Tuesday March 17: Daily Links

Wrestlemania Moved From Tampa To an Empty Performance Arena

The City of Tampa will not be hosting Tampa Bay because of the ban on large gatherings and instead, the event will be broadcast from their empty performance center like recent episodes of Raw and Smackdown. Good thing Hogan doesn’t wrestle anymore, without the raging Hulkamanias he would NEVER be able to answer the 3 count!

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Fiona Apple Says Partying With PTA & Tarantino Is Why She Quit Coke

Fiona Apple says she quit doing coke after spending ‘one excruciating night’ at Quentin Tarantino’s house, listening to him and Anderson brag. ‘Every addict should just get locked in a private movie theatre with Q.T. and P.T.A. on coke, and they’ll never want to do it again,’ she joked.” She said the guy just would not quit talking about alternate realities.

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Hilary Duff Rips ‘Millennial Assholes’

Hillary Duff is the Queen of Millennial Nation. So her millennial ass kicking really hurts.

She’s a self hating and a boomer butt kisser.

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Clearwater Beach Parties Like It’s 2019

Let’s party. It’s our Senior year so we don’t care what happens to senior citizens in a state packed with senior citizens.

Mel Brooks and Max Brooks PSA

Max Brooks set a up sweet PSA with his dad Mel Brooks. Mel is behind glass which makes it a little sad.

Make sure the 2000 year old man makes it to 2001.

Penguins Have Free Run Of The Chicago Zoo

This is worse than Planet of the Apes because penguins are way cuter and funnier than humans.

We really like losing the planet to penguins.

Egg McMuffin Rat Is The Newest Rodent Superstar

If Egg McMuffin Rat is a Twitter star, then Tik Tok will have a much better Egg McGriddle Rat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Donkey Posse Team Up To Deliver a Corona PSA

Arnold Schwarzenegger urged people to take social distancing seriously and did it with the help of his Donkeys. He’s just getting you ready for the inevitable other go at the Terminator franchise, this time a T-Donkey is sent back in time to kill John Conner!

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