What!? Now Norm MacDonald is Out as the Colonel?

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.30.55 AM

The bizarre KFC marketing plan involving the return of the Colonel is winding its way toward another  big and confusing moment at the Super Bowl.  Just when you got used to comedian Norm MacDonald as KFC’s odd new mascot, a teaser is released portending his demise.  The new KFC teaser spot intermingles trippy visuals and discordant audio while a haunted version of the song “So Long, Fair Well” plays and MacDonald waves farewell.

MacDonald took over the job after another SNL alum, Darrell Hammond, didn’t seem to be working out, although we don’t know why.  Everyone loved Hammond’s hit jingle “Bucket in My Hand.”

But now this new teaser seems to reveal that a third Colonel is coming, and that’s been confirmed. KFC reps told Mashable that the new face of KFC will be revealed in the spot that will air at 6:05pm (ish) during the pregame show on CBS.   We don’t know who they’re considering– Mashable is betting on Dana Carvey or Kevin Nealon– but we’d love to see Jay Mohr or Pete Davidson. Or maybe a black Sanders is on the way.  We couldn’t begin to get in the heads of the marketing team on this campaign.

Here’s the spot that you can watch for yourself.  It’s perfect for wake and bake. We haven’t seen on video this acid-trip=y since the chickening.  Wait!! You don’t think……

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