Top Ten Best Comedy Series in 2015

top comedy series

This year, once again comedy programming comes in many forms. Our 2015 list of best comedy shows includes some traditional television programming as well as a series from Yahoo and Netflix. Two of our picks are making their second appearance on our year end “Best of” list. Both Inside Amy Schumer and Silicon Valley were nominated in 2014 for Best Comedy Series. Four of the series we picked are brand new– Big Times in Hollywood, FL, the Jim Gaffigan Show, Other Space and Man Seeking Woman ran as first seasons this year. The remaining four shows include one mini series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, two returning Comedy Central Series, Nathan For You and Broad City, and one returning animated series, Rick and Morty, which also appears on our list of top animated series in 2015. We picked the top ten but now its up to you to pick which show will hold the title of Best Comedy Series in 2014.

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Amy Schumer’s hit sketch comedy series returned to Comedy Central for a critically acclaimed and Emmy award winning third season and will undoubtedly go down in history as on of the greatest sketch shows ever written. It’s a tough genre to succeed in, and the list of great sketch shows is miniscule compared to other comedy genres. And despite a smattering of criticism, the show is also one of the smartest and progressive series in comedy.  Some of the most memorable sketches from season three include “Football Town Nights” that parodied NBC’s Friday Night Lights, a 12 Angry Men spoof that had a jury deciding if Amy was hot, and a bunch of famous women gathering to celebrate the “Last Fuckable Day” for women.  Season Four is already underway.


Silicon Valley wrapped up its second season on HBO this year and continued to be one of the funniest comedies on or off television this year.  The show is Mike Judges latest creation and follows a group of tech guys in California trying to get their startup, Pied Piper off the ground. The second season was full of even more shocking behavior, and the finale will leave you on the edge of your seat. Incredible ensemble performances from Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani and the rest of the cast. Season three has the green light and we are dying to see what’s next.


The Jim Gaffigan Show surprised everyone this year, bringing an edgier and very New York Centric adult comedy to TV Land.  Jim plays a fictionalized version of himself in the series. Gaffigan is a stand up comic in New York City who is raising 5 kids in his 2 bedroom apartment with his wife. Adam Goldberg and Michael Ian Black star in the show as Gaffigan’s less than helpful friends, and there are a ton of stand up guest stars like Chris Rock, Jimmy Fallon and Dave Attell.  Strong first season for the Gaffigans, and it’s already been renewed.  We’re looking forward to see what Jim and his wife Jeannie Gaffigan come up with for Season Two.


Now in its third season on Comedy Central, Nathan For You follows Nathan Fielder in his attempt to help out some struggling businesses. It is like if Bar Rescue wasnt just bars and was hilarious on purpose. Fielder pulls a Borat type prank every week in the sense that these people know that they are on camera but they don’t know that it is kind of a joke on them. Some popular episodes of the third season were Nathan finding a loophole in smoking laws in LA Bars,  and taking over a Sporting Goods Store. Nathan for You will be getting a fourth season.


Cult classic film Wet Hot American Summer featured some of todays biggest hollywood stars back when they were just starting out and getting known. 15 years ago they were all about 15 years too old to be playing the parts. Now they made their return, 15 years later to play their younger selves for this prequel mini series. A risky move for sure, but they pulled it off and produced a hilarious mini series that kept superfans wanting more and introduced new fans to the original film. Could there be a prequel prequel? We can only hope.


Other Space is the first serialized show Paul Feig wrote and produced since Freaks and Geeks. He took it to Yahoo! and its as funny as you would expect a Feig project to be.  It’s a clever take on your favorite outer space show and its a scream. Starring Trace Beaulieu, Neil Casey, Eugene Cordero, Karan Soni, Joel Hodgson.  Add this to your binge list, especially if you’re a sci-fi fan.


Comedy Central has put together a great roster of hilarious successful comedies in the last few years and Broad City is always at the top of that list. The show is produced by Amy Poehler and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson who created the show based off of a web series they also did a few years ago. The show is about the girls and all of the hijinx they get into living in New York City. Glazer and Jacobson are enormous talents. The second season finale was an adventure that completely took place on one infamous street in the city, St. Marks, and season three is already confirmed.


From Executive Producer Ben Stiller, Big Time in Hollywood Florida follows two brothers who get kicked out of their parents house and have to fend for themselves which sends them on a cinematic journey. If you like shows that can somehow mix laugh out loud hilarious with dark comedy that will make you cringe, then you should definitely binge watch season one of this Comedy Central show. Unfortunately its the only season you’ll get to see as Comedy Central cancelled the series earlier this year. Don’t let that discourage you. Big Time was one of the most creative, interesting, original shows in 2015, and you can expect to see more from creators Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf. They are creative forces with bright futures.


This FXX series stars Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre and just ended its first season. The show is based on a book by it’s creator Simon Rich. The show takes euphemisms, slang and common phrases and turns them into literal storylines. Bizarre metaphors are brougth to life, as a guy who is a giant dick becomes an actual giant dick and a new couple becomes surgically attached at the hip. Bill Hader also does a great appearance as an aged Hitler who is dating the main characters ex-girlfriend. There is brilliance to be seen here, and a second season is underway.


Even if you’re not a big fan of animated shows, Adult Swims Rick and Morty may be able to change your mind with its quick, smart and witty humor. The show follows the awkward Morty and his alcoholic scientist grandfather Rick. They go on adventures through time, space and different dimensions. Imagine a totally sick and twisted Back to The Future. Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke provide voices for the show.  Season two was even better than the first season and an all new season three is on the way.

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