Vanity Fair Offers a Sneak Peak at Upcoming Joan Rivers Collection

was and is a legend in comedy kept everything.

She was one of the funniest comedians in the business, fearless in her actions, with a work ethic that was unrivaled in the business. And she meticulously kept everything– scraps of paper with jokes she thought of, scrapbooks, photos,

Joan is gone but fortunately for her fans, and the giant comedy following of the artists she inspired, her daughter Melissa teamed up with Joan’s publicist and friend Scott Currie to curate her collection and make a selection available for the rest of us to enjoy in Joan Rivers Confidential: the unseen scrapbooks, joke cards, personal files and photos of a very funny woman who kept everything.

The 336 page visual biography of a brilliant and bold and hilariously funny woman also tracks the many changes over the decades of her career- changes in the way women are perceived, the evolution of comedy and entertainment as a whole. She saw it all, and clipped, copied or wrote it all down.

According to Vanity Fair, Joan’s files contained 69,000 jokes, all organized meticulously, with keyword tags like “Fat”, “Diet”, “Dumb”, “Rock”, and that doesn’t include the notes found stuffed in pockets and purses. Joan famously would scribble down jokes wherever she was, on whatever paper substitute she could find- napkins, scraps- whatever was available. You can see some of Rivers collection on

Joan Rivers Confidential hits stories on Tuesday.

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