Who Is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: April 28, 2018

Tonight’s repeat episode of is hosted by one of SNL’s most popular former cast members, !

Will Ferrell was back to host SNL in one of the most anticipated shows of the season. This episode took place on January 27, 2018. Ferrell had some new characters to introduce to SNL audiences and brought back some classic ones as well. The Saturday Night Live – Cold Open started the show with thunderous applause as host Will Ferrell brought back one of his most popular impressions from his SNL days, President George W. Bush. Ferrell as the former President, tries to console the nation through the Donald Trump years by reminding America how much he sucked at the job. After the open, Will Ferrell then perseveres and makes it through his monologue despite have a severe head injury and forgetting that he ever was a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Sketches to watch for in tonight’s encore episode of Saturday Night Live include Will Ferrell & Cecily Strong as a pair of reality TV stars who try to reconnect with their old friends while causing drama at the reunion to get footage for their reality program. There’s also a sketch that will make you cringe as friends go out to dinner and try to bridge the topic of the sexual misconduct allegations a woman brought up against Aziz Ansari. Also, Will Ferrell plays a flight attendant who shows his dark side while rapping the flight safety instructions to a plane full of passengers. While in another sketch, Ferrell is an office manager who has confused “Crate and Barrel” and “Cracker Barrel” with each other.

In another memorable sketch, Ferrell plays a fighter pilot with an unusual call sign. If you watched this SNL sketch when it originally ran, now is a good time to test your memory to see if you remember what Will Ferrell’s fighter jet pilot call sign was. We won’t remind you if you can’t remember. Just tune in tonight at 11:30pm to laugh out loud all over again.

SNL Digital Shorts on this episode included Will Ferrell as a guest character on the reality series “The House” featuring Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett as their dude-bro characters David and Brian. Watch for a quick cameo by another beloved SNL alumnus. Plus there was a parody spot for a new deodorant for men who are feeling the heat thanks to the #MeToo and #TimesUp women’s movements.

Weekend Update was a spot-on as ever. Host Will Ferrell brought back a classic fan favorite WU character, Jacob Silj, who if you remember from Will Ferrell’s cast member days is a gentlemen who suffers from “Voice Immodulation Syndrome” and can’t control the VOLUME OF HIS OWN VOICE!! The SNL audience was also treated to a new Update character, the teen film critic with her own YouTube channel, Bailey Gismert play by featured cast member Heidi Gardner who, as Bailey, shyly and annoyingly made her way through her Oscar predictions in that aggravating vocal fry that every young woman speaks with who has her own YouTube channel. The Weekend Update anchormen had their share of laughs in this episode with comments on the government shutdown, a baboon escape at a Paris zoo, the Super Bowl match up between the Eagles and the Patriots, the shirtless Tongan Olympic flag bearer heading to the Winter Games and a comparison between President Donald Trump and McDonald’s Hamburglar.

In the promos, which you can watch below, for tonight’s repeat Saturday Night Live, first we get a quick montage of some of Will Ferrell’s finest and funniest moments on SNL. That’s followed by cast member Leslie Jones trying to recreate those same moments. Finally, Will Ferrell and musical guest Chris Stapleton talk wine and give a shout out to one of Ferrell’s favorite radio stations.

Will Ferrell hosts the final repeat episode of Saturday Night Live this season, tonight at 11:30pm on NBC.

SNL returns live next week with the first of the three final live shows of Season 43 with host Donald Glover.

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