Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: October 13, 2018

Tonight, Seth Meyers returns to SNL to host a brand new Saturday Night Live! Really!?!

For Seth Meyers to come back to host Saturday Night Live tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC, where he was a cast member, head writer and Weekend Update anchor, it’s as simple as walking next door from his show, “Late Night” in Studio 8-G at 30 Rock to Studio 8-H, the iconic home of SNL, as you can see in the promo below. However time-wise, it’s been 4 years since Seth Meyers has performed on a Saturday Night Live stage, and in show business years, that’s eternity, so it’s about time.

However, it’s not like Seth has just been sitting home waiting for Lorne Michaels to call with an invitation to come back home to host. The guy’s been pretty busy. Since February, 2014, Seth Meyers has been the host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on NBC. He succeeded another former Saturday Night Live cast member, Jimmy Fallon, to take the job and has been getting rave reviews since becoming the host of the 12:30am time slot. His nightly take-downs of President Trump during his from-behind-a-desk monologues and “Closer Look” segments are considered some of the sharpest and funniest political humor in comedy. Seth (with some help from President Barack Obama,) is actually credited with inspiring Donald Trump to run for President in the first place. This happened after Seth Meyers’ stinging jokes at Trump’s expense at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner left Donny’s fragile ego so wounded that he ran for office out of spite. Seth also received high marks when he hosted the 75th annual Golden Globes awards show earlier this year and expertly joked his way through the highly charged political issue of the #MeToo movement happening in Hollywood and all around show business. With Seth Meyer’s A+ skills at political humor, it would only make sense to expect a lot of politics in tonight’s brand new episode of Saturday Night Live which will be live across all American time zones tonight.

After tonight’s SNL – Cold Open which we also expect to be politically-natured as usual, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Saturday Night Live crew provide a desk for Seth to do his SNL opening monologue from behind like he does on “Late Night” and like he did as a Weekend Update anchor on SNL from 2006 to 2014, 9 of his 13 years as a Saturday Night Live cast member and writer. Also, look for Seth to possibly return to the anchor desk this week to join current WU anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost.

This leads to another prediction. Usually when a former cast member comes back to host, that episode of SNL is filled with plenty of guest cameos from former cast members. So, look for some guest appearances tonight. Bill Hader is a good guess. Hader played the character of Stefon the Club Kid on Weekend Update while Seth anchored the segment. Stefon always had a crush on Seth Meyers and the two eventually kayfabed married on the show and an appearance by Seth & Stefon Meyers would certainly pop on the show. And speaking of Weekend Update, Seth’s co-anchor on WU before he went solo with the job was Amy Poehler. A return of the popular segment, “Really!?! with Seth & Amy” wouldn’t be out of the question. Also, keep your eyes peeled for other former SNL cast members Fred Armisen (Seth Meyer’s band leader when he started hosting Late Night,) Jason Sudeikis, John Mulaney (former SNL writer,) Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Will Forte or Molly Shannon- all of whom are regular guests on Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC. Any or all could be showing up tonight to help out a fellow former SNL cast member.

Tonight, also marks the return of perennial musical guest Paul Simon who will be making his 9th appearance as an SNL musical guest. Paul Simon was a regular part of the early days of Saturday Night Live. He’s officially hosted the show 4 times, but has appeared on SNL on over a dozen occasions including appearing in the “5-Timers Club” sketches twice and performing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live‘s first show back after the September 11th attacks. It would actually seem odd if Paul Simon wasn’t involved in the show tonight with more than just singing a couple of numbers. One more night on SNL is great way for Simon to celebrate his recent retirement from touring and his 77th birthday which is also today.

Some of things happening around and to the planet which may end up being sketch material or Weekend Update gags tonight include Hurricane Michael hitting Florida, the pep rally President Trump was having while the hurricane devastation was happening, the MLB playoffs, Taylor Swift getting out the vote with a political Instagram post, Harvey Weinstein’s partial legal victory, Kanye West continuing his #MAGA Hat (which he says makes him feel like Superman) tour with a stop at the White House, plus irrelevant musician / activist Kid Rock also visiting the White House and telling reports that the whole news media should be fired, the return of “The Connors” this week on ABC without Roseanne, former First Lady Michelle Obama’s new book “Becoming,” current First Lady Melania Trump claiming to be “the most bullied person in the world” (we don’t know if she means in the media or at home,) Jeb Bush not being invited to his niece, Barbara Bush II’s wedding, and since Saturday Night Live hasn’t announced any more new shows and hosts for October as of now, this may very well be SNL‘s 2018 Halloween show. Wait, could that mean an appearance by Tom Hanks as SNL‘s Halloween 2016 viral sensation, David S. Pumpkins!? Watch tonight on NBC to find out!

In the promos for tonight’s all new Saturday Night Live, Seth Meyers begins his journey home to SNL. That is, unless he forgot something. In the next set, Seth is joined by musical guest Paul Simon and cast member Aidy Bryant who can’t contain her enthusiasm and points how things have changed since Seth and Paul have been around, or not.

Hometown-Boy-Makes-Good Seth Meyers returns to host an all-new Season 44 episode of Saturday Night Live tonight at 11:30pm et with musical guest legend / birthday boy Paul Simon on NBC.

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