Wednesday May 13: Daily Links




10 Year Old Invents Hug Curtain So She Can Safely Hug Her Grandparents During Quarantine

So a body condom? Well kid, It’s a sweet idea but just like regular condoms, we’re probably not going to use them.


Paul Manafort Gets Early Release Over Coronavirus</h4>

Because of his age and pre existing conditions, Paul Manafort is going to spend the rest of his sentence at home. Finally, the non violent offenders in this country are getting a fair deal.


The Double Rainbow Guy Passed Away

The Double Rainbow guy who went viral back in 2010 has passed away at the age of 57. Double Rainbow guy has joined Harambe in the viral meme afterworld.

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Red Lobster Trending Cuz Karen Assaults Worker Trying To Get Refund

This is not the way to social distance.

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The NBA Will Make A Decision On The Season In Two To Four Weeks

It’s come out that Adam Silver and the NBA will make the call on whether they’re having a season within the next two to four weeks. They really shoulda timed this better with the finale of the Last Dance.

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Rams Reveal Their New Uniforms

What they need to reveal is a new quarterback and offensive line.



Tony Shalhoub and Brooke Adams Beat Corona-virus

Tony Shalhoub admitted that he and his wife, the wonderful Brooke Adams had a couple of rough weeks fighting off the dreaded Corona-virus. Why didn’t they tell us they were sick?

Not attention whores like Tom and Rita.


Rick and Morty’ Do a (Gulp) 9-11 Joke

Some Ricky and Morty fans are apparently not fans at all and get upset that the show did a bit about almost doing a 9-11 joke.

You are an adult watching a cartoon. Be upset about that.


Who is the Greatest American Rock Band?

Twitter is debating, but it was Hank Azaria who asked, who is America’s greatest rock band??

No it’s not Homer’s Barbershop Quartet so stop fishing for it.

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Madonna, Gaga, and Bruce Springsteen among Those At Risk After Law Firm Hacked

Lizzo, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Bruce Springsteen could be in danger of having some of their legal secrets revealed since a top law firm, Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, had a data breach when they were hacked.

Oh boy Crash Override and Acid Burn are at it again. Just give them the floppy disk their after and be done with it!


This Web App Will Show You The Highest And Lowest Rated Episodes Of Your Favorite TV Shows

A developer created a website that takes episode rankings of TV shows from IMDB and then applies them visually so you can see the best and worst rated episodes of any show you input. If you wanna see what it looks like to watch a show fall of a cliff, just search Game of Thrones on the site.

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Rick Springfield: Becoming A Sex Symbol Overnight Was A ‘Mind F*ck’

After finding success with the song ‘Jessie’s Girl’ and the hit soap opera ‘General Hospital’, Rick Springfield said that the number of women coming onto him in the 80s was ‘a little bit of a mind f*ck’. Having to pick between frustrated middle aged housewives, hot models and juggling two careers will do that to you.


Sleeping on CBS This Morning?

Tony Dokoupil covered by claiming he was reading his iPad on his lap and didn’t know they were back, but we understand why he fell asleep. Sometimes the news is so damn boring that you can’t stay awake even when you are doing the news. That’s OK , no one watches CBS This Morning.


Britney Spears Releases Quarantine Workout Video

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari revealed their couples workout regimen while under quarantine. It contains push-ups, squat jumps, jumping jacks, and speed dashes to the nearest fire extinguisher.


Lady Gaga Selling Chromatica Underwear

Lady Gaga is going all in with her new album, Chromatica. Her Little Monsters can also buy a new line of pink jockstraps and thongs packaged with a digital version of the new LP. A Depend Underwear version will not be available for those wanting to cosplay Jackson Maine’s Grammy moment from ‘A Star Is Born’.



Runaway Boat Will Win Your Heart

Go boy, you are free now. Go and don’t look back. Go find a pretty girl boat and start a boat family.

# boat or die


Is Apple Juice for Children Only!?

When given the option of which breakfast item people would get rid of, an overwhelming amount of folks were ready to throw apple juice overboard because it’s a drink for children that no adult could get away with ordering.

Hard to admit, but a drink that is anything less than freezing cold and becomes human pee is probably not worth fighting for.

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