Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: February 2, 2018

Tonight, Saturday Night Live takes a one week break with a repeat SNL hosted by “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa!

Since today is February 2nd, aka Groundhog Day, it makes sense that Saturday Night Live is giving us a repeat episode to relive all over again. Tonight’s déjà vu episode is from two months ago and was hosted by Jason Momoa who was promoting what turned out to be a rare hit superhero movie for DC Comics with last December’s “Aquaman.”

Other than in Momoa’s monologue, “Aquaman” never came up again in the sketches during the show which was a surprise considering it was the first-time host’s new signature film character and seeing how the aquatic superhero has always been an easy target when it came time to poke fun at comic books. It was also during his opening remarks that we believe that Jason Momoa made SNL history by being the first host to do the monologue barefooted and while wearing pink pants, but we’ll have to check. Ralph Nader may have done the same thing when he hosted back in Season 2. Sometimes when a host is a first-timer with no background in comedy, like Jason Momoa, Saturday Night Live will pad the monologue by adding a musical number or with cast member interruptions. In Jason Momoa’s case, they did both. So, if you enjoy SNL run-ins and some P-Funk, you’re gonna love watching Momoa’s monologue all over again tonight.

One of Jason Momoa’s best known roles that did get the parody treatment on tonight’s repeat SNL was his “Game of Thrones” character, Khal Drogo, who was a chieftain of a Dothraki khalasar on the HBO drama affectionately referred to by Ian McShane as “Tits & Dragons.” There’s a sketch tonight on the SNL rerun called “Khal Drogo’s Ghost Dojo” where Momoa reprises his role of Khal Drogo who now has his own talk show along with his bloodrider and co-host Zerbo played by cast member Kenan Thompson. The “Ghost Dojo” features guests who are some of the hundreds of characters killed off on “GoT.”

The episode of Saturday Night Live rerunning tonight at 11:30pm on NBC originally aired on December 8, 2018. So, with only two live shows left before the holiday break, the SNL writing staff began getting their Christmas themed sketches on the show on this episode. There’s at least 5 sketches on tonight’s replay dealing with the holidays in one way or another. There’s an “Elf On The Shelf” sketch which is sure to be added to the Saturday Night Live Christmas specials in the future. Cast member Beck Bennett plays Santa while Jason Momoa plays Scrappy, an elf on a shelf, who isn’t thrilled with how the child he’s watching over is behaving. His assigned boy is growing up fast and starting to learn about his own body which may have scarred poor Scrappy for life. There’s also a family holiday sketch where Momoa and cast member Heidi Gardner play parents meeting their daughter’s (cast member Melissa Villaseñor) boyfriend (Beck Bennett) for the first time. And the boyfriend picks an unusual way to try to make his future in-laws like him. A parody of Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” is also part of tonight’s repeat SNL featuring an extra ghost played by Momoa who’s just so much “extra!” Plus, it’s the return of cast member Cecily Strong’s recurring character Gemma in a sleigh ride sketch. Neither of these last two sketches mentioned make much sense, but you may find yourself laughing along with them while not even knowing why.

Pete Davidson, who is usually seen in SNL- Digital Shorts and on Weekend Update, gets a starring role in a sketch about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer who lets the fame of saving Christmas for all of Santa’s good girls and boys go to his head. Rudolph goes from being the bullied to being the bully. It’s a rare opportunity for Pete Davidson to shine without having to bring up his former fiance, his mental illness and best of all, without having to do an apology gimmick for a war hero he insulted. It’s one of the later sketches on the show tonight and worth staying up for.

There’s two SNL – Digital Shorts to watch for on tonight’s Saturday Night Live rerun. The first is a parody ad for “GE’s Big Boy Home Appliances.” These are jacked-up and fully loaded everyday household appliances that make a man feel like a man again, even while doing the dishes or the laundry. The other is a mashup between the Trump First Family and the hit FOX drama “Empire” which asks the question “What if Donald Trump was black?” The answer? Impeachment and jail time, obviously.

Speaking of “Individual #1” in the Mueller investigation, Alec Baldwin does not make the scene tonight to play the President for the SNL – Cold Open, but we still go high atop Trump Tower in Manhattan for the opener. In the cold open, Eric Trump (cast member Alex Moffat) can’t get to sleep, even in his big boy race car bed, because he’s afraid of the Bogeyman hiding in his closet. His older brother Don Jr. (cast member Mikey Day) tries to chill him out by reading him “Twas The Night Before Christmas.” Turns out that Eric’s fears are warranted when the Bogeyman turns out to be his “dad’s friend from work.” You can rewatch tonight, so that we don’t ruin this evening’s cold open cameo appearance. Of course, you’ve probably seen this already or if you haven’t, you can guess it pretty easily. It’s someone who’s made a cameo as this character before, stays glued to his cue cards and after all this time, still can’t pull off the line, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

The main focus of the Weekend Update anchor team of Colin Jost and Michael Che on tonight’s SNL repeater is the Mueller investigation haunting President Trump. Jost and Che talk about the indictments that had just been announced against Trump fixer / lawyer Michael Cohen when this episode aired live. Update also has commentary on Trump’s tweets, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly resigning, Trump’s new Attorney General nominee, President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, SpaceX launching cremated remains into space, a recent greenhouse emissions report, Kevin Hart stepping down as host of the Oscars, a “Little Mermaid” song controversy, Chinese bullfighting, the British version of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and a fight which left a Utah man with an ice pick injury to his penis. Also, you’ll see a Saturday Night Live – Weekend Update first if watch tonight’s rerun where Michael Che is not only a Weekend Update anchorman, but also a special feature correspondent on the same episode. Che takes time out from anchoring to report on his experiences with bidets. Plus, we get the premiere of a brand new and great Weekend Update character that hopefully will become recurring very soon. Cast member Aidy Bryant debuts her new character, 7th Grade Travel Expert Carrie Krum who gives a hilarious report about holiday travel that turns out to be more about visiting her own cousins, getting to see her aunt’s bra and meeting her cousins’ neighbors who are….”boys!”

As a service to you SNL fans, we have the promos for tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live starring host Jason Momoa available below for your viewing pleasure. In the first one, superhero Jason Momoa swings into action when he has to step in as an NBC page to save the day with some important information. In the next set, “aloha” from the “Three M’s”, Momoa, Mumford & Sons and cast member Leslie “Mama” Jones. They’re all together again and we find out how Leslie became the Prodigal Mumford Son.

First-timer Jason Momoa hosts an encore presentation of Saturday Night Live with musical guests Mumford & Sons tonight at 11:30pm on NBC.

Saturday Night Live returns live next weekend on February 9th with host and musical guest Halsey. And SNL announced via Twitter on Thursday that the show will also be live in two weeks on Saturday, February 16th with host Don Cheadle and musical guest Gary Clark Jr.

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