Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: March 10, 2018

is live for the second week in a row with award winning host Sterling K. Brown!

Last weekend, SNL returned live after taking a month-long hiatus for Olympic coverage and it came back strong with a fresh and funny show starring 4-time host Charles Barkley. This week, Saturday Night Live has a newbie in the hosting position with Sterling K. Brown, who may need an extra dressing room if he brings all his trophies with him from this past awards season. Sterling K. Brown swept the awards for “Best Actor in a Television Drama” with wins at the SAG Awards, the Golden Globes and last year’s Emmy Awards for his performance on the hit NBC drama “This Is Us“. Brown is only the second actor to pull off this award hat trick. The first was Dennis Franz for “NYPD Blue.” So, it’s easy to see why Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live would want to add Brown to their impressive list of SNL – Season 43 hosts.

Brown will be promoting the season finale of “This Is Us” which airs this coming Tuesday on NBC, but the dramatic series isn’t the only success that Sterling K. Brown has going on in his career right now. His 2017 Emmy win was his second. Brown won an Emmy the year before for playing California D.A. Chris Darden in the mini-series, “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story.” Plus, his film career is taking off right now because he also co-stars in the Marvel Comics mega box office hit “Black Panther” which continues to set records in movie theaters everywhere. In the movie, Brown plays N’Jobu, the Black Panther’s uncle who is a black market arms dealer who betrays the secret nation of Wakanda.

We can easily suspect a “Black Panther” parody as one of tonight’s sketches on Saturday Night Live. Whether it’s a sketch on one of Africa’s lesser known heroes who doesn’t get the headlines like Black Panther does or other African nations being seriously pissed at the country of Wakanda for thriving while the rest of the continent dealt with disease and famine, the blockbuster film should make its way onto tonight’s show.

Other things to look for in sketches or from the Weekend Update news team of Colin Jost and Michael Che tonight include President Trump possibly meeting up with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un for disarmament talks. If Alec Baldwin returns for a second week in a row to play the President, it would be a great opportunity to bring back an SNL alum to play Kim Jong-un. Bobby Moynihan always did a great job playing North Korea’s “Dear Leader” during his time on Saturday Night Live, so a cameo by Bobby would make a for huge pop during tonight’s show. There’s also the Stormy Daniels – Donald Trump tryst which is at the forefront of the news again, so Stormy may get a mention or more on tonight’s SNL. Plus, there’s more White House staff exits, International Women’s Day which was this past week, the red state of Florida passing major gun reform, the “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli heading to prison, and the March Nor’easter which could all end up being SNL material.

In the promos for tonight’s new SNL which will be live across all time zones, Sterling K. Brown, with the help of some cardboard and leftover action figures, does a great job at creating his own version of the Saturday Night Live opening credits, that is if you see Kenan Thompson as the Hulk. Then, Sterling K. Brown is joined by cast member Beck Bennett and musical guest James Bay where there’s some confusion about the name of the show and then Bay points out exactly who the Emmy winners are in the promo.

Saturday Night Live is live tonight with host Sterling K. Brown and musical guest James Bay at 11:30pm on NBC.

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