Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: October 26, 2019

Saturday Night Live returns live tonight with a new episode featuring both host and musical guest Chance the Rapper!

Chance the Rapper is becoming a favorite of SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels. His first two appearances as musical guest on Saturday Night Live (December, 2015 with host Chris Hemsworth & December, 2016 with host Casey Affleck), led to his first hosting gig on November 18, 2017 during SNL – Season 43 with his musical guest Eminem.

Now Chance is back on SNL to host for his second time this evening at 11:30pm et on NBC, also he’s his own musical guest tonight as well, which shows how much faith Lorne has in him. Chance the Rapper is joining the now growing list of performers who have scored the SNL Double of being both host and musical guest on the same night. Other acts who done double duty on Saturday Night Live include among others, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Sting, Queen Latifah, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber (they can’t all be good shows), of course Justin Timberlake and Halsey who earned this achievement just last season on SNL.

The idea of one performer being both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live is becoming a more popular theme on SNL. Chance the Rapper isn’t the only singer handling both jobs during this new SNL season. NBC just announced this week that on November 16th, singer, actor and former boy band idol, Harry Styles of One Direction fame, will make his Saturday Night Live hosting debut while also serving as musical guest that night. He’ll be performing his newly released hit single “Lights Up.”

Tonight’s host, Chance the Rapper, has been building up an impressive musical comedy resume on Saturday Night Live. When he was musical guest during SNL – Season 42, Chance not only appeared in a “New York Now” sketch, but also in the SNL – Digital Short, “Jingle Barack“, the music video lamenting President Barack Obama’s last Christmas in the White House. He performed in the follow-up musical SNL – Digital ShortCome Back Barack“, a season later, which begged Barack Obama to please return to the Presidency. Chance the Rapper also appeared in the musical sketch “Rap History” with Questlove and Common during SNL – Season 43.

Besides his musical performances, Chance the Rapper showed himself to have a pretty good handle on the sketch comedy requirement when hosting SNL. During his November, 2017 hosting gig, he played Steve Harvey’s long lost illegitimate son in a “Family Feud” sketch, an NBA sportscaster forced to report on the strange, foreign world of an NHL hockey game, a porn star playing a pizza delivery man, and an inter-Gotham City youth confronting Bruce Wayne on Batman’s racist and perverse tactics.

If we’re wondering what from this week’s headlines will make its way into the sketches, shorts, and cold open, along with Weekend Update, a good bet would be the ongoing Trump quid pro quo impeachment investigations along with the latest embarrassing GOP stunt of House Republicans violating congressional security by bum-rushing the closed door hearings and testimonies despite doing the exact same thing while investigating Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. The SNL cast has shown a great aptitude for Congressional impersonations. Tonight may be a night when they break them all out.

Assuming Alec Baldwin is back tonight to play Donald Trump on this evening’s all new Saturday Night Live, the writers may be working on an SNL Cold Open featuring the President this week, bragging about being a peacemaker in the situation on the Turkey / Syria border where Kurds are being attacked after American troops were pulled out and can no longer protect them or as Trump puts it, “What a great outcome. Congratulations.”

Other items from the news that may become SNL material includes the Justice Department opening an investigation into itself for its own Robert Mueller investigation (what?), plus there’s Felicity Huffman doing 11 days of hard time for her part in the college admission scandal while getting released 3 days early along with Martha Stewart, who’s an OG when it comes to prison stretches, announcing that Felicity’s prison uniform looked “pretty schlumpy”.

There’s plenty going on with the World Series for the SNL writers’ room to turn into Weekend Update commentary. Besides the actual games, the Houston Astros’ assistant general manager and general twerp Brandon Taubman being fired for repeatedly screaming inappropriate things at female reporters in the clubhouse after the Astros won the ALCS. However on the nicer side, there’s Simone Biles’ amazing gymnastic first pitch at Game 2 of the World Series in Houston.

Speaking of MLB, the Weekend Update duo of Colin Jost and Michael Che, will more than likely bring up professional umpire and amateur speller Rob Drake, who has since apologized, for tweeting out a threat against Democrats which read, “I will be buying an AR-15 tomorrow, because if you impeach MY PRESIDENT this way, YOU WILL HAVE ANOTHER CIVAL WAR!!! #MAGA2020.” Gee, why would he apologize for that!? Love the Drake!

Other items in the news that might translate into comedy on tonight’s new SNL include the very public verbal attack on producer and #MeToo inspiration (but not in a good way) Harvey Weinstein at an NYC event, the bipartisan showing at Rep. Elijah Cummings memorial and funeral service, Judge Judy endorsing Michael Bloomberg for President, rumors of Tom Brady possibly leaving the New England Patriots, Kellogg’s releasing the limited edition “All Together Cereal,” to help bring awareness to stop the bullying of LGBTQ young people, Kylie Jenner trying to trademark the phrase “Rise and Shine”, and the budding friendship between impresario and cultural influencer Kanye West and mega-church minister and “Righteous Gemstones” missing sibling Joel Osteen.

We’ve got all the SNL promos below for tonight’s new show starring Chance the Rapper for you to check out. The first released promo is compilation of some of Chance’s best moments on Saturday Night Live which we mentioned above.

In the next promo, Chance the Rapper finds himself in a pumpkin carve-off with featured SNL player Ego Nwodim. Shout out to Jennifer Aniston! The winner of the carve-off may surprise you. It did Chance and Ego. In the final set of promos, Chance the Host and Chance the Musical Guest both join cast member Kate McKinnon, whom you may know better by her professional name.

Chance the Rapper is both your host and your musical guest on an all new Saturday Night Live tonight at 11:30pm, and live across all time zones, on NBC!

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