The Degenerates is Returning to Netflix With a KILLER Lineup

Adrienne Iapalucci, Ms Pat, Robert Kelly, Nikki Glaser, Donnell Rawlings

Our favorite Netflix stand up series is returning for a second season. Today it was revealed that The Degenerates will be back with six more foul mouthed hilarious comedians. These comedians don’t give a fuck if you’re offended and that’s why we love them. Robert Kelly, Ms. Pat, Adrienne Iapalucci, Donnell Rawlings, and Nikki Glaser have all been announced as part of the new season with a sixth comedian to be named later.

It’s a steller lineup. Robert Kelly is one of the funniest people on the planet, and he has no filter whatsoever. There’s never been a time Kelly took the stage and didn’t leave the audience in tears howling and laughing. He’s also the genius behind the Kreeps With Kids tour in theaters this fall, and we know he is going to crush on Netflix. Ms. Pat is a one woman firestorm. We have her up at the top of our list of comedians who are about to break into household name territory, and being on The Degenerates will only speed that along. There is nobody funnier than she is, and the only thing more outrageous than her comedy is her real life true story (please go read her book, Rabbit, it’s amazing). Nikki Glaser is a beast- one of the funniest comedians on stage anywhere, unflinchingly and hilariously sharing intimate details of her sexuality and her personal life and she shows zero weakness. You can hear her daily on You Up w/ Nikki Glaser on SiriusXM. Donnell Rawlings is every bit as bold as he is loud, and he’s just as funny as both. He’s always a part of Dave Chappelle’s crew which should tell you everything you need to know about whether you’ll become a fan. The answer is yes. And finally, Adrienne Iapalucci, a killer writer and performer who has not yet got her due in the business. She’s much quieter than the other Degenerates, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she packs any less of a punch. She is one of the smartest, and bravest comics performing in 2019 and she’s a stone cold killer. Bravo to Netflix for recognizing that she belongs in this group. In fact bravo to Netflix for keeping fucked up hilarious comedy alive with The Degenerates and showcasing some of the best of the bunch.

You will cringe, you will laugh, these are all comics who go out to kill every time. The filthy, street corner, back of the class, get you in trouble comedians- and lets face it, that’s our favorite kind of comic.

Don’t wait till this year’s The Degenerates lands on Netflix, go see these comics tape their specials in Las Vegas on September 12th. You’ve always wanted to go to Vegas, this is the perfect excuse. Here’s how to get tickets.

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