Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: January 18, 2020

Tonight, it’s the last SNL repeat of Saturday Night Live’s mid-season break hosted by Jennifer Lopez!

After this evening’s SNL rerun, that will be it for Saturday Night Live‘s long winter’s nap. The Saturday Night Live holiday hiatus comes to end next week when SNL is back live on January 25th.

The final rerun of the break is hosted tonight by Jennifer Lopez. It was the 8th show of SNL – Season 45 which originally aired last decade on December 7, 2019.

Jennifer Lopez was in a very a good place when she hosted this episode of Saturday Night Live. She was feeling so good about her life and career that the SNL writers made it the theme of her monologue.

J-Lo talks about being a girl from the Bronx and getting engaged to a New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. She was thrilled about her tour. And of course, her biggest box office opening ever with the movie “Hustlers” which at the time still had Oscar buzz dripping all over it.

A trip to SNL to promote your film never hurts your Oscar nomination (and possibly win) chances. Just ask Emma Stone for one example, who hosted the December before she won for “La La Land“.

Things didn’t work out as well obviously for Jennifer Lopez after her snub this week at the Academy Awards nominations announcement ceremony. It will make seeing tonight’s SNL monologue a little harder to watch knowing the disappointment headed J-Lo’s way.

The SNL – Cold Open tonight is a pure cameo-fest! It’s a pretty long opening sketch, but with all the comedic appearances SNL brought in for it, they certainly wanted to get as much out of it as possible.

The opener is based on the incident at the NATO Conference in London last December when foreign leaders were caught on video making fun of President Trump and busting his orange balls pretty badly. The sketch picks up the next day at the NATO cafeteria where it turns into a scene of high school bullying of “Mean Girls” proportions.

Alec Baldwin is back as President Trump who finds he’s no longer at the cool table with major world leaders Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau played by “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, along with President of France, Emmanuel Macron played by SNL and comedy movie favorite Paul Rudd and finally British Prime Minister and former Trump friend, Boris Johnson played to absolute perfection by “Late Late Show” host James Corden on loan from CBS.

The only sad part of this cold open is watching how Corden played the always-disheveled Boris Johnson, you just know the part would have gone to SNL alum Chris Farley if he had been around to play the part.

Tonight’s sketches on this SNL repeat seemed to have a theme to them. Host Jennifer Lopez plays a woman who has no idea how hot she really is in real life. You’ll see that premise pop up in both the “Surprise Home Makeover” sketch which is handled masterfully by cast member Kenan Thompson, as well as the B&W sketch “The Corporal” hilariously co-starring cast members Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant.

While there are a couple of funny sketches tonight, there’s plenty of just bizarre ones as well. This includes the “Wisconsin Women” hardware store sketch where brand new featured player Chloe Fineman gets her hair ripped out by a grizzly bear. At least she’s getting airtime. The “Hip-Hop Carolers” sketch is one thrown on the show for the Christmas season and to take advantage of J-Lo’s musical talent, but it’s another one that’s a struggle to get through.

The final sketch of the night is a repeat premise that makes viewers wonder why SNL went back to it so soon. The sketch is called “Barry’s Bootcamp” and it’s the same premise as the “SoulCycle” sketch done just a couple months earlier when David Harbour hosted Saturday Night Live. It’s set in a fitness center with trainers auditioning for a job at the gym.

SNL – Digital Shorts are plentiful in tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live. We get another edition of “Them Trumps” featuring the Trump family if only they were black. In tonight’s episode, everything is going fine with the overly loyal followers of President Darius Trump (Kenan Thompson), until he announces to a campaign rally that he is indeed, Black.

There’s also a parody spot short for the “PottyPm” a device that lets you relieve yourself at night without leaving your bed, that is as long as you have a penis.

And Pete Davidson, who has been mostly MIA this season, is back in an SNL – Digital Short as “Chad” who is now a roadie for Jennifer Lopez and captivates her with his flatulent charm. Watch for a cameo in this short by that fiancé of J-Lo’s that we mentioned earlier.

Weekend Update is talking impeachment. In this episode however, impeaching President Trump is still just a possibility. Anchormen Colin Jost and Michael Che have it completely covered. Colin talks about how Catholics would handle Trump instead of impeaching him and Che talks about Trump’s tariffs he used as a distraction.

The Update team also covered Trump’s new regulation ideas for toilets, the Ukraine scandal, Rudy Giuliani’s documentary, new food stamp guidelines, Post Malone, the Peloton ad that was deemed sexist, the XFL uniforms, Papa John’s divorce, a woman who attacked a train worker with breast milk, and a dog causing a house fire by using the microwave.

Visiting the Weekend Update desk in this repeat SNL episode are Kate McKinnon as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who offers Catholic prayers for President Trump as we get closer to impeachment. Also, cast member Beck Bennett appears as “Jules, Who Sees Things a Little Differently” and who has some holiday tips that really have nothing to do with the holidays.

The promos are available below for you to watch for tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live hosted by Jennifer Lopez. First, we get a J-Lo SNL highlight reel featuring some of her best and most revealing moments from her previous two times hosting.

In the next promo, Jennifer Lopez and cast member Heidi Gardner are enjoying the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. If only they could figure out a way to light it up.

Finally, J-Lo is joined by musical guest DaBaby and DaBeck, the cast member formerly known as Beck Bennett. Beck wants to make sure everyone knows he’s ready to handle any dance needs tonight.

Jennifer Lopez hosts tonight’s repeat episode of SNL with musical guest DaBaby at 11:30pm et on NBC!

Saturday Night Live returns live on NBC next Saturday, January 25, 2020 for its mid-season premiere hosted by Adam Driver with musical guest Halsey!

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