Tom Segura Tells His Great Mike Tyson Story on Conan

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We first heard tell his “I met Mike Tyson” story on the Ron and Fez Show. At the time it was just about the best story we ever heard. He got such a great response to the story that he started using it at his shows and just recently closed his first special with the story.  Wednesday night he shared the story on and killed with it.

At some point before August 2014, Tom was on a flight to heading to Pittsburgh to do a gig at the Pittsburgh Improv when he realized he was on the same plane as Mike Tyson. He didn’t bother Tyson at first, he just watched Tyson being very kind to fan after fan after fan, and didn’t want to be a bother.  But as Tom explained, for men of a certain age, meeting Mike Tyson is the equivalent of meeting Justin Bieber, so mid-flight he decided he just had to introduce himself.

For most people, just meeting Mike Tyson would be a great story. Just saying hello would be something you’d talk about all year. But Tom’s story just goes so far beyond all of that– it’s so nutty, and so very Tyson– that we will never get tired of hearing it told.

We called it the greatest story ever back in August 2014 and it still is.

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