Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: July 27, 2019

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat is a marvelous rerun hosted by Amazon Prime’s “Mrs. Maisel”, Rachel Brosnahan!

When Rachel Brosnahan hosted this episode of SNL earlier this year on January 19, 2019, she had just won her second Golden Globe award for playing the 1950’s housewife turned into the sharp-tongued stand up comedian who breaks down gender barriers on the Amazon Prime original series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Being a first-time Saturday Night Live host, this installment of SNL should have been all about Rachel Brosnahan. It didn’t quite work out that way.

Back when it originally aired, this evening’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live turned into “The Pete Davidson Show.” This SNL starring Rachel Brosnahan was the mid-season premiere of SNL – Season 44, kicking off the second half of the season after the 2018 holiday break. Just before the winter vacation, cast member Pete Davidson known for his history of emotional problems, had very publicly threatened suicide through social media. This caused an outpouring of sympathy Pete’s way, and even more so, a huge amount of curiosity on what was going on in Pete Davidson’s life following his mental breakdown after his (also very public) break-up with pop superstar Ariana Grande.

Instead of Rachel Brosnahan’s performance as host, it was Pete’s big return that grabbed headlines on Twitter and internet entertainment sites the day after Saturday Night Live‘s mid-season return show. Last December 15th,  SNL cast member Pete Davidson was barely seen on Saturday Night Live. It had been the same day when he posted on Instagram that he couldn’t last much longer while adding the guilt-inducing line, “just remember i told you so.” Fast-forward a month to Saturday, January 19th and Pete was back on the show with his natural hair color and appearing in no less than 3 sketches, an SNL Digital Short, the SNL – Cold Open and was featured on Weekend Update in this Saturday Night LIve return show. Pete appears in this repeat SNL episode more times than he has in the rest of the season combined. He even gets to help yell, “Live from New York! It’s Saturday Night!” in this evening’s encore.

The most talked-about Pete Davidson piece in this evening’s Saturday Night Live replay is his appearance on Weekend Update. You’ll see in tonight’s repeat how he sits down with Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost who welcomes him back and broaches the sensitive subject of Pete threatening to hurt himself before’s the show’s holiday break. Like any comic, Pete jokes about his public cry for help. By the way, Pete was in no danger. He was at the offices at 30 Rock when he posted his threat and was surrounded by people that would have been there to stop and / or help him. However, Pete’s joke about his own suicide threat on Update did cause a backlash and a split social media reaction between people wanting to reach out to him and people who wanted him kicked off the show for seemingly not taking the topic seriously, even when it involved himself.

One of the many comedy A-listers who did reach out to Pete during the SNL mid-season hiatus makes an appearance with him on tonight’s repeat Weekend Update. John Mulaney, nationally touring headliner as well as former SNL writer and recent host, had hung out with Pete during the holiday break and taken him on the road with him. Between peppering the comedian’s surprise Weekend Update drop-in with serious comments about the cast member’s mental condition, Mulaney and Davidson reviewed the latest Clint Eastwood film, “The Mule” and poked fun at what they considered the ridiculous premise of the movie with Eastwood playing a 90 year old drug mule who outwits the cops, enjoys threesomes and most amazingly, still drives. The segment was a huge hit with Sunday morning reviews of the show and it had social media clamoring with fans of both comedians begging for more Mulaney / Davidson movie reviews to become, at the very least, a regular Weekend Update feature and at the most, a new two-man podcast.

While we’re talking about tonight’s Weekend Update, when anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che weren’t busy welcoming home one of their own who had never left, they also discussed the big news story of the day, the government shutdown which was happening when this SNL episode originally aired in January. Jost compared talks between President Trump and the Democratic led House of Representatives to hostage negotiations with Trump holding the livelihoods of thousands of federal workers captive while wanting ransom money from Congress for his precious border wall. Meanwhile, Che mocked the President’s latest idea for a cheaper wall using “slats” with empty spaces in-between them instead of a solid wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

Other items up for ridicule on Weekend Update tonight include Buzzfeed thinking it was an actual news site when it published rumors about the still-pending Mueller Report, former White House aide Anthony Scaramucci going on “Celebrity Big Brother“, the lunar eclipse, Harvey Weinstein, the MTV original series “Made in Staten Island“, National Winnie the Pooh Day, a massive liquid chocolate spill, Gillette’s new ad campaign against toxic masculinity, and a woman who smuggled stolen watches in her vagina.

Pete Davidson and John Mulaney weren’t the only people dropping by the Weekend Update news desk in tonight’s repeat. Cast member Kate McKinnon does one of her best political impressions when she appears as Senator Elizabeth Warren to talk about her newly announced bid for the White House.

Speaking of political impressions, the SNL – Cold Open is full of them in tonight’s repeat. Alec Baldwin is back as President Trump as he plays a round of the TV game show, “Deal or No Deal: Government Shutdown Edition.” Instead of an SNL cast member trying an impression of “Deal or No Deal‘s” Howie Mandel for the cold open sketch, cast member Kenan Thompson brings out his impersonation of “Family Feud” host, Steve Harvey to fill in for Howie. And instead of lovely show models holding the briefcases, it’s the cast of SNL doing their best political impressions including Alex Moffat as Senator Chuck Schumer, Leslie Jones as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Kate McKinnon as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Rachel Brosnahan (wait, is she on this show?) gets some help tonight during her monologue. She properly promotes her hit series, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Prime and welcomes everyone to the “First SNL of 2019“. The host is then joined by cast members Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson and Aidy Bryant (sorry Kyle Mooney), to sing about their top New Year’s resolution for 2019, and that’s to have a lot more fun in the new year than the world had in 2018. Besides showing off their singing ability, the monologue’s musical number is also educational. You’ll get to learn about a Russian street drug tonight.

Besides a lot of Pete Davidson, the sketches in tonight’s SNL rerun include a game show sketch called “Millennial Millions” with Kenan Thompson as your Gen-X host, which is odd because this sketch is not long after he just played game show host Steve Harvey in the show’s lineup. Host Rachel Brosnahan plays against Pete Davidson as millennials going for benefits they can win if they can get past some non-coddling Baby Boomers. Watch for how oddly and perfectly Aidy Bryant is used in this sketch tonight.

SNL also goes back to the well tonight for a sketch featuring a local news team, in this case, Sacramento’s Action 9 News, for coverage of an earthquake that has caused damage at the Social Security Building’s Name Change Office. Victims include several people who were in the process of getting their unfortunate names changed when the disaster struck including “Holden Tudiks”, “Donna Diddadog” and “Morgan Mindy.”

Other sketches tonight include a meeting at Mattel where a panel of clueless young employees help write captions for parody Instagram account posts from Ken, the boyfriend of the company’s number one doll, Barbie. Plus, there’s a daytime talk show sketch that really goes nowhere called “Tabitha.” If the point was to get Leslie Jones a recurring character, then they’ll have to try again.

However, Leslie Jones does shine in one of the three SNL Digital Shorts in tonight’s repeat. In a take-off on the host Rachel Brosnahan’s series, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“, Leslie plays the spin-off character “The Raunchiest Miss Rita.” She is a cleaning lady who is now enjoying success as a blue comic whose material had to be bleeped for network television.

Another short that scores tonight is a parody spot for the product “Leave Me Alurn“. It’s a fake, portable urn for women to take with them when they’re traveling solo to stop unwanted men from hitting on them at the beach or on a mountain trail. “Leave Me Alurn. It kills small talk. Dead.” And the final SNL Digital Short of the night is a look at how it’s now time for those retro Kool-Aid ads to change. Sorry Kool-Aid man, but it’s no longer appropriate to come bursting through walls without someone’s consent.

Below are the promos for tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Rachel Brosnahan. In the first one, Rachel is in a mini film noir mystery about SNL which could easily have been solved with a calendar. After all, today is “Frursday.” In the next set, it’s host Rachel Brosnahan getting to know her musical guests Greta Van Fleet and their very best friend Aidy Bryant. Please don’t go away angry Aidy!

The star of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Rachel Brosnahan hosts a summer repeat of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Greta Van Fleet tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC.

Watch for SNL to return live on NBC in late September, 2019!

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