Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: December 14, 2019

Tonight, it’s an all-new Saturday Night Live starring 6 time host Scarlett Johansson!

Last week on SNL, it was J-Lo, and this week, it’s Scar-Jo. The last time that Scarlett Johansson hosted Saturday Night Live, back in March, 2017 during SNL – Season 42, she was inducted in to the SNL Five-Timers Club. Now she’s back to pad her SNL stats with a sixth hosting appearance.

It was during all those hosting gigs, plus her cameo appearances, that Scar-Jo met and fell in love with SNL co-head writer Colin Jost. The two got engaged in May after dating for two years. We’ll have to see if the relationship between the host and the Weekend Update anchorman comes up on tonight’s show.

One way to go about working their engagement into tonight’s comedy would be to have the happy couple interrupted while talking about their nuptials by former cast member Leslie Jones who always claimed to have a kayfabe crush on Jost. Leslie Jones hasn’t really been seen much since leaving Saturday Night Live this season. A cameo with her crashing their engagement party would be a huge pop.

On tonight’s SNL, Scarlett Johansson has two major projects to promote. First, there’s her recent Golden Globe nomination for the film “Marriage Story” co-starring Adam Driver. Scarlett is the type of SNL host that draws a lot of cameos to the show when she appears, so don’t be surprised to see Adam Driver,(another Saturday Night Live favorite,) make an appearance in an SNL – Digital Short parody of “Marriage Story.” The Golden Globe nominated film “Marriage Story” is still in some select theaters as well as being available for streaming on Netflix.

Scarlett Johansson’s other major film which she’ll be promoting tonight is “Black Widow“. This is the solo super hero movie featuring Scarlett’s Marvel Comics character Black Widow from the “Avengers” series of films. “Black Widow” opens the 2020 summer movie season when it debuts nationwide on Friday, May 1, 2020.

This evening’s sixth time host Scarlett Johansson began her relationship with Saturday Night Live back in January, 2006 during SNL – Season 31. For some perspective, when Scarlett Johansson first hosted Saturday Night Live, that SNL cast included Fred Armisen, Tina Fey, Will Forte, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, among others.

Her following hosting appearances started the very next season in April, 2007. Then again in November, 2010 during SNL – Season 36, May, 2015 in SNL – Season 40 and March, 2017 in SNL – Season 42 where she earned her SNL Five-Timers Club membership.

Some of Scarlett Johansson’s memorable moments on Saturday Night Live include her appearance in the “Girlfriends Talk Show” sketch with cast members Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong which we might see again tonight. She also grossed audiences out as “Kunk” who was “8% woman and 92% Anglerfish” in the “Shud the Mermaid” sketch with cast member Kate McKinnon. She also starred in plenty of sketches parodying reality shows and fake commercials.

Scarlett has co-starred in a series of sketches during her hosting gigs with former cast member Fred Armisen. In these sketches, she always played the Long Island daughter to Armisen’s character, “Mike” who dealt in a variety of tacky products, from “marble columns”, to “porcelain fountains” to “ceramic busts.” Mike and his daughter Lexi (Johansson) sold everything that was perceived as classy on Long Island, out of their Central Avenue location in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY. Watch for Fred Armisen to return tonight to add to the “Mike’sSNL anthology.

One of Scarlett Johansson’s SNL characters we feel will definitely return tonight is one of her more recent ones, Ivanka Trump. Scarlett has portrayed the First First Daughter, (no offense Tiffany, but the whole world knows who’s Daddy’s #1), ever since taking over the role from host Margo Robbie. Scarlett Johansson lit up social media after playing Ivanka Trump in an SNL – Digital Short called “Complicit“. It was a parody ad for a new perfume “for the woman who could stop all this, but won’t.”

The “Complicit” digital short  was SNL‘s hilarious way of accusing Trump’s daughter of enabling her father’s womanizing and for looking the other way when the President proposed eliminating maternity-care coverage from a health-care bill. The short got a rise out of the real Ivanka Trump who felt she had to answer charges that she had her head in the sand. Ever since then, Scarlett Johansson has been SNL‘s resident Ivanka. She’ll probably don the DC blonde wig again tonight to give the real Ivanka something else to lose sleep over.

As for what else might be material for the show tonight, it once again has to be the I-word, Impeachment. The House Judiciary Committee just voted to bring two Articles of Impeachment against the President yesterday followed by Trump spending Friday afternoon trying to lie his way into making America believe it’s all a scam. So, we could see Alec Baldwin making back-to-back visits on Saturday Night Live as the 45th President tonight.

Other Trump news that could be turned into SNL material tonight include the 73 year old president making fun of 16 year old environmental spokesperson Greta Thunberg on Twitter after she won Time’s Person of the Year and he didn’t. Guess he’ll have to go back to making his own phony Time Magazine covers featuring himself. Speaking of Trump Tweets, the Commander-in-Chief, who is in no way losing his mind over being impeached, tweeted well over a hundred times on the day leading up to the House vote on Friday. This is the type of thing that always gets a Weekend Update mention.

Plus, there’s Trump buddy British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party overwhelmingly winning in the British elections. Perhaps, James Corden will get an immediate return invite back to SNL to play the Prime Minister known as Bo-Jo again. Corden gave a Chris Farley inspired performance as Boris Johnson last week in the SNL – Cold Open featuring cameos from Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon.

Besides plenty of Christmas time material, tonight’s Saturday Night Live may include jokes about news worthy items like Baby Yoda Mania, the bizarre looking film version of the Broadway hit “Cats” opening next weekend which screams for the SNL – Digital Short treatment, MLB pitcher Gerrit Cole getting $324 million – 9 year deal from the New York Yankees, Merriam-Webster naming “They” the word of the year, Caroll Spinney, the Muppeteer who played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street” passing away, Kelly Ripa oddly calling her oldest son Michael one of her “man-crushes”, Walmart “accidentally” selling a Christmas cocaine shirt, Jamie Foxx singing for himself at his L.A. birthday party and Paul McCartney’s secret Christmas album that only his family is allowed to hear.

And we expect to see a photo bumper tribute to the amazing Danny Aiello in tonight’s episode. Danny who passed away this week, hosted Saturday Night Live on February 10, 1996 during SNL – Season 39. Danny hosted the show while promoting his film “City Hall” co-starring Al Pacino and John Cusack.

In the first of the promos we you can view below for tonight’s new SNL, it’s a “Best Of Scarlett Johansson” highlight reel from her previous hosting visits to Saturday Night Live. This includes part of her induction into the SNL Five-Timers Club.

Cast member Beck Bennett once again co-stars in the extended promo released by Saturday Night Live. The extended promo is the one which is a mini-sketch inside the promo which always takes us backstage to see the host preparing for that weekend’s SNL. Beck Bennett must raise his hand first every week in the meeting where they ask which cast member wants to do the extended promo. In this one, we see Scarlett Johansson playing mind games with Beck in regards to his very itchy-looking Christmas sweater. She doesn’t so much get into Beck Bennett’s head as she does his holiday sweater.

In the third and final promo, Scarlett Johansson is joined by cast member Cecily Strong and musical guest Niall Horan, the second former member of One Direction in a musical guest role this season. The first being Harry Styles who hosted a couple of weeks ago. As the trio promotes tonight’s show, Cecily informs Scarlett and Niall about what’s on her Christmas wish list. She’ll send you a copy of the list if you need it.

Golden Globe nominee Scarlett Johansson hosts a brand new Saturday Night Live tonight with musical guest Niall Horan at 11:30pm et and live across all American time zones on NBC.

And next week, it’s the show we’ve been waiting for ever since it was announced by SNL!  On Saturday, December 21st, the legendary Eddie Murphy returns home to SNL after 35 years to host the Saturday Night Live Mid-Season Finale!

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