Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: August 24, 2019

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live rerun is an SNL homecoming hosted by Seth Meyers!

If someone asked you guess how many times Seth Meyers had hosted Saturday Night Live, it might make you stop and think for a moment. After all, Seth spent 13 years on the show; making him the third longest tenured cast member in Saturday Night Live history. He was the SNL Golden Boy…okay, okay, maybe the Silver Boy, right behind Jimmy Fallon. But like Fallon, Seth was a Weekend Update anchorman on SNL and was selected to host “Late Night” on NBC after Fallon got bumped up to the “Tonight Show.” So, in the 5 years since Seth’s last SNL show, you’d probably guess he’s come back to host at least 2 or 3 times. And you’d be wrong. The Saturday Night Live repeat airing tonight at 11:30pm on NBC which originally aired on October 13th, 2018, was Seth’s first trip back to Studio 8-H to host. It’s even more surprising when you realize that Seth works only a few feet away in Studio 8-G on Late Night.

Here’s what you have to look forward to and back on, with tonight’s SNL repeat. The big story of the week when this episode aired was the love affair between President Donald Trump and singer / songwriter, rapper, businessman, fashion icon and the Lord Yeezus himself, Kanye West. The two had a White House sit-down that had everyone talking on social media and regular media. Kanye talked about everything with Trump from the 13th Amendment, to U.S. manufacturing, to his own mental health, and all while wearing a trademark Trump MAGA hat which Kanye called a “Superman cape.”

Tonight’s SNL – Cold Open is a reenactment of the Trump / Kanye White House meeting which became a spectacle  in itself with Alec Baldwin making his first SNL – Season 44 appearance as Donald Trump and featured cast member Chris Redd as the insanity-spewing Kanye. Veteran SNL cast member Kenan Thompson joins the Oval Office sketch as NFL legend Jim Brown. The monologue segment on this evening’s SNL encore is also all about Kanye as Seth Meyers uses his opening remarks to tell the audience a story from back in his days as an SNL cast member when eccentric Kanye appeared on the show as a musical guest.

Kanye West’s DC antics are also part of the focus of this evening’s Weekend Update with anchormen Colin Jost and Michael Che. The two SNL news hosts are joined by former SNL Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers for a segment that used to be called “Really!?! with Seth & Amy“. For tonight only, the segment becomes “Really!?! with Seth, Colin & Michael” as the three discuss their incredulous disdain for Yeezy and Trumpy. As you’ll see tonight, they’re not all that impressed with Kanye’s DC field trip and the time Mr. West went to Washington.

Jost & Che do find time to also discuss climate change. Michael Che suggests some ways to get people who don’t normally care about global warming like black men and Fox News viewers to care more about the environment. They also have comments on Melania Trump’s controversial jacket which the words “I really don’t care, do you?” on the back of it while she toured a migrant child detention center in Texas, plus they joke about Taylor Swift trying to get out the vote, an exhibit at Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, and a North Dakota man who polluted a church’s holy water.

The Weekend Update desk also gets a visit from featured cast member Heidi Gardner as Baskin Johns who works for Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop. Baskin will be introducing the audience to some great Goop products, that is if she can remember what they are.

Looking at tonight’s SNL sketch-work, one sketch to watch for is called “Traffic Stop”. This is the sketch that flared tempers on social media the next day. It stars cast members Leslie Jones and new featured cast member Ego Nwodim as Baltimore police officers who pull over a man played by host Seth Meyers, and then subject him to all kinds of sexual harassment. The group most upset by this sketch was the Baltimore Policemen’s Union who didn’t care for the representation. The heat of course died down, however we’ve never seen this sketch again which looked like it could have launched some recurring characters for Leslie and Ego.

Other sketches that stand out on tonight’s repeat include “Jail Cellmate” which is a sketch about an prison inmate who finds out his cellmate is comedy legend Bill Cosby, with Kenan Thompson continuing another banner night on SNL playing the imprisoned stand up icon.

There’s also “Movie Talkback“ which is a sketch written for the delight of the hometown New York City audience. Seth Meyers plays the writer / director of an independent film who’s hosting a Q&A session at the IFC Center in NYC. He must deal with the questions and requests from a bunch of weirdos that only New Yorkers can appreciate.

A lot of tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live is devoted to SNL – Digital Shorts. The first is an ad for “Beta Force“. It’s the anti-supplement for the supplements that turn men into Alpha males. Then look for “A Frightening Tale”, a short that takes the cast outdoors to a campsite where Seth Meyers tells the scariest story you’ve ever heard. Then the third short is a music video where cast members Pete Davidson and Chris Redd lay down some beats to save our trees.

We have the promos for tonight’s SNL rerun for you to watch below. In the first promo, host Seth Meyers reminisces on his way back home to Saturday Night Live. He just doesn’t have a lot of time to do it. In the next set, Seth is joined by musical guest and SNL legend Paul Simon along with cast member Aidy Bryant who’s very excited and really ready to start the show!

Seth Meyers returns to Saturday Night Live in tonight’s SNL repeat with musical guest, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer (Class of 2001,) Paul Simon at 11:30pm et on NBC!

Saturday Night Live returns live this fall with its 45th season premiere!

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