Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: January 5, 2019

Saturday Night Live’s run of Winter repeats rolls on with an SNL rerun tonight hosted by Liev Schreiber!

It’s the first weekend in January and Saturday Night Live is still not ready to come back to work after the holidays. Nine episodes of SNL – Season 44 are done and in the can, and that leaves another 12 episodes to go this season. But before we can get to the final 12 shows of the year, we have to make our way through a pile of winter repeats including tonight’s starring first time host Liev Schreiber at 11:30pm on NBC.

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat which originally aired on November 10, 2018 won’t be remembered for anything host Liev Schreiber did on this episode which was widely considered as just “weird.” However, it will go down in history as the episode when SNL tapped out and apologized for its comedy. A week before this show’s original air-date, cast member Pete Davidson did a bit he’s done before on Weekend Update called “First Impressions” where he takes some famous names in the news and makes fun of their appearances. Then as if to justify the bit, Pete then makes fun of himself. On the November 3, 2018 episode, during “First Impressions,” Pete joked about then-Congressional candidate and former Navy SEAL, Lt. Commander Dan Crenshaw for wearing an eye-patch which he’s forced to after being caught in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan. A week later, after several on the Right, including former White House Communications Director Sean Spicer, called for the head of Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels for the segment, SNL did what many in comedy would consider unthinkable, the show apologized during Weekend Update. Tonight’s repeat episode starring Liev Schreiber might include that infamous apology from Pete Davidson which came complete with a cameo that caught everyone by surprise, with Congressman-Elect Dan Crenshaw, (who by the way, was just sworn in as U.S. Congressman from Texas earlier this week,) sliding onto camera at the Update desk.

Or than again, maybe it won’t.

On an even odder sidebar to this story, while SNL will most likely re-air Pete Davidson’s apology on tonight’s repeat, on last week’s rerun which originally featured the offending segment, Pete’s joke about Crenshaw was edited out of the show altogether. Saturday Night Live actually censored their own comedy. So tonight, we’ll see if SNL runs the apology during its repeat for the joke edited out of last week’s repeat. Will we still get the mea culpa a second time without seeing the joke again? If you want a full accounting of everything that happened between SNL, Dan Crenshaw and Pete Davidson, we’ll refer to you to our coverage of the apology in an article by the IBang’s Debra Kessler entitled, “Should SNL Have Apologized to Dan Crenshaw?

As for the part of the Weekend Update segment you’ll see tonight which probably won’t be edited from its original form, anchormen Colin Jost take on the midterm election results. While Jost makes an observation on Colorado electing the country’s first openly-gay governor, Che has some strong opinions on Stacy Abrams taking on Brian Kemp in the runoff election for Governor of Georgia. Other topics covered on Weekend Update tonight include Ted Cruz defeating Beto O’Rourke to retain his U.S. Senate seat in Texas, the Florida propositions that were on the ballot, the strong turnout of “suburban” women voters, the Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot Gritty having a strong write-in campaign for Pennsylvania Governor, President Trump’s denial of using racial slurs in private, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg injuring her ribs, Idris Elba named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, the Spice Girls reunion announcement, a New York City Marathon marriage proposal and a gator being found in a Florida Walmart. Who besides Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw shows up on WU tonight? It’s cast member Cecily Strong in a hysterically perfect impersonation of the “White House Press Intern” who was ordered to take CNN’s Jim Acosta’s microphone away from him during a White House presser.

Tonight’s SNL – Cold Open is a sad farewell to one of the funniest characters of the Trump Era on Saturday Night Live, United States Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as played by cast member Kate McKinnon. In real life, Jeff Sessions was fired by President Trump and in the SNL – Cold Open, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), Veep Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), and Trump Brothers, Eric (Alex Moffat) and Don Jr. (Mikey Day) along with guest cameo Robert De Niro as Special Counsel Robert Mueller all show up to say goodbye to McKinnon’s Sessions. It’s always interesting to see what subtle twist a comedian will add to an impression to make it uniquely their own and Kate McKinnon playing Sessions as equal parts Southern politician and Alabama possum was a brilliant swerve that no one saw coming.

Liev Schreiber’s monologue was genuine and funny enough for the dramatic actor who was hosting SNL to promote the 6th and latest season of his Showtime hit drama, “Ray Dononvan.” The actor points out honestly that he’s not known for comedy and even if the entire show bombs, he’s still “… a very famous actor, with a great deal of money and a really nice apartment.” Liev also has a strong and patriotically serious message about everyone who turned out to vote in the midterm elections earlier that week, no matter what side of the aisle they voted on.

The sketches were odd and goofy at times including the return of Kate McKinnon’s classic “Colleen Rafferty” character who once again was caught up in a paranormal experience. This time it’s host Liev Schreiber along with Cecily Strong who would recall their almost magical experience with ghosts while Ms. Rafferty as usual had her “baby tunnel and gravy funnel” exposed to the whole world. Another sketch premise that returns to SNL tonight is the local morning news show which has an unfortunate graphics problem that turns the out-in-the-field news interview segment into a “Three’s Company” style nightmare. This time, it’s an interview with the “Invest Twins” who are mistakenly identified on the news as the “Incest Twins.”

On the goofy side, there’s “The Poddys“, the awards show sketch honoring the best in podcasts. It does however feature cast member Alex Moffat doing a pretty good impression of Marc Maron. There’s also a sketch called “Brothers” which just by the feel of it, SNL seemed to be hoping they had a new recurring sketch on their hands. Doubtful. It comes off as bizarre with cast members Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney playing a pair of young brothers running around the house in their underwear while trying to best each other. As their antics grow out of control, their father played by host Liev Schreiber in the sketch, turns the hose on them. And the night ends on an even weirder note with a sketch called, “Outside the Women’s Bathroom” with Liev Schreiber playing a man who wants to go viral by hosting his own show “outside the women’s bathroom” at a restaurant. This sketch is as weird as they come, but watch for the terrific job by featured cast member Heidi Gardner as she comes in towards the end to save this one.

The three SNL – Digital Shorts which air on tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat include “Unity Song“, a music video for an anthem designed to show us that we have more in common by what we all hate than by what we all love. Next is “House Hunters” which is a reality show parody of a couple played by Liev Schreiber and cast member Leslie Jones searching for the perfect house and realizing they should have consulted each other first. The best thing about having Leslie Jones in an SNL – Digital Short as opposed to a live sketch is that if she stumbles over her lines in a short, SNL can always do another take. Finally, it’s “Booty Kings,” a hip-hop music video short with cast member Kenan Thompson and featured player Chris Redd performing which despite the title, is very respectful to women in this new era. “Booty Kings” also features Future and Lil’ Wayne (tonight’s musical guest) in the video.

In the promos which you can watch below for tonight’s Saturday Night Live repeat, host Liev Schreiber joins in a fun game of jump rope with Mikey Day and Leslie Jones which goes from fun to severely demonic and then in the next set, Liev is joined by musical guest Lil Wayne and Kate McKinnon and we find out that Lil Wayne has some serious demands or else he walks off the show, plus we learn that the musical guest is a master of impressions.

Tonight, Liev Schreiber hosts a repeat episode of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Lil Wayne at 11:30pm on NBC.

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