Tom Papa Performs Stand Up on Conan on the Anniversary of His TV Debut

On June 14, 2017, Tom Papa performed stand up on Conan on TBS. This probably doesn’t sound like such a big deal seeing that Tom Papa is a top shelf comedian who has appeared on all the late night shows throughout his career. What did make it so special though is that on June 14, 2002, Tom Papa made his national network television debut performing on Conan O’Brien’s Late Night show on NBC. Exactly 15 years ago to the day. Another reason for celebration is that it was also Tom Papa’s daughter’s 15th birthday. Tom’s wife laughed so hard that evening in 2002 in the Late Night audience that her water broke and she went into labor two weeks early. Congratulations to the whole Papa family for a very special June 14th!

During his set, Tom Papa spoke directly to the audience. Not doing crowd work, but speaking to them collectively about their health and appearance. In a hysterical one-on-one audience conversation, Papa brought up the group’s weight, asking “Still fat?” He implored the audience to embrace their American sloth-like existence. He declared them all winners for reaching the place in human history where they have all the food they need and can live in a perfect temperature, or as Papa described it, “a perfect 72 and snacky.”

Tom Papa no longer wants to hear what anyone is giving up after his wife declared she was quitting sugar after a cookie-filled holiday season last year. He added that cookies are necessary, to “stop from slitting your own throat” when sadness comes.

He also took on shows that do makeover segments, like the Today Show and how those are the cruelest things a family can do to their wives and mothers who were raised to believe they were princesses. Papa also explained how not working out is fine, in fact, this generation is more than fine, it’s our “fattest generation”. Plus, he discussed how devices like Fitbits can make you feel like a hero.

You can watch Tom Papa’s set and his panel segment on Conan’s couch in the videos below courtesy of Once he was on the couch, Papa discussed how he has unknowingly become his father and realized that cranky old men aren’t wrong.

You can watch Tom Papa’s latest special, “Human Mule” which is available on Hulu, Amazon and Epix. You can hear his popular podcast, “Come to Papa” on and see the next podcast taping at the Comedy Cellar in New York City on Tuesday, June 20th with guests Dave Hill, Jim Norton, Greg Fitzsimmons, Carmen Lynch and Paul Morrissey.

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