Tom Segura Met Mike Tyson And It’s the Greatest Story Ever



Tom Segura is a great storyteller, and today when he called the Ron and Fez show, he had a particularly great story to tell about meeting Mike Tyson.  For most people, just meeting Mike Tyson would be a great story.  As Segura explains, for men over  a certain age, meeting Tyson can only be compared to how a kid feels  meeting Justin Bieber. But Tom’s story is much better (and much funnier) than that.

Tom was on a flight to Pittsburgh to do a gig at the Pittsburgh Improv, when he realized he was on a plane with the champ.  At first, he wasn’t going to approach him.  He didn’t want to bother Tyson, who had already been very gracious to a long line of excited  fans.  But he gave in and introduced himself mid-flight.  One thing led to another and before long, he found himself having a weird, hilariously uncomfortable conversation with the former heavyweight champion of the world.

It was so strange, that Segura called Ron and Fez today, to share this awesome story. We won’t give it all away, because it’s much funnier to listen to Tom tell it, but before the whole encounter ended, one of them said the words “Netflix is amazing” and one of them said the words “I love you.”


You can catch Tom Segura this weekend performing at the Funny Bone in Columbus, Ohio (August 14th through the 17th).  Go to for tickets and information, and follow him on twitter @TomSegura. And of course, you can watch Tom Segura, on Netflix.


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