Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: March 14, 2020

Saturday Night Live is back on another break and tonight, it’s a repeat SNL hosted by Charlie’s Angels star Kristen Stewart!

All of our late night shows are going on a forced break next week and Saturday Night Live has already beaten them to it. While shows are dealing with how to work without studio audiences because of shut-downs caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, Saturday Night Live was already planning on being off this weekend. SNL isn’t scheduled to come back live until the end of March. Of course, that remains to be seen if that will happen.

In the meantime, SNL has a rerun all set to air tonight on NBC. It’s hosted by Kristen Stewart and originally aired on Saturday, November 2nd, 2019. Kristen returned to Saturday Night Live to host for a second time in this episode and to promote her new action comedy “Charlie’s Angels“. The film was a retooling of the 2000 release of a new “Charlie’s Angels” comedy which was a theatrical version of the popular 1970’s television dramatic series.

Unfortunately, there was nothing popular about Kristen Stewart’s “Charlie’s Angels“. It was a big bomb at the box office when it was released. Maybe that was contagious because this Kristen Stewart-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live was not one of its best. The sketches you’ll see tonight are filled with awkward moments and confusing premises that makes it more of a “Worst Of’ tonight, instead of a “Best Of.” It actually might be ranked more towards the bottom of the nearly 900 shows over SNL‘s lifetime.

However, this is a show where one lone sketch makes the whole episode worth reliving all over again. And that sketch is called “New Paint“. It features cast member Aidy Bryant as a woman having her younger brother and his wife, (Beck Bennett & host Kristen Stewart) over to her home to visit with their new baby. The sketch feels like it’s going to be paint commercial parody, but it is so much more.

It starts out when the couple compliments Aidy Bryant on the her home’s new interior paint job. Her brother asks if it’s “Benjamin Moore”? It’s not. “Baby Brother, in this house we only use Farrow & Ball.” And we are off to the races from there.

The “Farrow & Ball” paint sketch may be one of the funniest things SNL has done all season. It’s completely silly and over-the-top and it must be experienced because it’s so hard to describe. It’s really quite hard to imagine this sketch getting pitched because it’s so ridiculous. Host Kristen Stewart is smart enough to let Aidy and Beck do the heavy comedy lifting in this one and their timing with each other is spot on. Definitely worth watching it again tonight, in living “colour”.

Looking at the rest of the show, tonight’s SNL – Cold Open is a showcase of cast member Kate McKinnon’s best political impression, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts). In the intro, McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren is leading a campaign rally in Iowa.

For a time stamp of when this SNL episode originally aired, Senator Warren addresses former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke dropping out of the Presidential race. As our lovely Kate puts it, “Let me know how my dust tastes, alright?” She also warns President Trump not to stand too close to an orange tree now that he’s officially moved his residency to the Sunshine State of Florida, because “someone might try to pick your head. Ow, I’m feeling stinky!”

Following Kate McKinnon shouting “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” and the cast introductions by announcer Darrell Hammond, host Kristen Stewart takes the stage for her SNL monologue.

Kristen Stewart kicked off her second time ever hosting Saturday Night Live by telling the audience she really doesn’t like opening up about herself. It’s hard to believe Kristen Stewart doesn’t like opening up considering the outfit she wore for her SNL monologue. Please see photo above. Nonetheless, she decided to do the good ol’ SNL Q&A gimmick to start the show.

The writers did try to flip the script on this standard SNL bit and have the host, Krsiten Stewart, ASK the questions, while the confused audience scrambled to give some sort of answers and that included cast member Pete Davidson who was sitting in the studio. Be sure to get a good look at Pete. You won’t see him much the rest of the show. Then cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney try their best to impress Kristen Stewart by coming out on stage dressed like her.

Heads up. If you’re recording this repeat SNL episode to watch later, just fast-forward through the monologue segment. It makes zero sense and it’s like they tried to do 10 different angles all in one bit and it just does not work.

Besides the “New Paint” sketch, the other sketches didn’t fair much better than the monologue did on this evening’s SNL rerun.The opening sketch following the monologue, takes us back to World War II. It revolves around the search for a female industrial worker to represent the women’s workforce which took over for the men while they went off to fight the war. It’s a comedic backstory about search for Rosie the Riveter.

In the sketch, Beck Bennett plays an Army public relations officer who’s in charge of the search. In competition with Rosie the Riveter are a trio of “slug-thumpers” who do more of the heavy work at the factory. They’re Barb, Norma & Dot played by Aidy Bryant, host Kristen Stewart and Kate McKinnon respectively.

The girls are a tough breed who don’t mind posing for an inspirational poster especially if it’s a “nudie thang”. In fact, they insist on it, if that’s what the Army needs to fire up more public support for the war effort.

This sketch is all about Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon and their comedic teamwork. Although it totally runs out of gas by the end of the sketch. Watch as they try to keep it going and look really confused as they start searching for the end graphic to come up to end the sketch. Sadly, the comedy ended long before the sketch did.

In tonight’s cold open, we get Kate McKinnon as Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. Later in the night, Kate gives us one of her best impressions from the other side of the aisle when she appears as presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway in the “Hero Dog Press Conference” sketch.

This episode of SNL was already on shaky ground and now they throw in a sketch with a live German Shepherd. What is it they say about never working with animals!? It’s a White House salute to Conan the K-9 Commando who, in real life, helped take down the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The ISIS leader’s name will only appear once in this column. It’s hard enough spelling that alphabet bullshit correctly the first time.

Cast member Cecily Strong plays Conan the Dog’s interpreter at his press conference. Cecily has just as much trouble holding on to the German Shepherd who wants down from his podium as she does getting out her lines off the cue cards. Also, notice that the host has taken this sketch off. Kristen Stewart is MIA in this military sketch.

There’s plenty of goofiness all through this SNL rerun, including a sketch about a hung jury, that’s not only hung, it’s hungry. Host Kristen Stewart plays the jury foreman whose stomach is growling so loudly that it’s interrupting deliberations. The rest of the jury members’ stomachs start casting their loud verdicts as well until it turns into a melody. Specifically, their stomachs start playing “Pony” by Ginuwine.

As the night goes on, the sketches will only get weirder. Kristen Stewart also plays a pansexual woman in a club hitting on a married couple who are more interested in eating the food they brought from home with them. She’s not going to get in the way of cast member Kenan Thompson’s crab cakes. If you’re still watching the show by the time this sketch airs, do stick around to meet Pig Boy.

And to bring this episode to a merciful end, in the final sketch, Kristen Stewart and Beck Bennett play an elderly couple who end up ruining a group of hikers’ stargazing hike. The senior citizens teach the hikers that if you look closely enough, the star constellations are pretty pornographic.

Finally, Kristen Stewart closes out the show at the curtain call by thanking Coldplay and reminding everyone that she told us it was going to be tight. Who knows what she’s talking about at this point!?

The first of two SNL – Digital Shorts tonight is a parody spot for a new app called “Duolingo For Talking To Children“. It’s an app for those people, and we all know some like this, who cannot talk to children. They’re uncomfortable, awkward and weird out the kids. It just takes 5 minutes a day to become a “brat-whisperer” using the new app.

Kristen Stewart stars as a woman who makes every social event uneasy when there’s children around. She finally learns how to talk with kids by learning how to bring up things like backpacks, chicken fingers and Gogurt in the conversation.

Our second short in this evening’s SNL repeat is a pop-punk music video called “Corporate Nightmare Song“. Cast members Mikey Day, Kyle Mooney, and Pete Davidson (in a rare sighting in this episode) join Kristen Stewart to sing about the corporate BS young people have to put up with today in the business world and how they’re not gonna take it anymore. That is until Kristen Stewart’s character finds out she’s being considered for the management training program.

As usual, tonight’s edition of Weekend Update opens with a Trump news story. The lead story happens to be about the President moving his official residence to Florida. As Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost puts it tonight, “If you can’t drain the swamp, move to it.”

Jost goes on to talk about Trump being universally hated in his previous home of New York City. Co-anchor Michael Che comments that you have to be pretty bad for all of New York to hate you and then adds, “Even Cosby can still play Philly.”

The Weekend Update news team also commented on Congress finishing up its impeachment probe. Remember, at this point in time when this episode of Saturday Night Live originally aired, impeachment hadn’t happened yet. Neither had Coronavirus. We didn’t know how good we had it.

Other news items covered by Weekend Update include Beto O’Rourke ending his bid for the White House, the California wildfires, Rudy Giuliani getting locked out of his own iPhone, Jeffrey Epstein’s murder and / or suicide conspiracy, Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan, the foie gras ban in NYC, a 2,000 pound shark being spotted, new emojis, the “Joker” staircase becoming a tourist attraction, the University of Arizona changing its nickname, and a 67 year old woman giving birth in China for which Michael Che has multiple punchlines.

5 year old kid genius Riley Jenson (played by cast member Melissa Villaseñor) joined the Weekend Update desk to tell Michael Che all about the new space plane being tested by the Air Force. The kid genius really knows her stuff. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know the stuff that Che is asking her about. This really upsets her stage mother played by cast member Heidi Gardner, who threatens to cancel Riley’s “Ellen” appearance. “If you can’t handle Che, Ellen is going to eat you alive!”.

This edition of Weekend Update also features the return to the desk of characters created by Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon. They are Vaneta & Wylene Starkie, the owners of Smokery Farms. As with their last visit, the ladies come bearing raw meat gift baskets. This time, besides meat and poultry, they also have delights from the sea. And also as usual, the women can’t get through their bit without laughing over the smell of their gift baskets. “Just look at these dead little swimmers!”

There’s three promos provided by NBC for you to watch for this evening’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live. The first one is a nearly two minute “Best Of” featuring highlights from Kristen Stewart’s first time hosting SNL back in 2017 during SNL – Season 42. There’s plenty of clips from Kristen’s now famous “Totino’s Pizza Rolls” commercial with then cast member Vanessa Bayer. Plus, you’ll see Kristen Stewart’s special message to then brand new President Trump.

In the next promo, Kristen Stewart is locked in hand-to-hand combat with Kate McKinnon for SNL supremacy. See kids, this promo was filmed back when you could be locked hand-in-hand with someone without the fear of getting the Coronavirus and being put in quarantine.

In the final promo for this SNL encore, Kristen Stewart is joined by musical guest Coldplay and Beck Bennett. This promo includes a lengthy instruction about setting our clocks back. Please pay no attention to that. We just set them forward an hour last weekend and we don’t need Kristen Stewart messing all that up.

Kristen Stewart hosts a repeat episode of SNL with musical guest Coldplay. This encore presentation airs tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC.

Saturday Night Live is scheduled to return with live shows on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 with host John Krasinski!

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