Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: November 3, 2018

Tonight, SNL proudly inducts Jonah Hill into the 5-Timers Club as he hosts an all new Saturday Night Live!

Sure, Jonah Hill has been nominated twice for an Oscar, and lost both times. And those two times he was nominated for a Golden Globe, he also went home empty-handed. He didn’t win the BAFTA the year he was nominated or the American Comedy Award he was up for either. But on the bright side, he does have one of those popcorn boxes spray-painted gold from the MTV Movie Awards (they’re heavier than they look on TV) and tonight at 11:30pm on NBC, he’s ensured another high honor when he walks out on stage to host Saturday Night Live for a fifth time….membership in SNL‘s 5-Timers Club!

The 5-Timers Club is reserved for those SNL hosts who have hosted Saturday Night Live at least five separate times. This doesn’t include all SNL appearances or else Jonah Hill would have been there already. It’s five actual hosting gigs. There’s entertainers like Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Tom Hanks and John Goodman who have flown way past their fifth time after joining the club. The 5-Timers Club also includes some former SNL cast members who have triumphantly come home to host at least that many times including Tina Fey, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. And there are some that have reached 5-Timers status and you can tell that they’re just getting started like Justin Timberlake, Melissa McCarthy, Scarlett Johansson and The Rock. Overall, it’s a prestigious honor when the long running comedy-variety show is entrusted into your hands by Lorne Michaels that many times. Lately, the milestone has been coming along with a very snappy-looking smoking jacket with the 5-Timers crest on the lapel. Induction into the 5-Timers Club has also become part of the show recently.The Rock was inducted during his monologue. Tom Hanks had an entire sketch devoted to his induction. And Melissa McCarthy received her jacket during the SNL curtain call and goodbyes at the end of her fifth time.

New membership in the club usually means it’s going to be an episode filled with cameos. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin often handle the welcoming remarks to the latest inductees. Although, it’s unknown if Alec Baldwin will be ready to appear following his latest run-in with the NYPD. This time, SNL‘s go-to President Trump was arrested after punching a guy over a parking spot. But then again, it is SNL worthy material. Also, when Jonah Hill hosts, people are known to drop by Saturday Night Live including Seth Rogen, Tom Hanks and even the normally TV-shy Leonardo DiCaprio who was helping out his cast mate Jonah from “The Wolf of Wall Street” at the time. He’s also made cameos himself during times when Tina Fey and James Franco have hosted. So, when Jonah Hill takes over again tonight, you never know who might stop by.

Jonah Hill has an impressive amount of notable work from his previous four times hosting Saturday Night Live. In one SNL – Digital Short, he started dating then-cast member Andy Samberg’s father. He also famously took a tennis ball at 60 mph “below the belt”, which we saw over and over again on instant replay, on another Digital Short aptly titled, “Tennis Balls.” Tonight’s five-time host has also created recurring characters on Saturday Night Live which we hope to see again tonight including Keith, a friend of Todd (Kyle Mooney) and Casey’s (Beck Bennett) on the low-budget, amateur news program from a home garage in California, “Inside SoCal.” Of course, the character everyone will be watching for tonight is Adam Grossman. Brought to life on SNL by Jonah Hill, Adam is a precocious and kvetching curmudgeon of a 6 year old who enjoys dining at Benihana’s with his dad Evan while insulting Evan’s new wife, his step-mom Debbie. We’re pretty confident that Adam Grossman will return tonight, but we’ll have to see who his supporting cast is because Evan and Debbie were played by former cast members Bill Hader and Vanessa Bayer who have obviously moved on along with Benihana chef Fred Armisen who also always made appearances in the Adam Grossman sketches. This does lend itself to a spot for more possible cameos tonight. After all, Adam isn’t old enough to go to a Japanese steakhouse by himself. He’s “this many!” (Currently holding 6 fingers up.)

On tonight’s all-new Saturday Night Live, the upcoming mid-term elections happening on Tuesday (Be Sure To Vote!!!) are sure to be a topic either in the sketches or on Weekend Update, or both. During this election season, Beck Bennett has been doing double-political-duty as both VP Mike Pence and GOP U.S. Senator out of Texas, Ted Cruz who is in possible danger of losing his Senate seat. We wouldn’t even be surprised to see Cruz’s real life opponent Beto O’Rourke show up on tonight’s show. Another topic in the news that could find its way onto tonight’s show also include President Trump sending U.S. troops to the southern border to stop a caravan of refugees fleeing violence in Central America which is still a thousand miles away. It’s the same caravan that President Trump is using to scare voters by saying ISIS members may be among the refugees despite having no proof. There’s also the latest New York Times report where former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen confirmed that President Trump has used severely racist language in the past, the Megyn Kelly “blackface” controversy, Whitey Bulger getting whacked in prison, and Kanye West now claiming he was used for politically messaging which he does not believe in.

One topical sketch we won’t get to see tonight involves the SNL promos which you can watch below. While SNL was a on break after airing its first 3 new shows of the season, cast member Pete Davidson and his superstar fiance Ariana Grande broke up. Pete used the break-up as comedy material, like he does with all his personal issues, to write a sketch about it for tonight’s show. He also reference the called-off relationship in the promos for tonight’s new episode where he asks this evening’s musical guest Maggie Rogers to marry him, mocking the way he and Ariana met and fell in love.You can watch the promo below. And as you might have guessed, Ariana didn’t take it well. After she posted her resentment towards the failed relationship being turned into comedy fodder, the sketch has been pulled from tonight’s lineup with the blessing of SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels. You can read about the whole story including Ariana Grande’s reaction to Pete’s SNL promo on the Interrobang. The other promos for tonight’s new SNL include Kyle Mooney breaking out a Jonah Hill robot to cover for him during tonight’s show and a 15 second montage of the newest member of the Saturday Night Live 5-Timers Club Jonah Hill, his fluctuating weight over the years, and his work on SNL.

Jonah Hill hosts a new episode of Saturday Night Live tonight with musical guest Maggie Rogers at 11:30pm tonight on NBC.

And next week, Liev Schreiber (Showtime’s Ray Donovan, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the Scream films) hosts a brand new SNL with musical guest Lil Wayne.

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