Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: October 19, 2019

Tonight, enjoy the first SNL rerun of the new Saturday Night Live season hosted by Woody Harrelson!

So far this season, Saturday Night Live has aired three episodes. Naturally, it’s time for a break. And with only three shows to choose from, tonight’s SNL repeat is this fall’s season premiere starring Woody Harrelson from Saturday, September 28th. Rerunning tonight at 11:30pm on NBC, this episode of Saturday Night Live was Woody Harrelson’s third time hosting the SNL. This time around Woody was on SNL to promote his new zombie comedy movie “Zombieland: Double Tap“, the follow-up to his 2009 comedy hit “Zombieland.”

Woody Harrelson’s SNL monologue included the 3-time Academy Award nominee talking about his poorly dressed path on his way to becoming a “fashionista”. His monologue also got into how political correctness has run amok. Ironically or not, Saturday Night Live decided to go in this direction with the host’s monologue after what the show had just done to Shane Gillis, hiring him as a new SNL featured cast member and then firing him 4 days later. Woody is watching his step with his words in the monologue and some of his jokes might be considered offensive, especially if you happen to have “pussy feet.”

The Saturday Night Live – Cold Open for the SNL – Season 45 premiere re-airing tonight was pretty disappointing. We were all wondering what Saturday Night Live was going to do about Donald Trump since Alec Baldwin had announced that he couldn’t possibly see himself returning to play the President on SNL ever again because it took up too much of his family time. And yet, as SNL went on the air, sitting there in the fake Oval Office, there was Alec Baldwin in the cotton candy wig and orange makeup. Apparently he had a change of heart and his family time wasn’t as important as he had let on.

The opener had Baldwin’s Trump on the phone and in a blind panic over the impeachment inquiry happening in Congress. The Trump sketch featured all the regular SNL Trump Administration impressions including cast members Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani, Aidy Bryant as Attorney General William Barr, Beck Bennett as Veep & possible White House fall guy Mike Pence, Mikey Day and Alex Moffat as Trump sons Don Jr. and Eric, and Cecily Strong as Fox News screaming-head Judge Jeanine Pirro. There’s also a cameo in the SNL – Cold Open tonight by a famous fictional fixer who Trump hopes can make all his impeachment problems go away.

The first sketch of the new season is also a political one. It’s the “Impeachment Town Hall” sketch which features the remaining Democratic presidential candidates in a debate regarding the impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s alleged wrong doings regarding the Ukraine.

This sketch has got some SNL political impressions you know, plus some great new ones. The routine impersonations include Kate McKinnon playing Senator Elizabeth Warren, Chris Redd appearing as Cory Booker and Larry David returning to SNL to reprise his take on Senator Bernie Sanders. The new political impressions added to this season of Saturday Night Live include host Woody Harrelson taking over Joe Biden from former SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis. Colin Jost steps from behind the Weekend Update desk to play Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And in a complete sketch-stealing performance, former cast member Maya Rudolph returns and kills it as Presidential candidate, California Senator Kamala Harris.

Saturday Night Live goes back to the local morning talk show premise for the next sketch, “Roadside Museum“. The daytime talker “Sun’s Out Nevada” is doing a live report from a new attraction, “The World’s Biggest Cheeto Museum” for its grand opening. Woody plays Reese Hodder the curator of the Cheeto Museum who sank his family’s life savings into buying the giant snack. This sketch turns tragedy into comedy with a fan and a lot of Cheeto dust.

Woody revisits a character he’s played before on SNL on tonight’s repeat. It’s the head football coach of the Pembroke High Fighting Corgi Dogs and he’s once again giving his high school team a halftime pep talk in the locker room. And this time we get to meet his girlfriend Miss Tiffany, Class of ’18.

There’s a sketch in tonight’s SNL repeat that may have made Saturday Night Live history. In the sketch, “Inside The Beltway“, it may be the first time we’ve seen an SNL cast member’s costume dresser appear on the live show. The sketch is about a fictitious DC talk show with Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson and host Woody Harrelson playing political pundits with Aidy Bryant playing the moderator.

The “Beltway” sketch had several flashback scenes in it which were done live and required many costume changes. It got a little too ambitious and Aidy’s dresser Audrey got caught on camera trying to change Aidy’s outfit. This led to a complete breakdown with Aidy Bryant barely able to get out her lines from laughing so hard which was obviously contagious to everyone else in the sketch. Let’s hope Audrey’s national television debut doesn’t get edited out in tonight’s replay.

The final sketch of the night is called “Apple Picking Ad“. It features Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon as the unmarried Chickham sisters doing a TV commercial for their orchard, “Chickham’s Apple Farm.” It’s a creepy sketch just in time for Halloween while also making fun of an afternoon of apple picking being a hipster’s paradise. The sketch features host Woody Harrelson as the disturbing apple farmhand, some live farm animals and Aidy Bryant winning the Jimmy Fallon SNL Spirit Award for breaking character once again.

There’s two SNL – Digital Shorts in tonight’s Saturday Night Live Best Of, and they run back-to-back this evening which is something that doesn’t usually happen on SNL.

The first short is a parody trailer for the “Downton Abbey” film that’s currently in playing in theaters. The SNL cast does a fantastic job imitating the “Downton Abbey” cast, the resemblance is pretty remarkable. The parody spot plays off of how bland, uncontroversial and really, really white this movie is, and how moms everywhere will love it.

The SNL – Digital Short, which immediately follows, is a music video about the strained relationship between a father and son. The song and sketch that goes along with it, take place in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It’s an odd mix between “Saved by the Bell“, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and the movie “Wall Street” and it features cast member Kyle Mooney doing his best work as his awkward teen character.

It was good to see the return of the Weekend Update news team of SNL head writers Colin Jost and Michael Che after a long summer break in the season premiere re-airing tonight. The main story on Update was the Trump impeachment inquiry, the White House whistleblower and how the President’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was handling it or mishandling it, depending on how you look at it.

While Che has trouble understanding the impeachment process and decides to invoke the name John Wilkes Booth, Jost dissects one of Trump’s more baffling tweets with the line of the night, telling the President, “I hate to be a grammar Nazi. I know you hate one of those things.”

Other items discussed tonight by Jost & Che on Weekend Update include Trump’s verbal attack on Joe Biden, Walt Disney World offering vegan food options, a passenger opening the plane door during a flight to China, opera legend Placido Domingo stepping down from the Met after sexual misconduct allegations, the Toy Hall of Fame inductees, new white supremacist symbols, the Juul e-cig CEO stepping down, the world’s largest airport terminal opening in China, and a woman who figured out a unique way to free herself after getting trapped under a camel.

Another highlight on Weekend Update this evening is the return of Kenan Thompson’s recurring Update character Big Papi David Ortiz. He’s back for the first time since the real life Boston Red Sox hero, Big Papi, was shot in an attempted hit job in the Dominican Republic this past summer.

We have a couple of the promos for tonight’s SNL repeat which you can watch below. In the first promo, Saturday Night Live turns into a scene from a high school movie with musical guest Billie Eilish as the new girl and host Woody Harrelson as the senior willing to take her under his wing and show her around the school. She deals with a not so tough bully named Colin Jost and takes the spot of cast member Melissa Villaseñor in the big school show.

SNL also put out a “Best of Woody Harrelson” super cut which shows some his best moments hosting Saturday Night Live. We get see Woody perform with SNL cast members from Chris Farley to Kate McKinnon, do a lot of pot jokes and say goodbye to more and more hair over the years.

Woody Harrelson hosts an encore presentation of the Saturday Night Live – Season 45 premiere with musical guest Billie Eilish tonight at 11:30 et on NBC.

SNL returns live next Saturday, October 26th with host and musical guest, Chance the Rapper!

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