Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: July 20, 2019

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat takes you on a “kilt trip” hosted by Scottish movie star James McAvoy!

You probably have to go back to 1985 during SNL – Season 10 when Rowdy Roddy Piper made an appearance on Saturday Night Live to find the last time that someone appeared on SNL as themselves wearing a Scottish kilt. Well 34 years later, it’s good see James McAvoy bringing finally bringing the style back. The star of the latest “X-Men” film franchise along with the M. Night Shyamalan box office hits “Split” and “Glass” donned his native Glasgow, Scotland attire when he hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this year on January 26, 2019. In tonight’s replay of that episode at 11:30pm et on NBC, you’ll see McAvoy in full kilt regalia when he takes the stage for his monologue as a first-time host of Saturday Night Live.

The monologue for this SNL newbie was one of the shortest on record, coming in at just under 3 minutes. Usually when a host is making his or her Saturday Night Live debut, and is not a comedian by trade, and isn’t going to sing or get interrupted, the SNL writing staff usually keeps it short. With James McAvoy, it’s understandable after he stumbles while reading a cue card right out of the gate. The flub just endeared him more to the SNL studio audience. It will be interesting tonight to see if NBC keeps the error in tonight’s re-airing of the episode. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t. It really was one of the best parts of the monologue.

Tonight’s SNL – Cold Open is definitely worth a second watch because this is an episode that introduces us to some new SNL impressions in Saturday Night Live‘s ever expanding cast of characters from the world of Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin isn’t around in tonight’s repeat to play the ringmaster / head clown in the Trump circus, but we do have some interesting fill-ins for the political themed opener which is a parody of the Fox News evening program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight“. In the cold open, cast member Alex Moffat does an admirable job playing host Tucker Carlson for the first time, with just enough of a touch of whininess to pull off his impression of the Fox News regular. Cast member Cecily Strong once again plays Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro. Cecily had been doing the Judge Jeanine impersonation in cold opens before the writers found a much better spot for the impression on Weekend Update. And cast member Kate McKinnon debuts her latest Presidential Cabinet Secretary impression with an impersonation of Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross which looks a lot like her Rudy Giuliani characterization.

What’s really worth watching for again in tonight’s replay of this SNL – Cold Open, is the comedy superstar cameo who steps in to play Trump adviser Roger Stone. This episode originally aired not long after the raid on Roger Stone’s home which saw the former campaign operative to candidates from Nixon to Trump, leave his house in handcuffs. We’ll let you enjoy the surprise all over again tonight as to who steps in to play Roger Stone, but let’s just say it was great to see this comedy icon finally get to play someone in Donald Trump’s orbit after seeing so many other great friends of SNL get a part in the show’s parody of Trump’s associates and relatives.

A huge portion of the this evening’s Saturday Night Live repeat gets devoted to SNL – Digital Shorts. Featured cast member Chris Redd really came on strong during SNL – Season 44, especially in the SNL – Digital Shorts. In tonight’s rerun, we may get Redd’s best SNL performance so far in the short called “Mr. H.” The short is the standard plot of the inner city teacher desperately trying to save his students from a life on the streets through education. Host James McAvoy plays the teacher Mr. H and Chris Redd is the student who may not be exactly worth saving.

The other SNL – Digital Shorts tonight include a music video called “The U.E.S.” from cast member Leslie Jones who raps about her success in a “Jeffersons” style video which shows her moving into New York City’s fashionable and elite Upper East Side neighborhood. The final short of the night is another rap video called “I Love My Dog“, featuring cast members Pete Davidson (who always seems more comfortable rapping than appearing in sketches), Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson and host James McAvoy as the DJ in a hip hop tribute to man’s best friend.

One of the sketches tonight puts James McAvoy’s native Scottish accent to good use when he plays an air traffic controller along with Kate McKinnon that has to direct a plane which has lost its pilot in for a landing from the skies over Scotland. This sketch is really two sketches in one. There are the Scottish air traffic controllers and then there’s also the chaos going on inside the plane which happens to be carrying Kylie Jenner’s brand integration team.

In other sketches tonight, SNL returns to a few previous premise ideas that have worked in the past. In the sketch, “Virgin Hunk“, the women of SNL all play contestants on a parody of ABC’s “The Bachelor“, all trying to win the heart of a handsome virgin. You’ll recognize this sketch from before by the line, “Can I steal him for a sec?”.

Another sketch tonight that we’ve seen before, but in a different form is a restaurant sketch called “New Orleans Vacation.” It features James McAvoy and featured cast member Heidi Gardner as an obnoxious couple fresh off their trip to New Orleans where they got caught up in the tourist culture and return as a pair of stereotypical “N’awlins” assholes.

Then, cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney bring back their hyperactive child characters, brothers Jared (Bennett) and Spencer (Mooney). Last time we saw the brothers who run around their house causing chaos wearing their t-shirts and underpants, SNL host Liev Schreiber was their father, hosing them down in the living room to get them to behave in front of company. Tonight, host James McAvoy is now their step-dad who is disciplining the pair of spazzes with a high-powered leaf blower.

And even though host James McAvoy is known for playing Professor X in the new Marvel “X-Men” series of comic book movies as well as split personality super villain Kevin Wendell Crumb in the movies “Split” and “Glass” (which he was promoting when this SNL episode originally aired), McAvoy doesn’t parody either of those characters tonight on Saturday Night Live. In this evening’s repeat, he revisits his character Mr. Tumnus, the half-man, half-goat faun from the 2005 film “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” On SNL, the shirtless goat-man is entertaining three very interested women who are all vying for his affections. They find out there’s more to Mr. Tumnus than just being a tea serving goat man.

Tonight’s edition of Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che is all about the government shutdown that had just ended after 35 days back when this show aired in January as well as President Trump completely caving in and ending the shutdown without getting his precious great southern border wall. Michael Che warns liberals and Democrats not to gloat too much over Trump’s big loss. He adds, “The man is still one tweet away from calling a national state of emergency and bringing back slavery.”

The two characters visiting Weekend Update in tonight’s rerun also discuss the government shutdown and Trump having to go wall-less. First, Chris Redd hits another home run in this episode as rapper, pioneer and entrepreneur Soulja Boy who announces that he has a new line of knock-off video games and that he’s running for President in 2020 against Donald Trump. “Trummmmp!!” Then sidling up to Michael Che at the anchor desk is “The woman always screaming outside his window”, Cathy Anne, the recurring character played by Cecily Strong. Cathy Anne explains how the wall has become an addiction for President Trump and if there’s one thing Cathy Anne knows about, it’s addictions.

Other things discussed by Colin Jost and Michael Che during the SNL news segment include the Vatican’s new praying app, a blackface scandal at the University of Oklahoma, the Valentine’s Day sweetheart candies going out of production, an orangutan attack at an Ohio zoo, the world’s first beer spa in Iceland and the U.K.’s official ban on upskirt photos, which takes us full circle back to host James McAvoy’s kilt.

We’ve got the promos for tonight’s repeat SNL below for you to check out. In the first promo, host James McAvoy takes a tour of Saturday Night Live‘s home, Studio 8-H, where he tours wardrobe, goes over some scripts and stops by Kyle Mooney’s dressing room for lunch. Be sure to watch at the end of the first promo for an appearance by beloved Saturday Night Live veteran Wally the Cue Card Guy. In the next set of promos, we learn that James McAvoy is great at doing accents and that it’s any damn time of year that Leslie Jones says it is. Merry Christmas!

James McAvoy hosts tonight’s encore presentation of Saturday Night Live which originally aired on January 26, 2019, with musical guest Meek Mill at 11:30pm et on NBC.

And congratulations to Saturday Night Live on slew of Prime Time Emmy Nominations including Outstanding Guest Actress / Actor nominations for Sandra Oh, Emma Thompson, John Mulaney, Matt Damon, Robert De Niro and Adam Sandler for their appearances and hosting gigs on SNL during Season 44. Along with a Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nomination for Kate McKinnon, an Outstanding Directing nomination for veteran SNL director Don Roy King, an Outstanding Musical Direction nod for SNL bandleader Lenny Pickett as well as nominations for the Saturday Night Live writing staff.

Watch for new live episodes of SNL when Saturday Night Live returns for its 45th season this September!

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