Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: November 4, 2017

Former SNL writer makes good as Larry David returns to host tonight’s new episode of Saturday Night Live!

Years before “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and long before he started making SNL appearances as Senator Bernie Sanders, Larry David was part of Saturday Night Live, working behind-the-scenes as a writer. Larry was part of SNL‘s 10th season back in 1985. His time at SNL even inspired one of the more remembered episodes of “Seinfeld” where George Costanza famously quit his job only to sneak back into work hoping to fool his boss by acting as if nothing had ever happened. Larry David lived that story as an SNL writer back in ’85 -’86 with the boss being then-executive producer Dick Ebersol. Larry doesn’t have to sneak in this week as he returns to host for his second time at 11:30pm tonight on NBC and promote the long awaited new season of “Curb” which is currently underway Sundays on HBO.

It’s not Larry David’s writing that he’s remembered for on Saturday Night Live, it’s his many appearances, along with his previous hosting gig in February, 2016, where he became an SNL sensation popping up to play Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Larry’s Saturday Night Live resume features the digital short “Bern Your Enthusiasm“, the “Steam Ship” sketch which included the real Bernie, Larry as Bernie in a Presidential debate and his audience appearance when the real Donald Trump hosted in November, 2015 and Larry screamed “Trump’s a racist” during the future President’s monologue in order to make $5000. Little did we know how much we would not be laughing about that now.

It will be interesting tonight to see what real life topics make it into the show. Of course, there’s the on-going sexual harassment bomb shell still exploding around Hollywood which was first ignited by accusations about mogul Harvey Weinstein and now continues to burn with allegations against Kevin Spacey which caused the 2 time Oscar winner to come out of the closet. The Spacey scandal feels like it’s too big for Saturday Night Live to ignore. It should, at the very least, get a mention from Weekend Update hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost who have been at the very top of their game so far this season. There’s also the World Series in the news, along with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller getting indictments on some of President Trump’s advisers including former campaign manager Paul Manafort. And speaking of politics, of course there’s a possible return tonight of either Larry David as the Senator from Vermont and/or the real Bernie Sanders showing up. Politically, Bernie Sanders was back in the news this week with accusations flying around that Hillary Clinton and the DNC rigged the 2016 Democratic primaries against Senator Sanders, coming from former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile and her new book. And not politically, the recent story that Larry David and Bernie Sanders are actually blood relatives in real life.

Curb Your Enthusiasm” executive producer Jeff Schaffer wouldn’t divulge much about Larry’s SNL hosting gig when he told the Hollywood Reporter, “Everything Larry has planned, he would certainly like to be a surprise. Larry is so excited to do it, and he’s been in the office working on it. That’s all I’ll say about that.”

In the promos for tonight’s episode, Larry David butts heads with musical guest Miley Cyrus over sharing an elevator. Of course, any New Yorkers will understand the logic of the “private ride”. And in the next set, Larry is joined again by Miley Cyrus and SNL member Beck Bennett and we learn names aren’t really all that important.

Larry David hosts an all new episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Miley Cyrus tonight at 11:30pm on NBC.

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