Who’s Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: June 23, 2018

Tonight’s repeat episode of is hosted by Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain.

The SNL cast is on vacation this summer and for some, it’s a working vacation. Kate McKinnon is currently working on an untitled musical comedy from Hollywood heavy-hitters, director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) and screenwriter Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary.) Kenan Thompson is lending his voice this summer to the upcoming animated feature “Wonder Park” about a magical amusement park due out in 2019. And Leslie Jones and Beck Bennett are both currently doing voice work during the break for the animated sequel “The Angry Birds Movie 2.” So while the Saturday Night Live cast members are busy making comedy movies (cartoon and otherwise,) the rest of us will be watching SNL repeats this summer.

Tonight’s SNL – Season 43 rerun is from January 20, 2018. It’s hosted by Jessica Chastain, one of the eleven first-time hosts this past season on Saturday Night Live. Jessica is best known for her Golden Globe winning performance in “Zero Dark Thirty” which also earned her an Oscar nomination. And when she was hosting Saturday Night Live back in January of this year, she was promoting her film “Molly’s Game” which earned her a 5th Golden Globe nomination and plenty of critical adoration.

Our review of this particular episode of Saturday Night Live was summed up in one word- “unremarkable.” S why is NBC re-airing it tonight? Hey, they’ve got to fill up the summer time slot with something, so why not this one? The cold open featured Aidy Bryant donning her best smokey-eye to do a spot-on impression of Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a White House press briefing, addressing the one year anniversary of the Women’s March, the government shutdown and the President’s plan for a border wall, which may just be imaginary, meaning both the wall and the plan. Aidy was joined at the podium by Beck Bennett who instead of his normal Vice-President Mike Pence cold open role, played White House physician, Navy Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson who was reporting on the amazing health Donald Trump was in following Dr. Jackson’s latest physical assessment of the President. Dr. Jackson assure the public that Trump was perfectly healthy and not “a monkey in people clothes.” For time references, it’s important to note that this sketch was done months before all the allegations against Dr. Jackson came out, accusing the Admiral of being an abusive, raging drunk who acted as a Dr. Feelgood for White House staffers by handing out prescription drugs “like they were candy” according to Montana U.S. Senator John Tester.

Jessica Chastain’s monologue was a “First Wives Club” style musical number with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong joining the host in a rendition of “You Don’t Own Me” to mark the Women’s March anniversary. The sketches in tonight’s SNL repeat were again, unremarkable, with the fans’ favorite being a game show sketch featuring Chastain as the host of “What Even Matters Anymore“. This was a game looking to find anything to care about when it comes to President Trump’s behavior. The key to the game is that there are no consequences and no winners when it comes to how low Donald Trump acts while in the White House.

There are two SNL – Digital Shorts to enjoy in tonight’s show. One features a nearly perfect recreation of the opening credits to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” sitcom with Chris Redd playing the part of Will Smith, and with this version having a much more sinister conclusion than the original. Watch for a cameo from Method Man. The other SNL- Digital Short brought back Pete Davidson’s character Chad, as a hospital patient whose doctor (Chastain) has fallen in love with him while treating his infection. “Uhkay.”

Other sketches that fell more towards the unremarkable side of things included one where different cities pitched themselves to be the new Amazon hub location, a Google Talk sketch about bullying that included some bullying of one employee who resembles a cartoon character, a parody of “The Bachelor” called “Car Hunk“, and a restaurant sketch featuring two female customers who are baffled by the free taco offer. Plus, there was the return of SNL‘s “Movie Set” sketch featuring Kenan Thompson as “The Director” who gives Leslie Jones and Jessica Chastain’s characters over-the-top cartoonish acting advice between takes. His acting tips may seem unconventional, but he did once play “a wino taking a dump in a washing machine on The Jeffersons.”

In this episode, the Weekend Update co-anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che accomplished their weekly mission to take the steam out of the Trump Administration with sharp punchlines about the President and the government shutdown, his physical and cognitive medical tests, and of course, the alleged affair between the reality TV star turned President and porn star Stormy Daniels. Other Weekend Update gags included jokes about the Women’s March, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s term coming to an end, a rare shark sighting, black unemployment, and a dog walker who worked sans pants. Stopping by the fake news desk were Cecily Strong as the before-mentioned porn star Stormy Daniels, Mikey Day & Alex Moffat as Princes Harry and William, and Kate McKinnon gender-bending another impression of a character from the world of Trump when she appeared as Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This appearance happened before the SNL Mueller part went to two-time Academy Award winner Robert De Niro.

In the promos for tonight’s Saturday Night Live, host Jessica Chastain and Kate McKinnon have a heated misunderstanding about who’s whose nemesis. “Mooney.” Then in the next set, Jessica is joined by Kenan Thompson who needs some Poker pointers from the star of “Molly’s Game” including knowing not to gamble with this week’s musical guest Troye Sivan.

Tonight at 11:30pm on NBC, it’s a repeat episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Jessica Chastain with musical guest Troye Sivan. Remember to check back with the Interrobang for all information regarding SNL‘s upcoming 44th season.

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