Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: April 4, 2020

Saturday Night Live is on hiatus due to the Pandemic, but tonight it’s a Corona Eleganza Extravaganza with an SNL rerun hosted by RuPaul!

While we’re in the middle of the Coronavirus Crisis, Saturday Night Live‘s cast, writers and crew are socially isolating like the rest of us to stay safe. This has stopped the production of any new live SNL shows from happening and we’ll be getting repeats from the current season until further notice. This evening’s Saturday Night Live encore presentation is hosted by RuPaul, America’s premiere drag queen. RuPaul came to this episode of SNL with plenty of hosting experience. He is the mistress of ceremonies of the crazy popular reality competition series, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on VH1.

Besides VH1’s “Drag Race“, RuPaul also has a 10 episode series available for streaming on Netflix called “AJ and the Queen” where Ru plays Ruby Red, a drag performer whose plans are interrupted when his boyfriend steals $100,000 meant for his retirement. On top of that, Ruby also finds himself taking care of a 10 year old girl named AJ who is an orphan with a bad attitude.

In addition to being a 6-time Emmy Award winning television host, an author, a podcaster, and an entrepreneur, Queen Ru is also a successful recording artist, first gaining national attention with his debut album, “Supermodel of the World” which gave us Ru’s first hit “Supermodel (You Better Work).” Ru has released 13 studio albums throughout his career.

On “RuPaul’s Drag Race” which your host is promoting on tonight’s repeat SNL, RuPaul is known for telling his drag queen contestants, “Good luck, and don’t fuck it up!” A good sound lesson…for anyone. And Queen Ru followed his own sage advice on SNL. His hosting debut was a fabulous freshman effort.

Tonight’s rerun hosted by the fabulous RuPaul originally aired on Saturday, February 8, 2020. For Ru, this episode of Saturday Night Live is all about joy. And even if you’ve already seen it, watch it again and have some much needed and well-deserved fun. The laughs are still fresh, the host is fierce and the show is sickening. Oh, “no tea, no shade” intended. In drag-speak, “sickening” means amazing and incredible.

Okay, now when we said the laughs are fresh, that may not apply to tonight’s SNL – Cold Open. It’s another Saturday Night Live Democratic Debate sketch. But the cameos are always fun. Remember, this show took place on Saturday, February 8th, 2020. So, it was in between this year’s Iowa caucuses which were a disaster for the Dems and the New Hampshire primary, so every Democrat who was running for President this year was pretty much still in the race at this point.

In the cold open this evening, we have SNL cast members doing their go-to political impressions with Colin Jost playing Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Kate McKinnon as Senator Elizabeth Warren, Pete Davidson as Billionaire Tom Steyer, Bowen Yang as Philanthropist Andrew Yang, and Mikey Day as ABC News moderator George Stephanopoulos (that name almost break the spell-check).  And the sketch also included SNL‘s regular guest stars doing cameos with their now signature political impressions including Jason Sudeikis back in the VP Joe Biden role, Fred Armisen as Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Rachel Dratch as Senator Amy Klobuchar  and Larry David as Senator Bernie Sanders.

Here’s something to note. Watch for a line from Colin Jost as Mayor Pete, where he got the hashtag #WhiteObama trending for the next few days after this sketch aired back in February. Colin Jost was actually a contributing factor in Mayor Pete’s successful showing in New Hampshire.

As per Saturday Night Live‘s 45 year old formula, after the SNL – Cold Open, it was time for Saturday Night Live announcer Darrell Hammond to present RuPaul. For anyone who was wondering if RuPaul would take the stage for the SNL monologue in drag or not, (I sure as hell was curious about it squirrel-friends,) the answer was that Ru was in his street clothes for the monologue. And street clothes is an understatement. RuPaul was on stage for the monologue in one of his awesome custom suits that was “for the gods!” Ru was only in drag for a small portion of the entire show.

This makes total sense when you think about the logistics. RuPaul has said in previous interviews that it takes him nearly 4 hours to get ready to host and judge the competition on “RuPaul’s Drag Race“. Queen Ru never takes the stage in drag on his reality show until she is properly dusted, meaning looking perfect. There’s not a lot of time for dusting on SNL. The show is famous for its quick changes and doing costumes, makeup and wig adjustments in just a matter of seconds. That’s not how the world’s most famous drag queen operates. So, maintaining RuPaul’s signature drag queen look all throughout an episode of SNL would be impossible.

In the monologue, Mama Ru explains to the audience that he wasn’t completely out of drag even though he was wearing a suit. He also gives a quick lesson in drag-speak; that unique language that men who have learned to master the duct tape tuck speak to each other.

The monologue also serves as a chance for RuPaul to give us a quick bio on himself. It’s even quicker because of the limitations put on the host regarding what he was allowed to say when talking about the 1980’s drag scene in NYC, where RuPaul quickly became known as the Queen of the New York.

Tonight’s host wraps up the monologue with some life lessons he’s learned from decades of performing in the drag business including a cleaned up version of one of RuPaul’s most famous sayings; “if they ain’t payin’ your bills, pay them no mind”. It’s all great advice about taking the serious things seriously and having fun and enjoying all the rest. Who knew drag queen advice from two months ago would seem so appropriate now!?

The hallmark of this episode of Saturday Night Live is the sketch called “The Library.” Possibly inspired by the “Drag Queen Story Hour” events going on in libraries across the country, in that time before Corona. In the sketch,  RuPaul as himself, arrives at a public library prepared to do some reading for little children. It’s not long before the moms and dads and the library directors realize that the word “reading” means something entirely different to a drag queen than it does to the librarians and parents.

After that, the kids and adults are treated to a hilarious meeting of drag culture with suburbia. “Reading” is throwing shade about someone’s appearance. As Ru explains, it’s a “brutal insult wrapped inside a glorious wordplay.” RuPaul does this with several famous children’s books in the sketch. Not to overly gay-splain it all to you, but the phrase comes from “reading someone like a book.” On “RuPaul’s Drag Race“, when on occasion, it’s announced that “the library is open” that means some reading is about to happen. This sketch is easily the highlight of RuPaul hosting Saturday Night Live.

The RuPaul that most people know and love, does appear in full drag in tonight’s repeat in an SNL – Digital Short called “Chad & RuPaul“. In the short, RuPaul as herself, becomes a mentoring drag mother to cast member Pete Davidson’s recurring character, “Chad.”

Before tonight’s repeat episode originally aired, it was a certainty that one of the SNL guys was going to get a drag makeover and end up appearing as a woman on TV. It’s was just a matter of guessing which male Saturday Night Live cast member it was going to be. Let’s face it, most of the guys on SNL are pretty enough to already be girls anyway. It wouldn’t be a stretch to transform Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Kyle Mooney, Colin Jost or Beck Bennett into a queen. And Kenan Thompson has been in drag so much already on SNL as Whoopi Goldberg, Maya Angelou, Jennifer Hudson and other characters, that putting him in a dress again would be no surprise at all. So, Pete Davidson ended up being the lucky boy.

In the short, RuPaul is looking for the new face of drag and finds the future in Chad, “oh okay.” As Chad, SNL‘s resident tattoo farm Pete Davidson is given a tutorial in drag from the Queen herself. He learns about “the tuck” which Chad gets completely backwards, along with the look and beating the face which means applying the perfect amount of makeup for a flawless presentation. Oddly enough, Chad’s eyes not only looked flawless, they also looked a lot like the cast member’s famous ex-girlfriend’s eyes. Was that on purpose? Watch tonight, and play Michelle Visage by judging for yourself. Some shade may have been thrown Ariana Grande’s way with this SNL short.

After learning to “sissy that walk” by RuPaul, Chad was told it was time to “Lip sync for your life”. That’s how contestants can avoid elimination on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Chad’s makeover is something to behold on tonight’s repeat SNL, especially the reveal. It’s a great look, but it also proves you can take the girl out of Staten Island, but you can’t take Staten Island out of the girl.

You will find RuPaul in a dress in one of the most hilariously bizarre sketches of the night called “Check-Splitting.” The host along with cast member Cecily Strong play two women who look and sound like they’re from the late 80’s CBS sitcom “Designing Women“. They go on the attack in a restaurant at a work birthday dinner for a co-worker when they feel the check isn’t being split fairly and that the supervisor (cast member Aidy Bryant) is taking advantage of a subordinate.

If “Check-Splitting” isn’t the oddest sketch in tonight’s SNL repeat, it’s because a sketch called “The Old New York Show” beat it out. From the looks of this, Saturday Night Live is trying to create two new recurring characters, Dickie Saint Painters and Madge Caddington Boot, played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant respectively. Dickie & Madge are two elderly women who are from a bypassed time in NYC and host “The Old New York Show” from the hotel room where they live and never leave. That part of the sketch would have sounded strange back in February when this show was first broadcast, but now we’re all Dickie & Madge who don’t leave our homes.

These “Old New York Show” characters seem like an attempt by the SNL writers to create a female version of Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s characters from “The Oh, Hello Show“, Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (Mulaney). In the sketch, host RuPaul arrives as his own elderly character, Mr. Tarry Teats, which sounds like a very rough Paul Lynde impression. Mr. Tarry Teats met Dickie and Madge while shoplifting years ago. He’s an unemployed shoe critic and also he’s a Broadway usher who “yells at ladies to pee faster.”  Don’t hurt your  brain giving this one much thought. Just enjoy the silliness of three elderly New York characters calling in a bomb threat.

RuPaul’s drag-less moments on SNL included a family game night sketch which pitted two families against each other with two totally different opinions on how the game of Charades is played. Ru also plays a thirsty male police officer in a return of the “Thirsty Cops” sketch. These characters originated with former cast member Leslie Jones and current featured player Ego Nwodim last year during SNL – Season 44 when Seth Meyers hosted the show. In tonight’s rerpeat, RuPaul joins Ego, in place of @Lesdoggg, as they pull over an unsuspecting driver (Pete Davidson) and harass him with plenty of sexual innuendo as they try to seduce their latest victim.

There’s also one other SNL – Digital Short on tonight’s rerun. This one doesn’t include the host, RuPaul. The short is a parody spot for a toy called “Boop-It“; a spoof on the 90’s Hasbro toy “Bop-It.” The difference is that this commercial gets real dark when dad (cast member Beck Bennett) sees his kids and their friend enjoying themselves and wants a turn and becomes obsessed with trying to master the “Boop-It.”

The top story on tonight’s repeat edition of Weekend Update is President Trump’s acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial and then the victory celebration he had afterwards. Following a montage of Trump’s most obnoxious and confusing statements in his post-impeachment address, Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che nailed it by saying, “the audience for Trump’s speech consisted of his legal team and Republican lawmakers because…I guess that circle ain’t gonna jerk itself.”

Colin Jost skewers the President for his mistake of congratulating the wrong state after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Jost said, “Trump mistakenly tweeted congratulations to the state of Kansas despite the fact that the Chiefs are from Kansas City, Missouri. Incidentally, Kansas also has the only Manhattan where Trump is still welcomed.” Funny cause it’s true.

President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address was a big comedic inspiration for this round of Weekend Update including the Great Pumpkin delivering the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh during the speech, while also praising his creation of the U.S. Space Force and attacking California for becoming a “stankuary” state for illegal immigrants. Watch Update tonight and you’ll understand it.

Other topics on the table for the Weekend Update news anchors included the Iowa Caucus results being severely delayed, the shitty app Iowa was using to count its votes, impeachment witness Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman being fired by the White House, McDonald’s new Oreo Shamrock Shake, Rudy Giuliani hanging out with bullfighters in Spain, a porn film shot at a gas station, Flyers mascot Gritty being cleared of assault allegations, doctors creating yarn from human skin, and schools stopping physical fitness tests because it could lead to bullying. “So, good job getting gym cancelled you fat losers.”

In exciting news, SNL featured player Chloe Fineman made her first trip to the Weekend Update desk in this episode. Chloe appeared as herself, to talk about the Oscars that weekend. She displayed some of the impressive acting techniques that she learned by watching this year’s Academy Award nominated movies and the Best Actress nominees, including Colin Jost’s fiancé Scarlett Johansson.

Chloe Fineman does some impressive impressions from this year’s nominated films. You don’t often see a Timothée Chalamet impersonation. Plus, be sure to watch at the end of the show for the curtain call when Chloe gets the pointing treatment from her fellow cast members. While the credits roll, SNL players will literally point out a new cast member who had their breakout performance that night. Congrats Chloe!

Cast member Cecily Strong returned to Weekend Update as the woman who screams outside Michael Che’s window, Cathy Anne. In this evening’s repeat, Cathy Anne will be screaming about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial coming to a close.

Looking for something to watch while waiting for Saturday Night Live‘s rerun to start tonight? We’ve got the promos for this evening’s SNL repeat for you to check out below. In the first promo, RuPaul super fan Cecily Strong is there waiting when the host steps off the elevator at Studio 8-H. Cecily gets to live out a dream when RuPaul becomes her fairy drag mother and they “sissy that walk” down the hallway together. Condragulations Cecily! Shantay, you stay!

In the next two sets of promos, we get RuPaul in and out of drag. First, Queen Ru is in drag with Kate McKinnon who asks the host about his beauty secrets, which it turns out are mostly bone structure and glue. We also get RuPaul’s take on the SNL Oscar pool and she compliments Kate on her fine judgment.

Lastly, RuPaul is back in a suit, with musical guest Justin Bieber. It’s hard to miss Biebs’ big boy mustache in this promo and he explains why meeting RuPaul wasn’t what he was expecting even though the host is just as gorgeous out of drag as in. “Thank you Henny.”

The fabulous RuPaul is hosting a repeat episode of Saturday Night Live tonight with musical guest Justin Bieber. Have some fun and tune in tonight just to enjoy “reading” Justin Bieber’s middle school mustache yourself. SNL starts tonight at 11:30pm et on NBC.

Saturday Night Live hasn’t set a date yet for when it will return with live shows.

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