Who Is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: September 1, 2018

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat is hosted by Tina Fey, along with a cast of (not quite) thousands!

It’s been a summer full of SNL reruns as we head to the premiere of Saturday Night Live – Season 44 and now we have more news about the comedy variety series which is nominated for 15 awards at this year’s Primetime Emmys which will be hosted by Weekend Update news team, Colin Jost and Michael Che. The brand new SNL season will premiere on NBC on Saturday, September 29th. No host or musical guest has been named for the season premiere yet. Apparently that’s the kind of details that get taken care of after Saturday Night Live‘s hopeful multiple award run at the Emmys.

Last week for its repeat, SNL chose to use the first episode from season 43 hosted by Ryan Gosling. This week, SNL is using the last one. It’s the season finale starring Tina Fey from last year. Tina Fey is arguably the most successful woman to ever emerge from a Saturday Night Live cast. However, Tina was more known for her work on Weekend Update when she was with SNL as opposed to her sketch work. So, it’s no wonder that Tina Fey brought along plenty of friends to hop on stage with her while hosting the show. Of course there was plenty of incentive because they all got to stick around for another legendary SNL season wrap party too.

The cameos on tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat airing at 11:30pm on NBC include Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, Donald Glover, Alec Baldwin, Lin Manuel Miranda, Fred Armisen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Rock, Anne Hathaway, John Goodman and Tracy Morgan. We’re giving you a list so that you can check them off as the show goes along tonight and so you don’t miss any! Also, watch for the very funny Aidy Bryant who keeps making bizarre appearances during the episode as the non-smiling bigoted woman who reported a black family for using a public barbecue grill at a park in Oakland. That may seem confusing now, but back in May of this year, it was hilarious.

The cameos start early in this SNL encore presentation. In the cold open, Ben Stiller brings back his impersonation of Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen who meets up with Alec Baldwin’s Trump as well as Mikey Day as DJTJ (Donald J. Trump Jr.) and Kate McKinnon bending genders as Rudolph Giuliani. Eric Trump played by Alex Moffat doesn’t quite get to the meeting in time. The cold open is a White House version of the final scene from “The Sopranos” series finale. The tension builds as SNL‘s Trump spots Robert De Niro as Special Counsel Robert Mueller and isn’t sure whether it’s a hallucination or not.

For her monologue, Tina Fey and SNL went back to a tried and true monologue gimmick, the Saturday Night Live Q&A where Tina took questions from the audience. Here’s where you’ll see the bulk of the cameos in tonight’s episode. All of whom have questions for Tina Fey including Donald Glover who had hosted SNL the week before and wondered if he could get his hat back which he left in his dressing room last week. There’s an especially sweet moment at the end of the monologue that you’ll want to watch again tonight.

The sketches tonight include SNL going back to their “Morning Joe” parody from MSNBC featuring Alex Moffat as Joe Scarborough and Kate McKinnon as a near-perfect Mika Brzezinski with all her gasps, moans and sighs. Plus, Tina Fey puts her dialect talents to work as Trump-Russia figure Natalia Veselnitskaya who comes off as very “Natasha” from “Rocky & Bullwinkle.”

This episode also originally aired the day of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the brand new Duchess of Sussex. There’s a lengthy sketch featuring home video from the Royal Wedding Reception where Tina Fey again gets to use her accent work and Aidy Bryant does some gender bending of her own in a great take on Elton John. There’s also a sketch featuring a “Dateline: To Catch A Predator” style show called “Perv Hunters” where Tina and cast member Beck Bennett have some remarkable timing and there’s a school talent show sketch where Kenan Thompson shines as the exasperated principal and cast member Melissa Villaseñor has a break-out moment as a girl named “Scissors.” And fans who are only tuning in tonight because they loved Tina Fey as former Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, won’t be disappointed. Palin is back in all her glory with plenty of cameos featuring a lot of the SNL versions of the President Trump staff in a musical number set to “What I Did For Love” from the musical “A Chorus Line.” It seems ironic that a Sarah Palin sketch would be airing the weekend that the late American war hero, Senator John McCain is being remembered, so let’s hope the good Senator is somewhere laughing at this sketch. We can also expect for SNL to take a moment in tonight’s repeat to remember Senator McCain who made past appearances on Saturday Night Live including hosting the show on October 19, 2002.

There’s two SNL – Digital Shorts to watch for in tonight’s repeat. The first is a behind-the-scenes look at Tina Fey turning her film “Mean Girls” into a Broadway musical. That’s what Tina was promoting the night she hosted. Things get uncomfortable for everyone as Tina tries to wedge her way into the stage production. The other SNL – Digital Short ends the night. Usually the show ends with a live sketch instead of short, so it felt rather weird. The short is called “Chicago Improv” and falls in line with every other Chicago-set drama series from famed producer Dick Wolf.

Weekend Update finishes the season tonight on a strong note. Colin Jost and Michael Che offer commentary on the then-current Laurel-Yanni craze, the Boy Scouts now accepting girls, a Texas restaurant which used photos of Caitlyn Jenner before and after transitioning to designate which of their restrooms was the men’s and which was the women’s, PornHub, marijuana laws and Jost and Che run through some leftover jokes from the season that would normally be deemed too offensive to run on the air.

In the promos for tonight’s re-airing of the Saturday Night Live – Season 43 finale, Tina Fey narrates an animated history of her career and in the next promo, she gives us an over six and a half minute tour of Studio 8-H, the home of SNL. Finally, Tina Fey is joined by musical guest Nicki Minaj and the two discuss word choice and feature film ideas.

Tonight’s encore presentation of SNL is hosted by favorite daughter Tina Fey with musical guest Nicki Minaj at 11:30pm on NBC.

And watch for the premiere of Saturday Night Live – Season 44 when the show returns to NBC live on Saturday, September 29th!

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