Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: June 8, 2019

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live is a repeat of the most memorable SNL of the season hosted by Adam Sandler!

Saturday Night Live continues its summer of repeats and this evening’s episode was the highest rated of the entire past SNL season. Fans knew this would be a nostalgic affair with host Adam Sandler returning to host Saturday Night Live 24 years after being fired from the show as a cast member in 1995. But few realized how emotional the night would be with Sandler wrapping up the episode with a musical tribute to one of his best friends and fellow SNL cast member in the 90’s, the late Chris Farley.

Adam Sandler, with guitar in hand, finished his SNL hosting duties by singing an original song written for Chris Farley which he first performed publicly in his Netflix comedy special, “100% Fresh.” The SNL performance wasn’t nearly as strong as it was in Sandler’s comedy special and Sandler himself admitted that by saying he was so overcome with emotions being on that stage while singing about Chris, that he barely got through it. It is definitely worth another watch tonight for everyone who adored Chris Farley. There was a slight mistake in the original airing where the show didn’t come back live until after Adam Sandler had already started playing guitar and singing. We’ll see if SNL fixes that glitch in tonight’s repeat. We’ve also linked the original performance of “My Boy, Chris Farley” from “100% Fresh for you to enjoy.

Back to the beginning of tonight’s repeat SNL, the writers decided to swerve away from their regular political / Donald Trump-centric cold open and went with a popular recurring sketch, “Celebrity Family Feud” to open the show. Cast member Kenan Thompson was back with his audience-favorite impression of “Feud” host Steve Harvey who moderated a battle of SNL cast member impersonations as the characters from “Game of Thrones” took on the superheroes from “Avengers: Endgame.” The impressions are great even when they aren’t, meaning be sure check out cast member Leslie Jones as the tree creature Groot. “Bitch, I’m Groot.”

The monologue tonight saw the first of some fun cameos in this evening’s rerun. Adam Sandler was joined by one of the cast members from his era on Saturday Night Live. Tune in tonight to see exactly who takes the stage with Sandler, who almost immediately went into a musical monologue about getting fired from NBC after 5 seasons at Saturday Night Live.

The sketches tonight will include some more cameos including one time SNL It-Girl Kristen Wiig, regular co-star in Adam Sandler’s many comedy movies Allen Covert and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon who was an SNL cast member previously in his career, but not anywhere near the time when Sandler was on the show. Jimmy just really hates seeing anyone else get some attention at NBC.

Besides guest stars, this SNL episode featured guest writers as well. Adam Sandler brought some of his favorite collaborators with him to do the show including Tim Herlihy who co-wrote classic Sandler films like “Billy Madison“, “Happy Gilmore“, and “The Wedding Singer” among several others. You may recognize the name Tim Herlihy because one of Adam Sandler’s most famous SNL characters, “The Herlihy Boy” which was named after him. Also writing on this episode were Steve Koren who wrote for SNL when Sandler was a cast member and Saturday Night Live and comedy writing legend Robert Smigel.

Our favorite sketch of the night when this episode originally aired on Saturday, May 4, 2019 was titled “War Zone Reporter” and it featured cast member Mikey Day as a journalist in a war region trying to report from the ground back to the CNN news desk, despite being unable to access satellites or use camera crews. He attempts to use his phone to call in his report, but can’t turn off Snapchat filter with hilariously silly results.

Other sketches tonight include the “Sandler Family Reunion” where we find Adam Sandler mingling with his many relatives who bear a striking resemblance to his movie characters, showing exactly where his inspiration comes from for his films. This is the sketch where you should watch for all those previously mentioned cameo appearances including one from musical guest Shawn Mendes.

Also tonight, Adam Sandler plays Joe Romano of “Romano Tours“, an Italian vacation tour agency, who explains that a vacation can’t guarantee happiness. He also plays Bernie Letzman in a return of the “Last Call” sketch with Kate McKinnon bringing back her barfly character Sheila Sovage and Kristen Wiig as Bernie’s wife Melba Letzman-Toast. This is a must-see-again sketch from SNL simply because you get to see two of the greatest ever in McKinnon and Wiig, when it comes to SNL cast members performing together.

The SNL – Digital Shorts include a music video from cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney along with Adam Sandler, who sing an anthem explaining that “Clothes” are really just “holes to cover your private holes.” Another short is a parody commercial for an erectile dysfunction remedy called “Rectix“, a reusable vibrating suppository.

Tonight’s edition of Weekend Update will be remembered most of all for who stopped by the news desk. It’s the return of one of Adam Sandler’s most popular SNL – Weekend Update characters, Opera Man! The comedy virtuoso returned to thundering applause and serenaded the audience with the news of the day and took a hysterical musical swipe at Seth Rogen. Definitely worth another watch for Sandler fans.

In the news on Update, Colin Jost and Michael Che joked about Attorney General William Barr refusing to testify in front of Congress and the juvenile antics of Democrats bringing buckets of chicken and other prop poultry to take his place at the scheduled hearings. The news team also commented on the Mueller Report, Congress going after Trump’s financial records, Trump’s friendship with Macho Vlad Putin, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio running for President, an insect meat alternative, “Game of Thrones“, the Pope meeting with hair stylists, a soap and crab meat thief, Mark Zuckerberg’s “Sleep Box”, bee stings, Applebee’s “Dollarita”, jellyfish anuses, and Moby claiming to have knob-touched President Trump.

Also at the Weekend Update news desk tonight will be cast member Kate McKinnon hilariously impersonating Presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren who discusses her proposals for cheaper college tuition and school debt reduction. She also talks impeachment and takes on her fellow Presidential candidates including Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden and Mayor Pete, all while still smiling, waving and pointing.

There’s one SNL promo available for tonight’s encore presentation which you can watch below. It’s an Adam Sandler highlight reel all done in 15 seconds. The promo takes us through his early days on Saturday Night Live getting introduced as a baby-faced musical comedy performer on Weekend Update by then-anchorman Dennis Miller and then quickly through a montage of his 5 seasons at SNL.

Adam Sandler hosts a repeat of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Shawn Mendes, tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC!

SNL returns with new Season 45 episodes in late September, 2019. To read more about a possible development coming next season on Saturday Night Live, be sure to check out the Interrobang’s article on Alec Baldwin wanting to pass the Trump Torch to Anthony Atamanuik.

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