Steve Martin Teaches Stephen Colbert a MasterClass in Comedy

The news about Steve Martin teaching a MasterClass finally reached late night television. The “Wild and Crazy” professor made a special appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new online course where students learn comedic skills from the best in the business. In his cold open (which you can see below), Stephen Colbert became Steve Martin’s latest student.

At first, Colbert was watching the wrong Steve Martin video. Don’t worry, Steve’s fine. Then, the Late Show host dove right into Martin’s class and began learning things like which is the funniest consonant. The course (and the bit) soon became interactive with Martin talking right to Colbert through the computer. Once the MasterClass instructor drained Colbert of all his financial information and security questions, he showed up in person for Colbert’s first lesson. There was some discussion on whether Colbert should actually stand up to be a stand up comedian, then they got into the art of joke telling. It apparently requires a lot of enunciation.

Stephen Colbert quickly became a Master of Comedy. After all, the sketch was running long, the Late Show was about to start and Steve Martin had a job to do at the White House.

You can pre-enroll now into Steve Martin’s real MasterClass coming soon. Go to to sign up. Also, Steve Martin is currently on the road with Martin Short, in the middle of doing a new 50 city tour with their show, “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life”. You can check dates and cities and get tickets at

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