Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: September 7, 2019

Only three more weeks until SNL returns live with the Season 45 premiere and tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat is hosted by Halsey!

Summer is pretty much officially over and that means the new fall TV season will soon be underway. One highlight each new season is the return of Saturday Night Live with new episodes, when hearing “Live from New York!” literally means live from New York. SNL has done its best to provide outstanding rerun entertainment throughout the summer hiatus and tonight is no exception with a show that originally ran on Saturday, February 9, 2019 hosted by Grammy nominated, Billboard Music Award winning, chart-topping recording artist Halsey. And it’s no coincidence, that the musical guest on tonight’s repeat which airs at 11:30pm et on NBC is also named Halsey.

We try to provide the highlights of each SNL repeat for you, so you can decide if this is an encore worth catching for a second time. But tonight, the host is not one of those highlights. Halsey did a fine job and more than held her own on this exceptional show from SNL – Season 44, but she kind of just blended into the sketches. It’s like she was a great utility cast member in this evening’s repeat. Since football season is back, we can use a gridiron metaphor. In tonight’s SNL rerun, Halsey’s the quarterback who’s a good game manager. You won’t see a lot of big plays from her, but she certainly commanded the show and brought home a win.

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live “Best Of” began on a strong note with an SNL – Cold Open that didn’t have Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. There’s something new. The opener is a parody of NBC’s political talker “Meet the Press” with cast member Kyle Mooney playing moderator Chuck Todd, who in SNL-Land, has a lot more hair than in real life. Cast members Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones and Cecily Strong also appear as Eugene Robinson from the Washington Post, former DNC chair Donna Brazile and the WSJ’s Peggy Noonan respectively. “Welcome to Meet the Press. This Sunday…Jeff Bezos’ Penis!” That’s the topic of discussion for this political round table. Back in February when this episode ran, one of the top news stories was Amazon boss Jeff Bezos having his phone hacked and blackmailers threatening to release dick pics they found on his device. The “Meet the Press” gang debate all aspects of Bezos’ package, except for Leslie Jones’ Donna Brazile. Tonight’s episode will be one of the few chances to catch Leslie Jones playing the straight man in a sketch, especially since Leslie announced she’s leaving SNL.

Halsey’s monologue tonight is par of the course this season. It seems like a lot of the SNL hosts this past year talked about how much watching Saturday Night Live as a little kid meant to them and their family and Halsey is no exception. She adds in plenty of respect for the women of SNL from prior generations which made Halsey even more endearing to the audience.

Besides Jeff Bezos’ stolen dick pics, another big story from the early February 2019 news cycle was “blackface.” The Virginia governor had been caught in a blackface scandal from his college days, along with more state officials than should ever be caught up in a blackface scandal. And no, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam didn’t go to college in the late 1800’s, it was the 1980s. And yes, we are still waiting for his resignation that everyone seemed to be calling for.

With “blackface” being in all the papers and across the internet, SNL ran with it in tonight’s episode. In one of the opening sketches, “State Meeting“, Kenan Thompson plays the Virginia commonwealth ethics officer who is trying to explain what’s offensive and what’s not when it comes to blackface to other state employees. Seems like a simple task, but we’re talking about the Old South here.

Other sketches tonight include “Parents Call” where cast member Mikey Day navigates his way through the humiliation of being an adult and getting a call from your parents at work. Later, Kenan Thompson plays the title character in a sketch called “Maurice” which is brings the laughs when we all find out the new hobby that Maurice now enjoys in his free time. The sketches are quirky and very funny tonight including one towards the end of the show where cast member Pete Davidson introduces us to his new SNL character “Lionel Rodgers” who is an actor specializing in playing corpses. Lionel brings his unique skills to the CW show “Riverdale” on tonight’s SNL.

There’s plenty of SNL – Digital Shorts to enjoy tonight including an episode of “Them Trumps” starring Kenan Thompson as President Darius Trump in a black version of the current White House. Tonight, the President is pulled over for being black while on his way to the State of the Union address. We also get a short tonight for a new action series called “Women of Congress” starring your favorite Democratic Congresswomen as fearless crime-fighters. And there’s a musical short just in time for last Valentine’s Day tonight which is a love song dedicated to all those romantic Valentine’s gifts that women receive from non-romantic people in their lives like co-workers, children and parents.

Watch for a special moment celebrating Black History Month on tonight’s repeat SNL with cast members Kenan Thompson, , Leslie Jones, and Chris Redd. These cast mates discuss the African-American influence in our country. And unfortunately, they get some help from some of the whiter cast members.

Weekend Update picks up on the comedy commentary with the Virginia “blackface” scandal and anchormen Colin Jost and Michael Che even suggest that the commonwealth go without a governor the same way that the Oscars were planning on going without a host after Kevin Hart got the gig, lost the gig, got the gig back and then turned the gig down. Other topics from tonight’s Weekend Update include Gucci’s “Sambo sweater”, Liam Neeson’s own racial scandal, President Trump’s State of the Union address and the Commander-in-Chief’s tax returns.

The news desk is a busy place on tonight’s repeat edition of Weekend Update. Tonight is the WU debut episode of cast member Melissa Villaseñor’s Lady Gaga impression. Cast members Heidi Gardner and Mikey Day return as two recurring characters who are gaining in popularity, Brie Bacardi and Nico Slobkin who discuss being an A-List social media couple. And cast member Alex Moffat is back as the boorish “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” with some Valentine’s Day advice.

The promos are below for you to enjoy for tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live. In the first released SNL promo, we find out that Halsey has a lot more going on at NBC this week than just being the host AND musical guest. Then Halsey is joined by Aidy Bryant who luckily made it to this episode after a scary trip to the nurse’s station. Lil’ Baby Aidy is such a rebel.

Halsey is both host and musical guest on this evening’s Saturday Night Live encore presentation tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC!

Saturday Night Live returns with brand new shows on the SNL – Season 45 premiere hosted by Woody Harrelson with musical guest Billie Eilish on Saturday, September 28th!!

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