Comedy Greats, Channel 94.

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  1. elephant.droid

    March 28, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    Last year, I was kicked out of Craig’s show at the Chicago Theatre during his set. Sorry, Craig.