Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: November 30, 2019

Saturday Night Live is taking Thanksgiving weekend off as we give thanks for a repeat SNL hosted by David Harbour!

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live rerun comes to us from just last month, October 12, 2019, to be exact. It was the third show of SNL‘s 45th season. On this episode, it was David Harbour’s first time hosting SNL. If social media reaction has anything to do with it, then it certainly won’t be his last time hosting either.

David Harbour is best known for playing Police Chief Jim “Hopp” Hopper on the Netflix science fiction / horror series, “Stranger Thing,” which led to his SNL monologue being one filled with special effects. In the monologue, Harbour discusses his role as Chief Hopper on “Stranger Things” and also that there’s much more to him than just what people see in the Netflix sci-fi series. He’s also performed Shakespeare and has played “Hellboy” in the movies

David Harbour hoped to avoid doing a “Stranger Things” monologue and instead, he wanted to do a walk-around the studio, cracking jokes type of monologue. Unfortunately, a “Stranger Things” monologue is a hard thing to avoid on Saturday Night Live. As “Hopp” enters the SNL version of the “Upside Down”, an alternate dimension from “Stranger Things“, we get to see the return of cast member Pete Davidson who missed the first 2 episodes of the new season. We also learn who’s really in charge at SNL and it’s not EP Lorne Michaels.

In this repeat episode of Saturday Night Live, the SNL – Cold Open is politically themed as usual, even though Alec Baldwin is not around to play President Trump for this show. SNL opens with a CNN “Equality in America” Town Hall about LGBTQ issues and where the Democratic candidates compete for the “oh-so-elusive gay vote”. The sketch features cast member Alex Moffat as moderator Anderson Cooper and stars the real-life Billy Porter from “Pose” announcing the candidates and the debate topics.

Just about the rest of the SNL cast is out in full-force doing their best impressions of the Democratic candidates including Chris Redd as Corey Booker, Colin Jost as Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Kate McKinnon as Senator Elizabeth Warren and featuring cameos from Lin-Manuel Miranda aka Latin-O-bama, Secretary Julian Castro (who apologized for not being gay, but promised to “do better in the future”,) and Woody Harrelson who was already reprising his Joe Biden impression that he did in the SNL season premiere two weeks earlier. In the opener tonight, be sure to watch for Veep Joe Biden going for an LGBTQ win with an Anderson Cooper mouth-Kiss.

Looking at the social media comments that followed this episode of Saturday Night Live, it was pretty evident that David Harbour won over quite a few fans who appreciated how attractive he came off during the show, especially in two sketches in particular.

The first was the opening sketch “Little Miss Teacher’s Friend” where he played a gruff school principal who hosted a pageant to name a new favorite teacher’s pet among competing kiss-ass students. The next sketch that had tweeters tweeting about David Harbour is one you’ll see tonight featuring the host going sleeveless and playing one of many candidates auditioning to be the instructor of a SoulCycle class.

In other sketches, the costumes aren’t as flattering for David Harbour including “Sauce” where he appears in drag as an Italian grandmother called Nonna Francesca along with Kate McKinnon in grandpa drag as Papa Marco. The two compare their sex life to Nonna’s secret sauce while visiting with their 3 grandchildren and sharing some saucy kisses.

Other sketches tonight include “Dog Court” with Judge Connie Schaunmberg played by cast member Cecily Strong. This character isn’t too far removed from Strong’s Judge Jeanine Pirro character we see on SNL on a frequent basis. David Harbour is a dog owner who finds himself in a sexual harassment suit against his dog in a dog park.

One of the funnier sketches of the night features David Harbour, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant as a folk trio on PBS’s “Folk of the Past“. The sketch is a 1962 black & white television performance of the folk act “Peter, Paula & Murray” on “The Bob Rogers Show” variety series doing the song “5 Long Years Waiting For You“. Be sure to listen to the lyrics. They’ll make you think about how much time we actual spend doing the things that don’t make us happy.

There’s two SNL – Digital Shorts to enjoy tonight. The first is a movie trailer “from the studio that brought you ‘Joker‘ and the twisted minds at Sesame Workshop.” It’s the dark origin story of Oscar the Grouch. David Harbour has Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” dance down perfectly as society breaks apart and he transforms into every preschooler’s favorite grouch.

The next SNL – Digital Short in tonight’s repeat is a parody spot for “Father-Son Podcasting Microphone“. The product is a podcasting kit for those dads and sons who can’t seem to talk one-on-one, but can let out their deepest secrets to each other as long as they’re recording it and putting it online for the world to hear.

The top story on this rerun of Weekend Update was the then-new Fox News Poll claiming 51% of Fox News viewers were in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump. That was quickly followed by the arrest of former Soviets Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman who are associates of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and were being accused of allegedly funneling Russian money to the Trump campaign. They were picked up while trying to sneak out of the United States. In the back-and-forth, about the arrests, it’s Michael Che who gets the line of the story when he adds, “they look like they use Vodka as cologne.”

Other Trump news covered by the Weekend Update team, includes the embarrassing display President Trump put on at a political rally impersonating two FBI agents having sex. Oh wait. That’s right. The man is incapable of being embarrassed. Che also suggested taking a year off of having a president at all once Trump is out of office. The WU anchormen also talk about Trump ditching the Kurds and his excuse for no longer aiding them. And a story about Trump talking about driving on the wrong side of the road in the U.K.

The Update team also covers the possibility that America has already had a gay president, Joe Biden calling for Trump’s impeachment, California passing a law allowing college athletes to earn money from their likenesses, a new 24 hour news network focusing on African-American issues, sex dolls that are too realistic, experiments on the space station, a man trying to get an alligator drunk, the Pope considering dropping celibacy requirements for priests, and a woman arrested after being caught hiding a glass crack pipe in her ass.

Visiting the Weekend Update desk in this repeat episode of Saturday Night Live are cast member Heidi Gardner as teen movie critic Bailey Gismert with “Bailey at the Movies“. This week, Bailey talks about her summer and reviews “It: Chapter 2“, “Judy” and “Joker.” It turns out that Bailey may have a thing for Arthur Fleck. And Weekend Update wraps up this week with Pete Davidson giggling his way through comments about a new CDC report that claims sexually transmitted diseases are increasing because of the rise of dating apps.

In the first promo you can watch for tonight’s SNL rerun, David Harbour is doing battle with the beloved NBC mascot and is enlisting cast members Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang to help him. However, they seem to be more on the mascot’s side. In the next set of promos, host David Harbour is joined by musical guest Camila Cabello and cast member Kenan Thompson who claims he’s got something exciting planned for one special sketch tonight. We also learn the meaning of everyone’s name, except for Kenan’s who also tells us why the 80’s were the best decade ever.

Stranger Things” star David Harbour hosts a repeat episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Camila Cabello tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC.

SNL returns live next weekend on Saturday, December 7th with host Jennifer Lopez and musical guest DaBaby!

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