Confirmed: Opie Fired From SiriusXM, Sherrod Small Gives Clues About Future Plans (Updated)

We posted early this morning that all signs were pointing to the fact that Gregg “Opie” Hughes is no longer a SiriusXM radio host, after the platform scrubbed all mention of Hughes from their websites, schedules and On Demand on Wednesday.  Read more on that here.

Opie has yet to confirm a firing or decision to leave, and former co-workers (and current rivals) and Sam Roberts were vaguely dancing around the topic on their show this morning.

The closest thing to a confirmation this morning came from Opie Radio show regular on Twitter, who wrote “had a good run on SiriusXM, Time to soar,” followed by another tweet that simply said EXODUS, and several replies to fans clarifying any confusion.  One tweet said that the show was “out” as opposed to just on vacation, while another confirmed “show is done at SiriusXM.”

Since then, published a statement from SiriusXM confirming that Hughes was terminated, without providing any details.

“SIRIUSXM confirms it has terminated its relationship with GREGG ‘OPIE’ HUGHES, host of the ‘OPIE RADIO SHOW’ weekday afternoons on the FACTION TALK channel. SIRIUSXM does not publicly discuss internal personnel issues.”

But the band isn’t breaking up which may disappoint fans who hoped the dismissal from SiriusXM means an Opie and Anthony reunion show could be in the works.

“Shows not over, just not on SiriusXM,” Sherrod said, implying that the Opie Radio show with its current cast (which includes Opie, Small, comedian Vic Henley, chef and restauranteur Carl Ruiz and other regulars like Chris DiStefano) will continue and may even have a new home planned.


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