Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: December 7, 2019

Tonight, “Jenny from the Block”, Jennifer Lopez, heads down the block to NBC to host a brand new Saturday Night Live!

Next February, the FOX network gets the Super Bowl along with halftime show headliner Jennifer Lopez. Well, NBC isn’t making you wait around until the end of football season. J-Lo is headlining a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live tonight at 11:30pm et on the Peacock Network.

Jennifer Lopez is always one of busiest performers in show business. She recently appeared in the crime drama film, “Hustlers” co-starring Julia Stiles, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo and Cardi B. The reviews have been strong for “Hustlers” and there’s already Oscar buzz for Jennifer Lopez for her role of exotic dancer Ramona Vega. Don’t be surprised if any of J-Lo’s co-stars from her hit movie show up for an SNL cameo tonight.

This will be Jennifer Lopez’s third time hosting Saturday Night Live. In her previous SNL hosting gigs, Jennifer Lopez was both host and musical guest. Tonight however, Jennifer will have a musical guest (DaBaby) accompanying her.

J-Lo first brought her talents to Saturday Night Live when she was host and musical guest in February, 2001 during SNL – Season 26. On that show, Jennifer collided in a sketch with then-cast member Chris Kattan’s “Mango” character while shooting a music video directed by then-cast member Will Ferrell. She also played the co-host in a “Good Morning Bronx” sketch with one-season wonder cast member Jerry Minor. It was cast member Tracy Morgan though who stole this sketch as weatherman / building super Dominican Lou.

Her next turn hosting SNL came in February, 2010 during SNL – Season 35. In that episode, Jennifer Lopez appeared in sketches where she was part of the Telemundo coverage of the Winter Olympic Games. She also starred in an overly-dramatic parody of a Spanish novella “Besos Y Lagrimas“, meaning “Kisses and Tears” done completely en español with cast members Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. J-Lo also played the proprietor of “Car Horns and More“, in a sketch about your one stop for musical car horns. And she appeared in the SNL – Digital Short music video, “Flags of the World” which un-interestingly enough, was two years before “Fun with Flags” became a regular part of the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory“.

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance as host tonight on Saturday Night Live opens the doors wide for a huge array of possibilities for comedic material. Besides feature films, Jennifer is also a judge and the executive producer of “World of Dance” on NBC. A dance sketch could be a safe bet tonight. As well as a sketch featuring J-Lo preparing for her Super Bowl halftime show with Colombian singing sensation Shakira.

The host’s love life has always been a source of speculation for the tabloids and paparazzi. An appearance by Jennifer Lopez’s current fiancé and controversial New York Yankees baseball icon Alex Rodriguez is totally in the realm of possibility as well as any sketch about J-Lo’s past list of celebrity lovers with perhaps the current SNL cast doing their impressions of her past boyfriends, husbands and fiancés, such as former betrothed Ben Affleck, (who with Jennifer Lopez created the first super-couple hybrid name “Bennifer”,) former husband singer /actor/ producer Marc Anthony, former beau and crime partner Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, former husband and back-up dancer Cris Judd, former boyfriend Wesley Snipes and former husband / waiter Ojani Noa, among others.

As far as what’s in the news that could end up being used for comedy on SNL tonight, that could be described in one word, “Impeachment.” The President Donald Trump Impeachment hearings continued this past week. We’ll have to see if Saturday Night Live will listen to the overwhelming pleas of social media and bring in Benedict Cumberbatch for one night only to play his real-life impeachment doppelgänger Noah Feldman, the Harvard professor who specializes in constitutional law and testified on whether Trump’s chicanery in the Ukraine amounts to an impeachable offense.

Speaking of Trump or as he was known at last week’s NATO summit in London- the target of the world leaders “Mean Girls” gossip. SNL could easily recreate the scene recorded and overheard at the summit where U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with England’s Princess Anne, were bath-mouthing our President while laughing at the man who made the campaign promise that the world will no longer be laughing at us.

And speaking of Princess Anne, this week might also be a good week for the Saturday Night Live cast to break out their best British accents to parody another tense moment at the NATO summit where Queen Elizabeth was seen giving a death glare to her daughter the Princess, after she refused to join the Queen and Prince Charles in greeting Donald and Melania Trump at Buckingham Palace.

And speaking of Melania Trump, the White House released a creepy video of the First Lady unveiling this year’s Presidential residence Christmas decorations. Mrs. Trump appeared in a ghost-like white coat showing off the theme of the holiday decor which could be described as “extreme patriotism” unless you’re the women’s site “Jezebel”, who described the decorations as “fucking ugly.” Also, if Alec Baldwin returns to SNL this week to play President Trump, the writers’ may want to do something for the SNL – Cold Open dealing with Trump’s secret trip to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving to help serve the troops a holiday dinner.

Other things in the news that could end up as joke material for SNL this evening includes the Baby Yoda-Mania caused by the DisneyPlus original series, “The Mandalorian,” Senator Kamala Harris dropping out of the Presidential race and her tweeted response to President Trump which read “…see you at your trial,” St. Louis, Missouri being named the least safe city in the United States and old people haven St. Petersburg, Florida being listed as less safe than Chicago, alleged college briber Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade returning to vlogging for the first time since the scandal broke, the Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000 being named the most desired toy of this holiday season, more accusations that Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is running an alleged holiday sweat shop, and McDonald’s new permanent online merchandise store, Golden Arches Unlimited.

One item in the headlines that is begging to be turned into an SNL – Digital Short is the controversy over the Peloton holiday commercial for its high-end exercise bicycle for the elite. The ad was mocked out for being sexist on Twitter for its concept of a husband giving his frightened wife a Peloton bike even though she’s clearly already in shape. We can already a picture an SNL – Digital Short where cast member Heidi Gardner isn’t allowed off her Peloton by her husband, cast member Beck Bennett. You can check out the damage that the outrage cost the Peloton stock on the Interrobang.

On a side note, the Saturday Night Live love bug has struck again! Congratulations to Emma Stone and her fiancé who announced their engagement on Instagram earlier this week with the close-up of her engagement rock. Emma met her guy while hosting Saturday Night Live which isn’t too strange when you hear that her future-husband is SNL segment director and writer Dave McCary. The two met towards the end of 2016 when Stone hosted the show and starred in the SNL – Digital ShortWells for Boys,” which McCary directed.

The promos for tonight’s all-new Saturday Night Live are available below for you to check out. The first promo released by SNL this week is the Best of J-Lo montage showing highlights from her first two hosting gigs on Saturday Night Live including her SNL monologue where she surprised the audience with an appearance by her iconic green Versace silk dress which she made famous when she wore it to the 42nd Grammy Awards ceremony in 2000.

In the next promo, Jennifer Lopez is joined by cast member Heidi Gardner, who knows all the best “viewing perches” at NBC. Together, they hope to hijack one of NYC’s and America’s happiest Christmas traditions.

The third and final set of promos feature J-Lo, musical guest DaBaby and cast member Beck Bennett, also currently known as DaBeck. The trio try to decide who will handle the dancing portion of tonight’s live SNL and DaBeck asks for a little feedback on his career.

Jennifer Lopez returns after 9 years to host a brand-new Saturday Night Live with musical guest DaBaby tonight at 11:30pm et and live across all time zones on NBC!

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