Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: November 2, 2019

“Good Morning Angels” or should we say good night, on a new live SNL tonight hosted by Charlie’s Angels star Kristen Stewart!

Saturday Night Live is back live tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC with its 5th show of the new season. For this evening’s show, EP Lorne Michaels brings back Kristen Stewart to host SNL for her second time. She will be promoting the new action comedy, “Charlie’s Angels” which is in theaters nationwide on Friday, November 15th. This is the second film reboot of the popular mid-1970’s TV show of the same name, with this one written and directed by Elizabeth Banks. It’s also produced by Banks and executive produced by Drew Barrymore who starred in and executive produced the first movie incarnation of “Charlie’s Angels“.

The last time Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live, she didn’t have a film project to promote. She hosted in early February, 2017, a rare year when Kristen didn’t have a movie come out. The episode of SNL when Kristen first hosted in 2017 during SNL – Season 42 included her public rebuke of then-new President Donald Trump tweeting about her which brought cheers from the audience and a “Totinos Pizza Rolls” parody spot with cast member Vanessa Bayer that left the audience cheering for a different reason.

Back in Kristen Stewart’s SNL debut, there was also an adorable SNL – Digital Short featuring her and cast member Pete Davidson called “Meet Cute” about a couple of strangers who meet in a coffee shop. It may have launched Pete’s stellar real life dating career, but that episode of SNL was memorable for a completely different reason.

When Kristen Stewart first hosted SNL in early 2017, we were just first meeting the new kooky members of the brand new Trump Administration. Of course, there’s been seemingly thousands of personnel changes at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since then, but the first White House Press Secretary was the volatile Sean Spicer and it was this episode of SNL hosted by Kristen Stewart when we were all hilariously shocked to see the shockingly hilarious debut of Melissa McCarthy as Sean “Spicy” Spicer. It was all anyone could talk about the next day on social media. The impression was so exemplary that it helped earn Melissa McCarthy a Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series in 2017. With the real life Sean “Spicy” Spicer currently a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars“, who knows if Melissa McCarthy might reappear tonight for her pal Kristen Stewart for an SNL cameo where she does an angry Spicer dance routine complete with his motorized podium.

Speaking of cameos, Kristen Stewart’s new comedy movie “Charlie’s Angels” is a buddy comedy, so it’s possible that her co-stars might also appear tonight as a show of support. So, be on the on the look-out for Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Elizabeth Banks and SNL Five Timers Club member in good standing, Drew Barrymore.

As we enter November, the main source of comedy material for the SNL writers’ room this evening has to be the Trump Impeachment Inquiry moving forward with the House of Representatives voting to approve a resolution that sets the rules for an impeachment process, which in simpler terms means open public hearings and must-see TV.

Other Trump news that SNL might be making fun of tonight in the cold open, sketches, shorts or on Weekend Update includes the President and the First Lady, Donald & Melania Trump officially changing their residency to Florida from NYC, also there’s Trump misspelling the name of his own party (“Rupublicans”) in another tweet gone bad, plus there’s the President’s personal lawyer and the Gilligan of Trump Island, Rudy Giuliani, butt-dialing a reporter and leaving a recording with Rudy needing big cash and trashing the Bidens, and of course, there was Trump getting booed at Game 5 of the World Series.

Speaking of MLB, Saturday Night Live may have something to say tonight about the Washington Nationals winning the World Series after an exciting Game 7, along with Instagram models Julia Rose and Lauren Summer getting a lifetime MLB ban for flashing the crowds at World Series Game 5.

Some of the other items in the news that SNL could be skewering tonight include Beto O’Rourke dropping out of the 2020 Presidential race despite being declared the golden boy candidate when he first started out, Congresswoman Katie Hill (D-Calif.) resigning after admitting to being involved in a threesome relationship, and “Papa John” Schnatter of Papa John’s Pizza fame claiming the pizza isn’t as good since he was forced out of the company. Hmm, maybe it was his casual use of the n-word in corporate meetings that made it taste better to him.

The promos for tonight’s new live SNL are available below for you to watch at your leisure. The first one is a highlight reel of Kristen Stewart’s first Saturday Night Live hosting gig from SNL – Season 42 in 2017 including her classic taunt aimed at newly sworn in President Trump. In the second released promo from SNL, host Kristen Stewart must face her nemesis cast member Kate McKinnon to decide who’s the King of the Castle at Saturday Night Live.

In the the third promo, Kristen is joined by musical guest Coldplay and cast member Beck Bennett for a photo op. They also have some advice for when Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend. Yeah, don’t listen to them.

Kristen Stewart hosts a new live episode of Saturday Night Live tonight with musical guest Coldplay at 11:30pm et and live across all time zones, on NBC!

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